July 5, 2014

Time to Quarantine the Mideast

Philip Zelikow, New York Times

The Associated Press

A strategy to deal with the violent Middle East.

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July 1, 2014
The Real Red Line in the Middle East
David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
If ISIS attacks Jordan, neither the United States nor Israel will be able to stay out of the fray. more ››
July 1, 2014
Iran Is Running Out of Time
John Kerry, Washington Post
Iranian officials have stated repeatedly and unambiguously that they have no intention of building a nuclear weapon and that their nuclear activities are designed solely to fulfill civilian needs. Assuming that’s true,... more ››
July 1, 2014
Sunni Ramadan Offensive & the Lessons of Tet
George Friedman, Stratfor
From news reports, it would appear that a massive Sunni army is marching in the country -- exactly the image the Islamic State wants to portray. The reality is more modest. This is less an invasion of Shiite or Kurdish territory... more ››
July 1, 2014
Will Kurdistan Become a Dictatorship?
Michael Rubin, Commentary
With the collapse of Iraqi authority over Kirkuk and its lucrative oil fields, Iraqi Kurds have consolidated control over nearly all territory to which they have laid claim. They preside over a booming region fueled by oil and,... more ››
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for the self-determination and statehood of a Middle Eastern people who have for long been persecuted and denied their national, linguistic and political rights. That group is... more ››