July 6, 2014

The Town Where the Russian Dilemma Lives

Matthew Kaminski, Wall Street Journal


If Russia ever gets into a direct conflict with the U.S., remember this town's name. It sits across the Narva River from Estonia, a member of NATO. On the other hand, if Russia one day emerges from its dark past and Putinist present to join the rest of Europe, Ivangorod will be a gateway to the West. Neither outcome looks far-fetched. Ivangorod's role as a Russian frontier outpost goes back nearly 800 years. The Danes built a fort nearby in the late 13th century in Narva, now in Estonia. Czar Ivan III (the Great) in 1492 put up a matching fortress directly in front of the Danes' stronghold. For the next five centuries Russian czars and Soviet leaders repeatedly crossed this border to build their empires. After World War II, Stalin annexed Estonia and repopulated Narva almost entirely...

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The report essentially says that the status quo persists in Russian law with regard to invasion, despite Putin’s recent announcement. And while this may seem like an unimportant technicality, it means that all Putin has done is... more ››
June 29, 2014
Today's EU Doesn't Have Room for Ukraine
Mark Adomanis, Moscow Times
Back when he was still a head of state and not an occasional organizer of awkward press conferences in Rostov, former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych was renowned for many things. He stood out for the poor quality of his... more ››
June 28, 2014
Why Russians Fight in Ukraine
Illya Barbanov, Kommersant
The funeral for the two young men was held on June 7 in a church in Kubinka, near Moscow. Aleksander Efremov and Alekei Yurin had gone to Donbas in the midst of the battle over the Donetsk airport in the eastern Ukrainian city.... more ››
June 27, 2014
Ukraine & Europe: The End of the Beginning
Mark Adomanis, Forbes
Aping a Winston Churchill quote, it is now possible to say that we have seen the “end of the beginning” of Ukraine’s march towards Europe. The fight that has completely consumed Ukrainian politics for much of the past... more ››
July 2, 2014
America's Ukraine Disaster
James Carden, The National Interest
We are the keepers and guardians of our own national security and, yes, our own sphere of influence—but Ukraine never was, and never will be, a part of that. more ››