July 6, 2014

Why Qatar Should Be Allowed to Host the World Cup

Justin Martin, The New Republic

The Associated Press

The World Cup will be in Qatar in eight years, though some human rights activists and soccer officials have been calling for a re-vote on the 2022 host; if that takes place, Qatar would likely lose the Cup due to charges of greasing FIFA officials as well as the country's human rights problems. But let me ask: Why did journalists not attack Russia with the same daggers eight or nine years ahead of its World Cup, set for 2018? One reason may be that the Russian regime doesn't really care when the world points out its human rights horrors. Moscow typically does little to nothing. Qatar, however, is responsive, and it often makes important changes to the treatment of its residents and citizens when a major government, NGO, or news organization points out flaws in its human rights...

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