July 7, 2014

Jerusalem Murder Is About Soccer, Not Geopolitics

Liel Leibovitz, Tablet Magazine

The Associated Press

The root cause of a brutal murder in Israel.

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An epic fail by the U.S. team? No. Just an epic disappointment for its fans. Silvestre Varela's goal in the final seconds was like a walk-off homer — if a walk-off homer could end a game in a tie, that is. This wasn't a... more ››
June 27, 2014
Israel Could Be Dragged into ISIS' War
Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
If ISIS threatens the survival of Jordan, the Obama administration believes, it would ask for help from two of the least popular countries in the Middle East: America and Israel. more ››
June 27, 2014
A Queer Tour of Israel
Spencer Kornhaber, The Atlantic
In 2008, the tour operator Israel Experience started offering trips tailored to LGBTQ Jews, and you can understand why: Israel wants to build goodwill with American liberals, and some queer folks would prefer to have plausible... more ››
June 26, 2014
An American Church Takes an Ugly Swipe at Israel
New York Daily News
A strain of anti-Israel sentiment deep enough to veer into anti-Semitism has emerged among the leaders of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). One can only hope that the views of its general assembly and of a panel devoted to... more ››
June 25, 2014
Israel's Puppy, Tony Blair
Marwan Bishara, New York Times
You’ve got to admire Tony Blair’s tenacity. Despite his terrible failures in Iraq and with the Palestinian Authority, the former British prime minister continues to pontificate about the Middle East’s ills and... more ››