July 9, 2014

Pakistan's Quiet Militants

Naveed Hussain, The Express Tribune

The Associated Press
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July 3, 2014
Pakistan's War at Home
Shahid Javed Burki, Project Syndicate
Last month, after years of indecision, Pakistan’s military launched a full-scale military operation in the North Waziristan Tribal Agency aimed at eliminating terrorist bases and ending the region’s lawlessness. In... more ››
July 2, 2014
When the Taliban Meets Hobby Lobby
Steve Coll, The New Yorker
If the Pakistani Taliban, aided by clever lawyers, organized a closely held American corporation, and professed to run it on religious principles, might its employees be deprived of insurance coverage to inoculate their children... more ››
These two parents were acquitted two years ago. Now they're out of prison — but they're still in hiding. more ››