July 9, 2014

Palestinians Won't Launch a New Intifada

Rami Khouri, Daily Star

The Associated Press

The last two weeks of attacks by Israelis and Palestinians and street clashes in Jerusalem have raised questions about whether Palestinians will launch a new intifada to shake off the Israeli occupation. That is a reasonable expectation, in view of the two previous intifadas and the continuing abuses that Palestinians suffer from Israel’s occupation, colonization and siege policies. We have already had three Palestinian intifadas against foreign domination – in 1936-39, 1987-90, and 2000-01, so we should more accurately talk about a possible fourth intifada. I suspect, however, that this is not the likely or best outcome from the Palestinian perspective. Many expect a new intifada mainly because they cannot imagine Palestinians generating a different, more effective...

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July 8, 2014
An Israeli Jew's Apology to Palestinians
Bradley Burston, Haaretz
I want to apologize for the unforgivable, for the unfathomable, and for all those on my side who never will. more ››
The Obama administration responded with its condolences to the families and to the state of Israel, as well it should have. But it also called, as it always does in situations like this, for restraint on the part of Israel. How... more ››
July 8, 2014
Benjamin Netanyahu's Excellent Adventure
Paul Pillar, National Interest
The last few months have gone rather well for the right-wing Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu, in the sense of advancing its prime objective of indefinitely extending the occupation and colonization of Palestinian... more ››
Twenty days after three Israeli high school students were kidnapped in the West Bank merely for being there, two days after they were found murdered in an apparent execution by Hamas members, and one day after Israelis gathered... more ››
July 8, 2014
Where Apologies Are Really Needed
Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
If our apologies are to be offered, is it too much to ask that both sides attempt to make amends? Is it offensive, as Bradley Burston says in a Haaretz piece, for Jews to have the temerity or the bad taste to mention the behavior... more ››