July 11, 2014

Why Britain (and the World) Is Getting Fatter

Roger Cohen, New York Times

The Associated Press

The world will get fatter for the foreseeable future because humans in their ingenuity have created a near-perfect environment for the propagation of fatness.

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July 1, 2014
The Monarchy Is Holding Canada Back
Paul Heinbecker, Globe and Mail
Fealty to the British monarchy is an anachronism and a drag on Canadian foreign policy that confuses many and delivers little. It is time to turn the page on Buckingham Palace. Doing so need not disavow our history nor disrespect... more ››
July 1, 2014
EU Would Also Be Harmed by Brexit
Hugo Dixon, Reuters
It is not just Britain which would be damaged if it quit the European Union. So would other members. Jean-Claude Juncker’s nomination as Commission president at last Friday’s summit increases the chance of Brexit... more ››
If Mr Cameron loses power in next year's general election, little of the damage that has been inflicted on Britain's relationship with the EU in the last few days may in fact matter very much. A new government will be able to try... more ››
June 30, 2014
Europe Just Became Even More German
Mats Persson, Daily Telegraph
Some German commentators and politicians bought into the idea of Spitzenkandidaten because they see it as a way of replicating the German federal model at the EU level (NB: ‘federalism’ has a different meaning in... more ››
June 30, 2014
Princes Charles and the Royal Prerogative
Daily Telegraph
The Prince of Wales’s critics are in a flap because His Royal Highness has opinions – on grammar schools, climate change and complementary medicine, among other things. What particularly troubles them is that he has expressed... more ››