July 12, 2014

Israel Under Attack

Lee Smith, Weekly Standard

The Associated Press

Last week, Hamas restarted its war on Israel.

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July 9, 2014
For Israel, Gaza Invasion Is Risky
Jonathan Marcus, BBC News
While insisting that it does not want to be drawn into a ground operation in Gaza, all the signs are that Israel is making the necessary preparations to embark upon just such a move. more ››
July 9, 2014
Israel Debates the Iron Fist
Operation Protective Edge is designed to deliver a sharp and clear message to Hamas: Israel will not tolerate rocket fire on its territory. Still, concerns abound that this message will expand into a wider war with unpredictable... more ››
July 9, 2014
East Jerusalem Is Ready to Explode
Gregg Carlstrom, Foreign Policy
While Israel pounds Gaza with bombs, the real battleground of East Jerusalem is ready to boil over. more ››
July 9, 2014
Palestinians Won't Launch a New Intifada
Rami Khouri, The Daily Star
The last two weeks of attacks by Israelis and Palestinians and street clashes in Jerusalem have raised questions about whether Palestinians will launch a new intifada to shake off the Israeli occupation. That is a reasonable... more ››
July 10, 2014
Israel Battles Extremists on Both Sides
Pierre Atlas, Indianapolis Star
Israel, a global technology leader, has developed a smartphone app that gives users a 15-second warning whenever a rocket has been fired from Gaza. In the past few days, those alerts have been going off repeatedly as Hamas, which... more ››