July 12, 2014

What Can Israel and Hamas Gain?

Kevin Connolly, BBC News

The Associated Press

It took seven days for the war that no-one seemed to want to become the war that no-one seems to know how to stop.

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July 11, 2014
Why Israel Must Destroy Hamas
Seth Cropsey, RealClearDefense
In a true cycle, for example a biological one, life is sustained by a progression of changes that begin with new individuals who mature through stages that end in death but reproduce along the way thus completing a cycle. The... more ››
The Obama administration responded with its condolences to the families and to the state of Israel, as well it should have. But it also called, as it always does in situations like this, for restraint on the part of Israel. How... more ››
July 8, 2014
Hamas Ill-Prepared to Resist Israel
Hugh Naylor, The National
Broke, isolated and possibly unable to replenish its weapons stockpiles, Hamas is entering into another round of violence with Israel from a startlingly weak position. more ››
July 11, 2014
Why Does Hamas Want War?
Daniel Pipes, National Review
Politicians start wars optimistic about their prospects of gaining from the combat, Geoffrey Blainey notes in his masterly study, The Causes of War; otherwise, they would avoid fighting. Why, then, did Hamas just provoke a war... more ››
July 1, 2014
Can Israel Avoid Another War in Gaza?
Avi Issacharoff, Times of Israel
The key Hamas leadership is in the Strip but an escalation there, in response to the killing of the three teens, would bring dozens of missiles down on Tel Aviv. more ››