July 14, 2014

The One-State Solution Is Almost Here

David Goldman, Tablet Magazine

The Associated Press

Why Israel will soon be the only state able to govern Judea and Samaria, and the only military force capable of securing its borders

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July 3, 2014
Abbas Must Choose Between Peace and Terror
Con Coughlin, National Post
Whatever action Israel takes against Hamas in retaliation for the cold-blooded murder of three Israeli teenagers, the militant Islamist movement will only have itself to blame if there is a full-scale resumption of hostilities.... more ››
July 9, 2014
East Jerusalem Is Ready to Explode
Gregg Carlstrom, Foreign Policy
While Israel pounds Gaza with bombs, the real battleground of East Jerusalem is ready to boil over. more ››
July 10, 2014
The World Must Rein In the Israeli Military
Mustafa Barghouti, Guardian
Behind the fresh conflict in Gaza is the same old problem – a occupation which makes peace impossible for both Israelis and Palestinians. more ››
July 7, 2014
A Sobering Moment for Complacent Israel
David Horovitz, Times of Israel
If we are to heal this nation, the killing of Muhammed Abu Khdeir must rid us of the illusion that we enjoy a distinctive moral superiority over our neighbors. more ››
July 10, 2014
Restore Trust to Douse the Fire in Gaza
Washington Post
Both sides thus seem to be playing for tactical rather than strategic gains. Israel would like to reduce the military power Hamas has built up since the last conflict, slightly more than 18 months ago; Prime Minister... more ››