July 16, 2014

America, Let's Talk About War

Robert Kagan, Washington Post

The Associated Press

U.S. needs a discussion on when, not whether, to use force

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July 12, 2014
America's Dangerous $5 Trillion Bet
Harry Kazianis, National Interest
Over $5 Trillion dollars of goods move across the hotly disputed waters of the South China Sea on an annual basis—and China seems focused on turning the area into its special sphere of influence. more ››
July 11, 2014
Obama's Real Border Issue: A Heroin Surge
Christian Science Monitor
Americans are misfocused on the surge of children crossing the US-Mexican border. The bigger border issue is the rapid rise of heroin trafficking, driven by young Americans switching from prescription painkillers. more ››
July 13, 2014
Vietnam's Overdue Alliance with America
Tuong Lai, New York Times
The fundamental issue facing Vietnam today is to choose the right strategic partners. Japan, and to a lesser extent South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and other smaller Asian nations offer good case studies. American atomic bombs... more ››
July 13, 2014
Europe's Free Ride on the U.S. Gravy Train
James Joyner, Nat'l Interest
Recent Russian moves in Ukraine were the latest wake-up call for NATO's oldest members that they face real security threats. Will they step up to the plate? more ››
July 13, 2014
America's European President
Matthew Continetti, National Review
Like old Europe, we are aging, our birthrates are falling, our economy is sclerotic, our church attendance is declining, our discourse is undermined by sectarian and ethnic and racial and sexual and environmental censors. A... more ››