July 16, 2014

The Dirty Truth About French Food

Lizzie Porter, Daily Telegraph

The Associated Press

New regulations aim to maintain high standards in French restaurants, but lack of innovation is the real problem

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July 10, 2014
Sarkozy's Reckless Political Encore
Arthur Goldhammer, NY Times
On July 2, France awoke to images of an unshaven and bleary-eyed Nicolas Sarkozy seated in the back of a police car after 15 hours of interrogation by the judicial police. Several officers accompanied the... more ››
July 10, 2014
The Changing Role of First Ladies
Yo-Jung Chen, The Diplomat
Slowly but surely, women are breaking through the glass ceiling of politics. While this of course is justly celebrated, relatively little attention is paid to a much more traditional role which itself is evolving – that of... more ››
July 15, 2014
France's 'Days of Anger'
Ian Tuttle, National Review
The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is not a problem only of the Middle East. Its hatreds migrate. more ››
July 9, 2014
France Decapitated
Roger Cohen, New York Times
The French dislike modernity. They mistrust it. That is the nub of the problem. more ››
July 5, 2014
Face Veils and French Freedoms
Financial Times
EU states must not curb minority rights after court ruling more ››