July 17, 2014

What to Fear if China Crashes

William Pesek, Bloomberg

The Associated Press

Few moments in modern financial history were scarier than the week of Sept. 15, 2008, when first Lehman Brothers and then American International Group collapsed. Who could forget the cratering stock markets, panicky bailout negotiations, rampant foreclosures, depressing job losses and decimated retirement accounts -- not to mention the discouraging recovery since then?

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July 15, 2014
The World Welcomes Its New Chinese Overlords
Joshua Keating, Slate
65 percent of people in 43 countries still have a positive opinion of the U.S., basically unchanged since last year. President Obama has a 56 percent approval rating abroad, significantly down from the good old days of 2009,... more ››
July 13, 2014
Why Defending Taiwan Is Illegal
Julian Ku, The Diplomat
Under black-letter international law, Japan cannot use military force in Taiwan absent China’s consent, even if the Taiwan government requests its assistance. Why? Because the UN Charter’s Article 51 only authorizes... more ››
July 13, 2014
Still at Odds with China
New York Times
For more than a decade, the United States has been watching nervously to see how China would choose to wield its formidable and growing economic, political and military powers. The hope, as Robert Zoellick said in 2005 when he... more ››
July 10, 2014
Will U.S. Create a Russia-China Alliance?
Andranik Migranyan, TNI
"It is entirely possible that increasing U.S. sanctions on Russia and attempts to contain China will push the two countries into a full-blown alliance." more ››
July 15, 2014
Why We Make More Mistakes Than China
Dingding Chen, The Diplomat
As the competition between China and the United States intensifies, an interesting question is who is going to make more strategic mistakes or be more likely to make grave strategic mistakes. The answer to this question will... more ››