July 19, 2014

Forget Hamas' Demands

David Horovitz, Times of Israel

The Associated Press

How is Netanyahu’s stated goal of sustained quiet going to be attained, when the Islamists’ military wing seems ready to fight to the last drop of Gazans’ blood?

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July 15, 2014
You Can't Kill Hamas
Mark Perry, Foreign Policy
Experts and insiders say that Israel's military offensive will only further radicalize the Palestinian population -- and alienate frustrated friends in the United States. more ››
July 15, 2014
Attacking Israel with the Big Lie: Genocide
Jonah Goldberg, LA Times
If the Israelis are, or have ever been, interested in genocide, they are utterly incompetent at it. As slanders go, it's almost funny, like the old paranoid delusion that George W. Bush was simultaneously an idiot and a criminal... more ››
July 16, 2014
Hamas' Suicidal Tendencies
Tom Rogan, National Review
Were Hamas to accept serious compromise with Israel, by embracing the peace process, it would fracture and empower its increasingly powerful rival, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. So instead, Hamas pushes on in an endless war... more ››
July 16, 2014
Hamas Doesn't Need a Ceasefire
The Daily Star
News headlines Tuesday were full of three simple words: “Hamas rejects cease-fire.” Since the full headlines usually added that, in stark contrast, Israel had accepted the Egypt-brokered initiative, why is Hamas seemingly... more ››
The first few days of Operation Protective Edge indicate that Israel hasn’t learned anything from previous instances of mass killing. more ››