July 20, 2014

What if Iron Dome Is a Bluff?

Rogel Alpher, Haaretz

The Associated Press

Is such a deception possible? Could the Israel Defense Forces and the government be lying to us, without batting an eye? Of course not. They love us. They are watching over us. Right?

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Israel's "Iron Dome" defense system has emerged as a game-changer in the current round of violence with Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, shooting down dozens of incoming rockets and being credited with preventing numerous... more ››
July 17, 2014
How Israel Learned to Love Missile Defense
Taylor Dinerman, NRO
Gradually Israeli leaders came to recognize that missile defense was just as important as other forms of air power. Thanks in part to U.S. funding, the Arrow missile-defense system was built and deployed along with a limited... more ››
July 17, 2014
Israel and Hamas Need Each Other
Aaron David Miller, Foreign Policy
The two warring actors may hate each other, but they can't seem to live without each other either. more ››
July 15, 2014
Time for a Truce in Gaza
Toronto Star
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has nothing to lose by testing Egypt’s proposal for a brief ceasefire in Gaza to see if it can be turned into a durable truce that brings the quiet he has demanded. more ››