July 21, 2014

West to Blame for the Monster Putin

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

The Associated Press

RUSSIAN president Vladimir Putin has the blood of Australians on his hands, and is now hiding the evidence of his crimes.

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July 20, 2014
Putin Should Shackle His Dogs of War
Toronto Star
Rather than issue a hollow appeal for a ceasefire in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin could have stopped the conflict in a breath by ordering his proxies to end it. more ››
July 20, 2014
Best Way to Punish Putin? No World Cup
Tunku Varadarajan, Daily Beast
In the wake of the MH17 disaster, the world needs to make Vladimir Putin’s pride -- not the Russian people -- pay. And a good first step would be to stop pretending sport is politically neutral. more ››
July 20, 2014
We Are Living in Putin's World Now
Matthew Continetti, National Review
The heralds of the “post-American world” devote most of their songs to the wonders of the BRIC economies, the rise of a globally conscious, technologically savvy youth culture, the justice of a humbled America, the... more ››
July 20, 2014
Putin Has Backed Himself into a Corner
Steve LeVine, Quartz
Russian president Vladimir Putin has marched into a corner—having opted for war to halt Ukraine’s courtship with the West, he now faces international opprobrium and the probability of stinging new sanctions over the... more ››
July 19, 2014
Putin's Dangerous Doctrine
Timothy Garton Ash, New York Times
SOMETIMES, just sometimes, you should pay attention to annoying things said by tiresome people at worthy conferences. more ››