July 23, 2014

5 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories of Flight MH17

Padraig Reidy, The Guardian

The Associated Press

From Zionist plots to the Illuminati, some wildly imaginative alternatives are being promoted by the likes of Russian TV

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July 21, 2014
It's Time for the Dutch to Man Up
Bas Heijne, Politico Magazine
As the tragedy of flight MH17 sinks in and the search for the guilty seems to lead indirectly or even directly to Putin’s Russia, it remains to be seen how much this will change the Dutch government’s seemingly compliant... more ››
July 20, 2014
Don't Turn One Tragedy into a Global Catastrophe
Peter Hitchens, Mail
Let us just mourn the dead and comfort the bereaved, and regret human folly and the wickedness of war. Let us not allow this miserable event to be fanned into a new war. That is what we did almost 100 years ago, and it is about... more ››