July 24, 2014

With Friends Like These, ISIS Is Doomed

Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast

The Associated Press

The Islamic State is no longer a juggernaut; it’s a motley alliance of factions just waiting to betray each other.

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July 14, 2014
Shia Militias Just as Terrifying as ISIS
Benjamin Barthe, Le Monde
Sunnis say they fear Shiite gangs more than ISIS. more ››
July 14, 2014
ISIS' Caliphate About Power, Not Religion
William Dalrymple, Guardian
For most of Islamic history the title of caliph has been disputed by a succession of Muslim leaders who were anxious to give sacral legitimacy to conquests already achieved – what the Israelis like to call "facts on the... more ››
July 14, 2014
How the Saudis Helped ISIS in Iraq
Patrick Cockburn, The Independent
The difference between al-Qa'ida and Isis can be overstated: when Bin Laden was killed by United States forces in 2011, al-Baghdadi released a statement eulogising him, and Isis pledged to launch 100 attacks in revenge for his... more ››
July 11, 2014
Iran's ISIS Nightmare
Dina Esfandiary, The National Interest
Iran is stuck between a rock and a hard place on ISIS and Iraq. Taking responsibility for security in Iraq – or even significantly contributing to it – would be a huge undertaking. But a fragmented Iraq on its border is a... more ››
July 11, 2014
Why the Caliphate Will Devour Its Children
Philip Jenkins, Daily Beast
The pan-Islamic caliphate that Muslim extremists want to establish carries within it the seeds of its own destruction. more ››