July 25, 2014

China's Detour on Highway to Default

William Pesek, Bloomberg


Until Wednesday, markets had been buzzing about the possibility the Shanxi-based builder might become the second mainland company in four months to renege on a bond payment. Then, Huatong beat the odds, repaying all principal and interest on a $65 million bond. How? Some aggressive fundraising, along with a little help from local government bodies. According to press reports, municipal officials intervened to prevent the company's collapse.

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Democrats in Hong Kong and the Chinese government are at odds. If Beijing is not careful, there could be street violence and serious consequences for China's international relations more ››
July 21, 2014
China Is Driving the BRICS Train
Pankaj Mishra, Bloomberg View
Rarely has an acronym led such a charmed life as BRICS. Casually invented by former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. economist and Bloomberg View columnist Jim O'Neill to label emerging markets of promise, it actually brought together... more ››
July 20, 2014
China Flexes Muscles in Latin America
Andres Oppenheimer, Miami H'ld
The big news about Xi’s visit to Latin America was not the economic projects he announced — they may or may not happen and will be affected by the slower growth in all emerging countries — but China’s decision to step up... more ››
July 20, 2014
China Builds a Spiffy Police State in Tibet
Max Boot, Weekly Standard
China’s imposition of authority is not subtle. Red Chinese flags fly everywhere—even (or especially) from the Potala Palace overlooking Lhasa, where generations of dalai lamas resided before the current occupant of... more ››
July 21, 2014
Why the Rich Want Their Money Out of China
Jason Kirby, Maclean's
If China is the future of the global economy, why do rich Chinese want to get their money out? more ››