July 28, 2014

Let Sunnis Defeat Iraq's Militants

Al-Essawi & Al-Nujaifi, New York Times

The Associated Press

The situation in Iraq today is perilous, particularly for Sunni Muslim Arabs. Their prospects for inclusion in Iraq’s government and fair treatment from it have been declining since 2010, when Iraqiyya, the nonsectarian coalition to which we belonged, drew more votes than any other parliamentary bloc but was denied a chance to form a government. We might not have succeeded, but letting us try would have built public trust in democracy.

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July 25, 2014
How the U.S. Let ISIS Form a Terrorist Army
David Francis, Fiscal Times
The United States has sent additional military advisers to Iraq and increased the number of drone flights to 50 per day, up from one flight a month. Yet so far this has done little to stop the rise of the jihadist terror group,... more ››
July 23, 2014
In a Syrian City, ISIS Puts Vision into Practice
Ben Hubbard, NY Times
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July 24, 2014
With Friends Like These, ISIS Is Doomed
Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast
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July 25, 2014
The Growing Role of Female Jihadis
Kathy Gilsinan, The Atlantic
In Raqqa, Syria, which serves as the Islamic State’s de facto capital, women who go out without a male chaperone or aren’t fully covered in public are subject to arrests and beatings. And often it’s other women who do the... more ››
July 17, 2014
A New Iraq and a New Middle East
Hillel Fradkin & Lewis Libby, RCWorld
The Islamic State is murderously hostile to all its neighbors: Turkey, Syria, Baghdad, KRG, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iran. As the newly proclaimed caliphate, it regards their regimes as illegitimate. Many have an interest in its... more ››