July 28, 2014

Why Is the World Becoming Such a Nasty Place?

V.D. Hanson, PJ Media

The Associated Press

The U.S. looks at the current global violence and then looks away, after a call for a “pivot” or a flash card calling for Boko Haram to give back the girls it has enslaved. Our generation’s version of the bad memories of the 1918 Meuse-Argonne Offensive is Iraq and Afghanistan. Like our grandparents of the 1930s, we feel that the dead lost abroad in the most recent wars were not worth it — and so ignore the gathering war clouds on the present horizon, as if ignoring them means they must disappear.

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July 25, 2014
It's Time for a League of Democracies
Jonah Goldberg, National Review
I understand that abolishing or quitting the U.N. is a lost cause. The idea of a world without a club that any nation can join is too horrifying for transnational elites and the pundits who hobnob with them. And the childish... more ››
July 21, 2014
Did the UN Give Rockets to Hamas?
Josh Rogin, The Daily Beast
When 20 rockets were discovered last week in a U.N.-funded school in Gaza, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees was quick to condemn the storage of weapons of war in a building meant to educate... more ››
July 25, 2014
A Tip for the UN
Jerusalem Post
If the UN truly wishes to play a constructive role in ending the bloodshed, it should be a part of an international effort to bring about the gradual demilitarization of Gaza. more ››
July 15, 2014
A Close Call, and a Warning, in Afghanistan
Max Boot, Commentary
The UN’s top representative in Kabul called it “not just a top-notch diplomatic achievement [but] close to a miracle.” But the only reason that miracle occurred is that, with 30,000 troops still in Afghanistan and a... more ››
July 15, 2014
Generals Sour on Obama's Afghan Plan
Rogin & Dozier, The Daily Beast
The idea of pulling nearly all American troops out of Afghanistan in 2016 suddenly seems like pretty lousy, after so much of Iraq has collapsed under a similar scenario. more ››