July 29, 2014

Cold War Strategies Back in Russia's Playbook

Alex Golts, Moscow Times

The Associated Press

Until recently, the fact that Russia has the world's second-largest nuclear arsenal did not seriously influence international politics. That is because the world relied on the intelligence and sanity of Kremlin leaders, and believed that no circumstances could ever arise in which Putin would push the button.

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July 21, 2014
MH17 Blame Game Reflects Badly on Us All
Mary Dejevsky, The Spectator
To judge by much of the western media coverage in recent days, you would have thought that Vladimir Putin had spent last Thursday sitting in the Kremlin, plotting how to blacken his image in the West even further, before settling... more ››
July 21, 2014
Putin's Next Move -- Invade Ukraine?
Philip Stephens, Financial Times
Mr Putin’s charade must surely have run its course. Even state-controlled Russian television seems to be struggling to come up with conspiracy theories to counter what seem to be the indisputable fact of this latest crime: a... more ››
July 20, 2014
Don't Turn One Tragedy into a Global Catastrophe
Peter Hitchens, Mail
Let us just mourn the dead and comfort the bereaved, and regret human folly and the wickedness of war. Let us not allow this miserable event to be fanned into a new war. That is what we did almost 100 years ago, and it is about... more ››
The full details of the international horror that has befallen Australia and the world in the skies above eastern Ukraine will not be clear for some time. Yet, as our Prime Minister has made clear, this was not an accident; this... more ››
July 25, 2014
Don't Use MH17 as Excuse to Punish Russia
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
For Britain – or America – to try and lay down the law along Russia’s extensive borders is barking mad; to use a tragic plane accident as casus belli equally so. It is nothing but breast-beating machismo. Yet again we lurch... more ››