July 30, 2014

Zionism and Its Discontents

Roger Cohen, New York Times

The Associated Press

The Israeli case for the bombardment of Gaza could be foolproof. If Benjamin Netanyahu had made a good-faith effort to find common cause with Palestinian moderates for peace and been rebuffed, it would be. He has not. Hamas is vile. I would happily see it destroyed. But Hamas is also the product of a situation that Israel has reinforced rather than sought to resolve.

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July 28, 2014
When Numbers in Gaza Masquerade as Fact
Times of Israel
Many of the Palestinian death toll figures quoted by the UN and others ‘are not worth the paper they’re written on,’ researcher says. more ››
July 25, 2014
The Shared Destiny of Israel and Gaza
Roger Cohen, New York Times
Nobody is going away. The peoples of the Holy Land are condemned to each other. Without that realization, any truce, even any demilitarization of Gaza, will only be a way station to the next round of slaughter. more ››
July 24, 2014
Can Israel Win in Gaza?
Sheera Frenkel, BuzzFeed
As Israeli forces continue their offensive into Gaza, many have been surprised by Hamas’ ability to fight back. Some are beginning to ask whether Israel can achieve the kind of victory it wants in Gaza. more ››
July 24, 2014
Israel & Saudi Arabia: Possible Partnership?
Guzansky & Neubauer, TNI
To Saudi Arabia, the cost of open relations with Israel at this moment in time may be higher than the benefit, given the position of the Arab street, which rejects recognition of Israel and relations with it. The other GCC... more ››
July 23, 2014
How to Save Gaza and Prevent Another War
William Saletan, Slate
After two weeks of protests and denunciations, it’s time to acknowledge that outrage won’t end the war in Gaza. The most plausible way to stop this cycle of violence is through internationally supervised... more ››