July 31, 2014

Just How Likely Is Another World War?

Graham Allison, The Atlantic

The Associated Press

A century ago this month, Europeans stood on the brink of a war so devastating that it forced historians to create a new category: “World War.” None of the leaders at the time could imagine the wasteland they would inhabit four years later.

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July 22, 2014
The World Is Returning to Normal
Michael Ledeen, PJ Media
Of all the popular myths about “how the world works,” the most dangerous to us at this moment is the one that goes “peace is normal, war is an aberration.” Truth is, war is normal and peace very unusual. We’ve lived... more ››
July 31, 2014
The War We Germans Never Talk About
Antonia Oettingen, The Spectator
In 1912 Kaiser Wilhelm had an ambitious task for my great-great-great uncle Karl Max von Lichnowsky. He sent him to London to be our ambassador there, with orders to try to ensure Britain’s neutrality (at the very least, in... more ››
July 22, 2014
Ghosts of World War I Circle over Ukraine
Robert Merry, National Interest
Russia’s national interest requires that Ukraine never come under the full sway and influence of the European powers. Ukraine has been part of the Russian sphere of influence for more than 350 years, and this reality has... more ››
July 28, 2014
WWI and the Mighty Combustion of Small Events
Rex Murphy, Nat'l Post
People looking at the world today are, I think rightfully, seeing something of a parallel with confusions of a century ago. In the last weeks and months, what a crowding and a tangling of events we have seen. And we have seen,... more ››