August 4, 2014

Japan's Big Challenge: A Plummeting Population

John Traphagan, The National Interest

The Associated Press

With projections of at least a 50 percent decline in the population through the end of this century, Japan has a population problem. In rural parts of the country, the challenges are even more acute.

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August 4, 2014
Japan's Advice for America on Teaching Math
Walt Gardner, Japan Times
When it comes to math, students in the United States have trailed their counterparts in Japan on tests of international competition for so long that closing the gap seems utterly hopeless. For example, the latest results of the... more ››
July 30, 2014
Abe's Flawed Contingency Plan
Sentaku Magazine
“Should a contingency break out in a neighboring country, putting the lives of Japanese citizens trying to evacuate at risk, would it be right for the government not to do anything to help them?” asked Prime Minister... more ››
July 30, 2014
Will the U.S. Really Defend Japan?
Paul Sracic, The Diplomat
If the unthinkable happens, and the dispute in the East China Sea between Japan and China over the Senkaku islands (called the Diaoyu islands by the Chinese) escalates into a military conflict, will the U.S. military really come... more ››
July 29, 2014
A Plan to Save the East China Sea
Stewart Taggart, The National Interest
Disputed islands. Air identification zones. Incidents at sea. Arguments over history. These ongoing headlines obscure the real challenges of the East China Sea. These include increasing energy security, limiting climate change... more ››
July 28, 2014
The Death of the Great Bargain
Graeme Dobell, The National Interest
In 1972, Nixon and Mao met in Beijing to begin the Great Asia Bargain. Nixon called it the week that changed the world. The Republican and the Revolutionary ushered in a glorious period. more ››