August 6, 2014

Saving Israel from Netanyahu

Peter George, Sydney Morning Herald

The Associated Press

Since he took the reins in 2009, Netanyahu has fulfilled the worst fears of Israelis and friends abroad who believed in the prospect of a peaceful settlement with the Palestinians -- the only path by which Israel can survive and prosper.

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July 29, 2014
Inside the Kerry-Israel Meltdown
Josh Rogin & Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
The secretary of state has been furiously working on a Mideast ceasefire, but his ad hoc efforts were dealt another blow Monday when Israel rejected his latest peacemaking plan. more ››
July 31, 2014
Why Bibi Wants Hamas to Stay
Eli Lake & Josh Rogin, The Daily Beast
Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Hamas of being as bad as al Qaeda. But he isn’t trying to run the group out of Gaza. There’s a good reason why. more ››
July 31, 2014
Collective Punishment in Gaza
Rashid Khalidi, The New Yorker
What Israel is doing in Gaza now is collective punishment. It is punishment for Gaza’s refusal to be a docile ghetto. It is punishment for the gall of Palestinians in unifying, and of Hamas and other factions in responding... more ››
July 24, 2014
Gaza on the Seine
Robert Zaretsky, Foreign Policy
The conflict between Israel and Hamas hits close to home for France's Arabs and Jews. The French Republic might be the casualty. more ››
July 24, 2014
Hezbollah to Hamas: You're on Your Own
Jamie Dettmer, The Daily Beast
Hamas is increasingly isolated in the region as it fights its ferocious war against Israel. In the old days Hezbollah might have helped -- but not now. more ››