August 7, 2014

Who Won the Gaza War? Egypt

Aaron David Miller, Foreign Policy

The Associated Press

It's still too early to say, but for now, here's how I'd score the performance of the five major parties to this crisis: Israel, Hamas, the PA, Egypt, and the United States.

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August 4, 2014
For Hamas, Gaza War Is Step Toward West Bank
Hussein Ibish, National
There are at least two ways Hamas might be trying to parlay the current conflict into a greater presence in the West Bank. First, if it can emerge with tangible benefits, whether political or strategic for the organisation, or... more ››
August 2, 2014
Can Abbas Keep the Peace in the West Bank?
David Kenner, Foreign Policy
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July 29, 2014
When Middle East Conflicts Become One
David Brooks, New York Times
It’s amazing how much of the discussion of the Gaza war is based on the supposition that it is still 1979. It’s based on the supposition that the Israeli-Palestinian dispute is a self-contained struggle being run by the two... more ››
August 1, 2014
My Letter from a Cairo Prison
Mohamed Fahmy, National Post
Baher and myself [were] wrongly convicted of being members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Where is the evidence of that to convict us, and what are the criteria presented by the court to prove our affiliation? I don’t remember... more ››
July 28, 2014
What Happens When America Disengages
Fred Hiatt, Washington Post
Obama’s determination to gear down in Europe and the Middle East, regardless of circumstances, guaranteed that the United States would not respond strategically to new opportunities (the Arab Spring) or dangers... more ››