August 11, 2014

Wanted: A Leader for the Free World

Douglas Murray, The Spectator

The Associated Press

There was a time when having almost two hundred of your citizens blown out of the sky was a big deal for a western democracy. But when Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine last month, killing 193 Dutch citizens and a couple of dozen other Europeans, the response was conspicuous public mourning, some mild objections, a soupçon more sanctions, but otherwise nothing. Everyone knew which government might have handed powerful surface-to-air missiles to eastern Ukraine’s rebels. But nobody seemed willing or able to do anything much about it.

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July 30, 2014
Obama Plays Golf While the World Burns
Max Boot, Los Angeles Times
Nero fiddled while Rome burned. On Saturday, President Obama played golf while his foreign policy, and that of the nation he leads, was going up in smoke. Literally. more ››
August 11, 2014
Hillary: Syria 'Failure' Led to Rise of ISIS
Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic
President Obama has long ridiculed the idea that the U.S., early in the Syrian civil war, could have shaped the forces fighting the Assad regime, thereby stopping al Qaeda-inspired groups—like the one rampaging across Syria... more ››
August 9, 2014
Obama's War in Iraq
New York Daily News
He's right to order an assault on ISIS, but it reminds the nation of his shaky foreign policy. more ››
August 12, 2014
What if the U.S. Had a Mideast Strategy?
David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
Washington's lack of a plan to confront the spread of radical Islam -- from Africa to Iraq to China -- looms as an epoch-defining failure. more ››
August 12, 2014
Obama Is Paving the Way for a Kurdish Oil State
Steve Coll, New Yorker
Obama’s defense of Erbil is effectively the defense of an undeclared Kurdish oil state whose sources of geopolitical appeal—as a long-term, non-Russian supplier of oil and gas to Europe, for example—are best not spoken of... more ››