August 13, 2014

Russia Delivers a Blow to Globalization

Anne Applebaum, National Post

The Associated Press

While it lasted, globalization was a beguiling tale we told ourselves about the future. The world is interconnected and therefore getting not just richer but more peaceful. The technologies of international capitalism — outsourcing, insourcing, offshoring — would not only make the world’s businesses more profitable, they would make people less quarrelsome. We would play chess online with Indians, and thus become more like them. We would buy software from China, and thus never go to war with them. Even better, once they started trading, India and China would never go to war with each other.

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August 1, 2014
Clashes with Russia Point to Globalization's End
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August 6, 2014
Moscow Needs a Plan B in Ukraine
Georgy Bovt, Moscow Times
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August 1, 2014
Is NATO Ready for Russia?
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August 2, 2014
The End of Vladimir Putin
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August 2, 2014
Russian Business Sunk Without EU Cash
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