August 19, 2014

Ferguson Is Not Iraq

Charles C.W. Cooke, National Review

The Associated Press

The intention of these linguistic games is typically twofold. The first is reasonable: To point out that domestic coverage of foreign politics is often hopelessly simplistic. (One suspects that as an employee of Vox, Fisher understands this well.) But the second, far less benign in nature, is to indulge the grotesque, asinine, but fashionable conceit that the United States is a dangerous outlier among the developed nations of the world — a country that is exceptional, but for all the wrong reasons. In this imagining, America simply can’t get with the program, its antediluvian people refusing, inexplicably, to be disarmed; declining to countenance any restrictions on the “hate speech” that their betters just know needs prosecution; insisting, stupidly, that their...

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The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, rarely skips an opportunity to bash the United States. The tense standoff in Ferguson, Miss., is giving him a new chance to engage in some very serious Twitter schadenfreude. more ››
August 19, 2014
What if Ferguson Happened in Another Country?
Max Fisher, Vox
[Satire] Violence could spread to oil-producing regions such as Oklahoma or even disrupt the flow of American beer supplies. more ››
August 18, 2014
Are Dollar's Global Currency Days Numbered?
Santiago Villa, Espectador
It's not going to happen tomorrow, in a year or even five years. But it's conceivable, even likely, that within ten years, the U.S. dollar will cease to become the reference currency for international transactions. The reason for... more ››
August 11, 2014
West Must Save Kurds from Islamist Slaughter
Boris Johnson, Telegraph
It would be an utter tragedy if we did not do everything in our power to give succour and relief to those who are now facing massacre and persecution, and to help repel the maniacs from one of the few bright spots in the Middle... more ››
August 18, 2014
Cameron Must Get over Syria and Act on Iraq
Chris Huhne, The Guardian
Losing last year’s vote on military intervention cast a long shadow over government policy, but the situation in the Middle East requires action. more ››