August 19, 2014

The Common Enemy in Iraq

George Packer, The New Yorker

The Associated Press

Suddenly, a common enemy has joined mutually distrustful players in the making of a coalition against ISIS—just the kind of multilateralism that the President favors. As this month’s events bore out, such an effort requires American leadership. Obama said as much in his August 7th speech, but it’s easy to sense his reluctance to get dragged back into the sinkhole of Iraq and the region. The speed with which he declared the Yazidi crisis over—while thousands of people, including those too old or too weak to walk, remain behind on Mt. Sinjar—suggested a desire to move on. Meanwhile, thousands of people from another beleaguered Iraqi minority—Shiite Turkmen—face destruction in the town of Amerli, near Kirkuk, under an ISIS siege. Tribal sheikhs in Anbar are fighting ISIS,...

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August 11, 2014
Iraq's Center Can No Longer Hold Under Maliki
Mohamad Bazzi, National
As Mr Al Maliki struggled to remain in power, he became more dependent on Iran, which is the dominant external power in Iraq. Already, Iran is mobilising to protect the Shia-led government from the growing IS threat. General... more ››
We should be under no illusions about the road ahead, given regimes such as Iran’s are funding and fanning these conflicts. We will need to prepare for the kind of long war General Leahy has outlined by engaging moderate... more ››
August 13, 2014
Make No Mistake: We're Back in an Iraq War
Doyle McManus, LA Times
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August 13, 2014
America Must Destroy ISIS
Robert Merry, The National Interest
ISIS represents an ominous threat to U.S. security if it is allowed to establish itself permanently as a state or quasistate in the heart of the Middle East. more ››
August 15, 2014
Why Is the Islamic State Beheading People?
Shashank Joshi, Telegraph
There’s little new in this approach, particularly the massacre of captives and the method of beheading for the purposes of terrorisation. The American journalist Daniel Pearl was beheaded in Pakistan in 2002, the American... more ››