August 20, 2014

The Real Middle East Crisis Is Economic

Michael Singh, New York Times

The Associated Press

President Obama surprised many recently when he diagnosed the crisis gripping Iraq as partly an economic one, noting that Iraqi Sunnis were “detached from the global economy” and thus frustrated in achieving their aspirations. While Iraq’s chaos has many sources, the president is nevertheless on to something; and it’s not just Iraqi Sunnis, but the entire Middle East that is detached from the global economy.

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August 16, 2014
The Israeli Solution for Kurdistan
Andrew Peek, The Fiscal Times
Today, Israel would probably be a natural ally of the pro-American, non-sectarian Kurdistan, where civil society, stability, and democratic norms have advanced beyond the reach of most Middle Eastern countries. It might be able... more ››
August 18, 2014
Why Britain Created Mideast Monarchies
James Dawson, New Republic
Back in 1921 two brothers, Faisal and Abdullah (the sons of Hussein ibn Ali who lead the Arab Revolt), were rewarded by the British and made rulers of Mesopotamia and Transjordan respectively. These were territories captured by... more ››
August 18, 2014
Slavery's Modern Face in the Middle East
Robert Fulford, National Post
Kafala is a system that governs construction and domestic migrant labourers in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf States. When workers arrive, they must immediately surrender their passports to their employers. In Saudi... more ››
August 16, 2014
What if Hillary Had Won in 2008?
Aaron David Miller, Washington Post
Clinton’s policies would probably not have diverged fundamentally from the ones the president pursued while she was his secretary of state or those he has embraced subsequently. Indeed, Clinton could never have become... more ››
August 15, 2014
China Outsources Dirty Work to U.S. Military
Adam Minter, Bloomberg
It’s hard to argue that China has played a constructive “builder” role in Iraq recent years, especially as its oil interests have expanded, just as it is difficult to counter China’s claim that U.S. mistakes contributed... more ››