August 20, 2014

Why Is Ebola Killing So Many Women?

Lauren Wolfe, Foreign Policy

The Associated Press

Studies show that infectious disease often affects one gender more than another -- but that knowledge isn't being put into practice.

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August 18, 2014
Six Big Lessons from the Ebola Outbreak
Alex Berezow, RealClearScience
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which continues to rage and has now claimed the lives of more than 1100 people, offers some big lessons for America. more ››
August 19, 2014
Ebola: Dangers and Vaccines
Globe and Mail
In some ways, the world’s fixation on Ebola’s deadly spread through West Africa is disproportionate to the actual danger. According to the World Health Organization’s latest figures, Ebola has killed more than... more ››
August 15, 2014
Stigma and Stereotypes Fuel Ebola Fears
Lauren Wallace, Globe and Mail
Ebola and other tropical diseases are not democratic infections of equal opportunity. Most Ebola-stricken people do not have enough money to board a plane in the first place. more ››
August 15, 2014
Not Scared of Ebola? You Should Be
Laurie Garrett, Foreign Policy
Experimental drugs and airport screenings will do nothing to stop this plague. If Ebola hits Lagos, we're in real trouble. more ››
August 11, 2014
Controlling the Ebola Epidemic
New York Times
On Friday, the World Health Organization formally declared an international public health emergency in response to what its director general, Dr. Margaret Chan, called “the largest, most severe, most complex outbreak” of the... more ››