August 21, 2014

Chinese Foreign Policy Needs Major Reform

Dingding Chen, The Diplomat

The Associated Press

Perhaps the most important question facing China and the rest of the world in coming decades is how China will use its increasing power at the global level (this is assuming that China’s power will continue to increase in the future). Is China ready to act like a global leader? If so, how does China need to reform to play this new role? Currently there is a fierce debate within China that focuses on this exact issue.

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August 16, 2014
Obama's China Strategy Is Doomed
Ted Galen Carpenter, National Interest
As Beijing’s power grows, it will become more and more difficult for Washington to continue its strategy of trying to enjoy the fruits of all possible approaches to dealing with that country. There could be other options. more ››
August 18, 2014
Taiwan's Identity Crisis
Jonathan Sullivan, National Interest
The conundrum for the DPP is that the Taiwanese identity that has been trampled on and discarded under Ma is both a trump card and a liability. more ››
August 16, 2014
The Great Chinese Exodus
Andrew Browne, Wall Street Journal
Today, China's borders are wide open. Almost anybody who wants a passport can get one. And Chinese nationals are leaving in vast waves: Last year, more than 100 million outbound travelers crossed the frontiers. Most are tourists... more ››
August 15, 2014
Can Asia's 'Middle Powers' Create Stability?
Mohan & Medcalf, TNI
In a changing Asia, not even steadfast allies like Australia can afford to put all their eggs in the alliance basket. Thus in a new research paper, we argued that it is time for new and creative ways to deal with Asia’s ... more ››
August 15, 2014
Asia Lessons from Ford and Kissinger
Andrew Gawthorpe, The Diplomat
Obama is not the first president to face these problems – aggressive adversaries, nervous allies, and a U.S. public deeply unwilling to make the commitments necessary to reassure those allies – in the Asia-Pacific. A look... more ››