August 23, 2014

What Would Israel Do in Hamas' Shoes?

Gideon Levy, Haaretz

The Associated Press

The Palestinian response to the killing of Mohammed Deif’s wife and son will be exactly like the Israeli response in the reverse situation: Vengeance and retribution.

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August 13, 2014
Israel, Stop Calling Hamas a Terrorist Org
A. B. Yehoshua, New Republic
When Israel was established officially in 1948, the Jordanians bombarded Jerusalem and isolated it even as they killed hundreds of its residents. Yet, throughout that cruel and difficult war, no one called the Jordanians... more ››
August 22, 2014
Israel's Failed Assassination Strategy
Rami Khouri, Bloomberg View
The longstanding Israeli strategy of killing top leaders of Hamas, Fatah and other Palestinian resistance groups was manifest again early today when Israeli missiles struck and killed three senior commanders of the military wing... more ››
During the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, Iron Dome has efficiently protected Israel from massive damage and casualties. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip had launched 2,648... more ››
August 13, 2014
Israel's Game of Russian Roulette in Gaza
Idan Barir, Daily Telegraph
Artillery fire is a statistical means of warfare. By using it in Gaza, Israel cannot claim it is doing everything in its power to spare the innocent. more ››
August 11, 2014
How Hamas Beat Israel in Gaza
Ronen Bergman, New York Times
If body-counts and destroyed weaponry are the main criteria for victory, Israel is the clear winner in the latest confrontation with Hamas. There’s no doubt that Israel could conquer the entire Gaza Strip and completely... more ››