August 25, 2014

Don't Ransom Journalists

Thomas Ricks, Politico

The Associated Press

My own plan if I were kidnapped was that I would give my captors two days or so to sort out the situation, in case I had been taken out of some sort of confusion. (I knew one reporter who had been taken hostage in central Iraq, tied to a post in a rural animal shelter and then shown the rusty long-bladed knife that he was told would be used to cut off his head—but then was released within 24 hours.) After letting two days pass, I figured, I would try to escape, figuring that either I would succeed or I would be killed in the process. Either outcome would be preferable to being held for weeks, months or years.

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August 20, 2014
How Britain Became a Jihadist Exporter
Douglas Murray, The Spectator
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August 21, 2014
Wake Up, America, the War Has Hit Home
Benny Avni, New York Post
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August 20, 2014
How to Annihilate the Islamic State
Max Boot, Commentary
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August 21, 2014
ISIS Will Soon Be at Our Front Door
James Bloodworth, The Independent
The reported murder of the American journalist James Foley is further proof that Western countries must not be squeamish when it comes to helping the Iraqis and the Kurds to defeat Isis. more ››