August 27, 2014

South Africa's Subprime Crisis

T.O. Molefe, New York Times

The Associated Press

When America’s housing bubble burst and the subprime loan market tanked in 2007, banks around the world found themselves exposed to subprime debt through an array of complex and opaque financial arrangements. But here in South Africa, financial institutions and government regulators puffed out their chests in pride.

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August 21, 2014
African Politics Exacerbate Continent's Struggles
M. Adam, Ottawa Cit.
Many South Africans would never have imagined Ramaphosa calling for a crackdown on workers. But his story is not just a South African narrative but one that reinforces the belief that once an African politician acquires power,... more ››
August 23, 2014
A Tale of Two Africas
McKay, Bariyo & Hinshaw, Wall Street Journal
As West African countries try to battle Ebola, countries such as Uganda provide a model for improved detection and prevention. more ››
August 21, 2014
Europe's Ebola-Fueled Racism
Barbie Latza Nadeau, The Daily Beast
A Berlin building locked down after an African woman faints. An African man with a nosebleed removed from a mall in Brussels. With Ebola panic spreading, racial profiling could be next. more ››
August 23, 2014
'Made in China' Now Being Made in Africa
Brendon Hong, Daily Beast
The cost of labor in China is going up, so Chinese manufacturers are moving to Africa, and they’re playing all the angles. more ››
August 23, 2014
The Hedge Fund and the Despot
Simpson & Westbrook, Businessweek
In March 2008, McGee met secretly with a member of the political machine of Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe and Africa’s most notorious living despot. In 1979, Mugabe had led one of two guerrilla groups that liberated... more ››