August 28, 2014

New Strain of Antisemitism Is on the Rise

Ephraim Mirvis, Daily Telegraph

The Associated Press

Anti-Semitism may well be the oldest and most persistent social pathology, what historian Robert Wistrich calls “the longest hatred”. But this ancient enmity is now being expressed in new ways. Whereas anti-Semitism in Europe was connected primarily to extreme Right-wing nationalist groups, today Jews are being hit from all sides.

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August 16, 2014
Supporting Hamas Is Anti-Semitic
Alan Dershowitz, Jerusalem Post
Criticizing specific Israeli policies is certainly not intrinsically anti-Semitic. Indeed, many Israelis are critical of some of their nation's policies. But support for Hamas is anti-Semitic, because Hamas's policies and... more ››
August 21, 2014
Why Jews Are Worried
Deborah Lipstadt, New York Times
It’s true that this is not the anti-Semitism of the 1930s, which came from the right and was rooted in longstanding Christian views that demonized the Jews. Traditionally, Islam did not treat Jews this way. But in the past... more ››
August 23, 2014
Europe's Slow Surrender to Intolerance
Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg View
On the one hand, it is completely unsurprising that Europe has become a swamp of anti-Jewish hostility. It is, after all, Europe. Anti-Jewish hostility has been its metier for centuries. (Yes, the locus of much anti-Jewish... more ››
Protests targeting an Israeli theater company in Scotland are the latest examples of the increasingly uncomfortable position of Jews across Europe. more ››