August 28, 2014

The Genocide That Wasn't

Stephanie Giry, New York Review of Books

The Associated Press

Some 20,000 Vietnamese and 90,000 Cham are believed to have died under Pol Pot — compared to well over 1.3 million Khmer, according to the most conservative estimates. One Khmer woman, who lives in exile and travelled to Phnom Penh for the August 7 verdict, said that the court’s decision not to consider a genocide charge on behalf of the Khmer left her feeling like victims were being denied their “right to the precise term for what was done to us” — it was as though “history had not been understood.” For Ung Billon, another Khmer who is the president of a victims’ association in France called Les Victimes du Génocide des Khmers Rouges and who also came for the verdict, it was “an insult.”

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