August 29, 2014

Iraq's ISIS Challenge

Amir Taheri, New York Post

The Associated Press

Two months after the Islamic State, or Daesh in Arabic, announced the revival of the caliphate, the Iraqi landscape is marked by both uncertainties and some surprising certainties.

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August 26, 2014
Dempsey's Clarity and Obama's Confusion
Tom Rogan, National Review
Military strategy demands the disruption of an enemy’s “center of gravity.” The Islamic State’s center of gravity is in Syria, and General Dempsey’s comments last Thursday reflected that truth. more ››
August 20, 2014
Will James Foley's Murder Wake Up the West?
Shashank Joshi, Telegraph
There is something disturbing about the fact that the murder of a single Westerner should elicit greater shock and garner more attention than the torture and killing of hundreds upon hundreds of Syrians and Iraqis stretching back... more ››
August 25, 2014
Destroy the 'Islamic State'
John Bolton, National Review
Approving U.S. military force against the Islamic State on August 7, Obama stressed two limited goals: protecting U.S. civilian and military personnel in Irbil, the Kurdish capital, which the Islamic State was rapidly... more ››
August 21, 2014
Is the U.S. About to Ramp Up Against ISIS?
Jacob Siegel, The Daily Beast
Since U.S. airstrikes began targeting ISIS on August 7, the group, which had been steadily expanding its territory, has been losing ground in Iraq. Now there are signs indicating that the air campaign could be expanding. If it... more ››
August 22, 2014
Obama v. ISIS: This Time It's Personal
Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
When ISIS beheaded an American journalist, it meant to intimidate—and provoke—the United States. It should be careful what it wishes for. The gloves just came off. more ››