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Friday, August 28
When ISIS Rapists Win - David Brooks, New York Times
6 Years of Putin Running Circles Around Obama - C. Krauthammer, WaPo
The Autumn of Europe's Discontent - Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe
How My Presidency Would Deal With China - Marco Rubio, WSJ
The Remarkable Success of Baathist Logic - Paul Berman, Tablet Magazine
How Chavez Rubbished Venezuela's Riches - Justin Fox, Bloomberg View
Is China the New Spanish Empire? - Jacob Soll, Politico EU
The Paris That France Doesn't Want You to See - G. Packer, New Yorker
An Impending Shiite Leadership Crisis in Iraq - M. Ali Shabani, Al-Monitor
Europe Must Lighten Greece's Load - Christian Odendahl, CER
Will Turkey Join the Nuclear Club? - Aaron Stein, The American Interest
China Is Pivotal and Dangerously Clueless - Paola Subacchi, Foreign Policy
Russia's Lonely Arctic Arms Race - Pavel Baev, Brookings
A New Generation of Kashmiri Rebels Takes Up Arms - F. Shah, Diplomat
Japan Prepares for a Yakuza War - Jake Adelstein, Daily Beast
Thursday, August 27
How Obama Fails the Middle East - Aaron David Miller, RealClearWorld
A Small Measure of Justice for Nemtsov - Vladimir Kara-Murza, WaPo
Merkel's Migrant Problem - Janosch Delcker, Politico EU
China Has Protected Investors Too Long - Whitelaw & Carpenter, FP
Iran Deal Leaves U.S. Business on Sidelines - Christopher R. Wall, USAT
Military Told Obama What He Wanted to Hear - Tobin, Commentary
Leaders Sign Deal to End South Sudan's Civil War - Kevin Sieff, WaPo
Film School Students Take on Indian Politicians - Shashank Bengali, LAT
Will China's Economic Collapse Save South China Sea? - Pei, Nat Interest
There Are Reasons for Hope in Middle East - Gordon & Barkey, Reuters
Can Developing World Fund Its Own Development? - Mail & Guardian
Erdogan's War Backfires - Kadri Gursel, Al-Monitor
No Magnanimity, No Unification - Spencer H. Kim, Korea Times
Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Plots Presidential Bid - Philip Sherwell, Telegraph
Sri Lanka: A Lesson for U.S. Strategy - Kadira Pethiyagoda, The Diplomat
Wednesday, August 26
Israel: The Case Against Attacking Iran - George Friedman, Stratfor
Iran Can Stop Sanctions From Snapping Back - H. Fradkin & L. Libby, WS
There Are Still Many Avenues to Sanction Iran - Patrick Clawson, TWI
What a Rock Band Learned in North Korea - Kory Grow, Rolling Stone
China Expands Its South Sea Foothold - Erickson & Bond, National Interest
Will Russia Be Hamas' Bridge to the World? - A. Abu Amer, Al-Monitor
How the AP Goofed the Iran Inspections Story - C. Rofer, War on the Rocks
Military Spending: The Secret Weapon of Canada's Left - L. Martin, G&M
The Labour Party Sees Red - Economist
Sounding False Alarms on China - Nicholas Lardy, New York Times
Russia Won't Suffer a Soviet Fate - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
A Confident India Shifts Its Stance Toward Pakistan - H. Pant, Diplomat
Being Right About Iraq Is Killing the Left - Sarah Ditum, New Statesman
Scenes From War-Torn Aleppo - Marwan Hisham, Vanity Fair
The Scariest Thing About 'Black Monday' - Dan Drezner, Washington Post
Tuesday, August 25
The Vienna Deal Sets up a Choice of Bad and Worse - John R. Bolton, NRO
What Would Britain's Quota of Migrants Be? - Philip Johnston, Telegraph
Europe Always Waits Until It's Too Late - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
Trump's Wall Could Have Deadly Consequences - Clare Foran, Nat Journal
Will the U.S. Get Tough on China? - Bonnie Glaser, Lowy Interpreter
Ghost Towns Point to China's Waning Fortunes - Simon Denyer, WaPo
China's Internal Migrant Timebomb - Damien Ma, Foreign Affairs
Bolivia's Hollow Victory in the War on Drugs - Mac Margolis, Bloomberg
Surviving Life as a Sex Slave of Islamic State - Lara Whyte, New Statesman
The Iran Deal: Science and Politics - Ernest Moniz & John Mecklin, BAS
What's Scarier Than a Strong China? A Weak China. - Keating, Slate
China's Fever, Everyone's Disease - Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
Pakistan's Growing Gender Gap - Rukhsasa Shah, Dawn
Walker Calls on Obama to Cancel Chinese State Visit - Williams, The Hill
VIDEO: China's Economic Readjustment - Council on Foreign Relations
Monday, August 24
Want to Bomb Iran? Support the Deal - Michael Crowley, Politico
The Iran Deal Creates an Uncertain Future - D. Sanger & M. Gordon, NYT
Is a Slow Putsch Against Putin Underway? - Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes
Can Canada and Britain Fix Their Upper Chambers? - Matt Ford, Atlantic
No Reason for Panic on China - Jeff Spross, The Week
China Is Its Own Worst Nightmare - Kerry Brown, The Diplomat
Hamas Caught Between Tehran and Riyadh - Ali Hashem, Al-Monitor
Islam and Slavery - Economist
Tsipras Rolls the Dice - Felicity Capon, Newsweek
Another Toxic Turn in Brazil's Scandal - Mac Margolis, Bloomberg View
Greet the World's Next Financial Crisis - H. Timmons & J. Horwitz, Quartz
A China Dreaming of Democracy - Carl Gershman, World Affairs Journal
Realism Is an Attitude, Not a Doctrine - Richard Betts, National Interest
The Tories Must Demand the Truth About the EU - S. Heffer, Telegraph
The Emerging Global Currency Crisis - Nick Cunningham, Oil Price
ICYMI: China's Crisis, the Price of Change - Rodger Baker, Stratfor
Sunday, August 23
Why Europe Conquered the World - Robert Fulford, National Post
China Wants Great Power, Not Great Responsibility - William Pesek, BV
Merkel Right About the Migrant Crisis - Natalie Nougayrede, The Guardian
The Ayatollahs Will Never Be Britain's Friends - Con Coughlin, Telegraph
Don't Blame Mideast Unrest on Saudi-Iran Rivalry - Rami Khouri, CR
Iran's Middle East Allies Are Crumbling - Basheer Nafi, Middle East Eye
Gay and Marked for Death - Frank Bruni, New York Times
What the Corbyn Moment Means for Britain's Left - Laurie Penny, NS
British 'Education' Is a Con - Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail
The Global Corn Wars - Ted Genoways, The New Republic
Does Israel Stand Alone on Iran? - William Kristol, Weekly Standard
Israel's Natural Gas Cartel - Akiva Eldar, Al-Monitor
Insights from a Saudi General - Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
Uprooting the Political Garbage in Lebanon - Joyce Karam, Al Arabiya
Why Is Canadian English Unique? - James Harbeck, BBC News
Saturday, August 22
Obama's Appallingly Wrong Worldview - David French, National Review
Why Neoconservatives Are Always Wrong - Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy
Congress, Support the Iran Deal - Brent Scowcroft, Washington Post
Britain's Extraordinary Act of Political Self-Harm - J. Rentoul, Politico EU
Britain's Suburban Terrorists - O. Bennett-Jones, London Review of Books
While Obama Dithers, Putin Presses On - Max Boot, Commentary
Blame Pepper for Imperialism - Stephen Kinzer, Boston Globe
Germany Is Straining Beneath the Refugee Crisis - Economist
The Koreas Are Threatening War - Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat
North Korea Will Likely Back Down - JH Ahn, NK News
Questioning the Case for New Nuclear Weapons - Adam Mount, BAS
Baseball's Last Cuban Escapees - Sam Anderson, New York Times Magazine
Friday, August 21
Why Does Obama Insist Iran Deal Is Perfect? - R. Satloff, American Interest
Opposing Immigration Now Wins in Sweden - F. Nelson, Spectator
The Game-Changing Iran Report That Wasn't - J.J. Goldberg, Forward
Tsipras Calls a Referendum on Himself - David Francis, Foreign Policy
Are China, Russia Teaming Up With Iran? - M.K. Bhadrakumar, Asia Times
America's Bumper Sticker Foreign Policy - R. Burt & D. Simes, TNI
A New Two-Chinas Question - Richard Haass, Project Syndicate
Netanyahu Playing Chess, not Checkers, on Iran - Arad Nir, Al-Monitor
Russia and the Cold War Warriors - James Nixey, Chatham House
Peru's New Terrorism - Carlos Escaffi, Worldcrunch
Could 'Made in China' Unseat Germany? - Bernhard Zand, Der Spiegel
Tsipras Steps Down - Economist
Nicaragua Dreams of a Canal - Justin Fox, Bloomberg View
Israel's Internal Existential Threat - Hilik Bar, New York Times
Would Corbyn Take UK Out of NATO? - Richard Arthur, Progress
Thursday, August 20
The Iran Deal Is Reshaping the Iraq War - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View
Al Qaeda Is Losing Jihadi Hearts and Minds - Byman & Williams, For Policy
I Will Unify MPs, Rebuild the Party & Win - Jeremy Corbyn, New Statesman
France's Agricultural Model Is in Trouble - Nicholas Vinocur, Politico EU
Fearful of Settlers, Palestinians Deploy Watchmen - William Booth, WaPo
Putin Destroys Tons of Food. What's Next? - Alexander Motyl, World Affairs
West Must Be Wary of Ukraine's Leaders - N. Kaufmann, Moscow Times
Iran Deal Needs Strengthening - Ray Takeyh, Miami Herald
Israel Must 'Recognize Reality' of Iran Deal - Uri Savir, Al-Monitor
Thai Military Says Global Terror Link 'Unlikely' - Associated Press
Seoul Sees Hopes for Thaw with Japan - Toru Higashioka, Asahi Shimbun
Japan, Asia Must Move on from the War - Frank Ching, Globe and Mail
U.S. Officials: Chinese Secret Agents in U.S. Spikes - Sciutto & Scott, CNN
Will Obama Walk that Extra Mile? - Ram Madhav, Times of India
Beijing's Disaster Playbook Falls Short - Benjamin Haas, AFP
Wednesday, August 19
An Interview With Henry Kissinger - Jacob Heilbrunn, National Interest
China's Crisis: The Price of Change - Rodger Baker, Stratfor
A New Approach to Eurozone Sovereign Debt - Yanis Varoufakis, PS
The World According to Poland's New President - Jan Cienski, Politico
The Double-Dip Oil Rout - Michael Klare, TomDispatch
Convert or Die in the Central African Republic - K. Beydoun, Al Jazeera
On Iraq, Democrats Lie to Themselves - Max Boot, Commentary
America Gets a Putin of Its Own - David Ignatius, Washington Post
The World's Hot Spot - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Is China Just Trying to Find Its Way? - Paola Subacchi, Globe and Mail
A Thatcher for the British Left? - George Monbiot, Guardian
The Tories Should Stop Smirking - Mary Riddell, Telegraph
Scotland's Misguided GMO Ban - Anjana Ahuja, Financial Times
A Bombing That Will Roil Thai Politics - Economist
Why North Korea Is Not Next - John Feffer, Foreign Policy In Focus
How Russia Hides Its Dead - Anna Nemtsova, Daily Beast
VIDEO: Regional Impact of Increased Iranian Money - Wash. Institute
Tuesday, August 18
Erawan Bomber Must Be Caught - Veera Prateepchaikul, Bangkok Post
A Basic Primer on Terrorism in Thailand - Zach Beauchamp, Vox
Calling in the God Squad to Save the Iran Deal - Nahal Toosi, Politico
How the Iran Deal May Impact Israel's Influence - Daniel Wagner, JPost
Calais Migrants: 'They Forget We're Human' - Owen Jones, New Statesman
The Chinese Dragon Is Losing Some Puff - Peter Hartcher, SMH
Real Mission for Chinese Agents in U.S. - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View
A City Transformed by Influx of Chinese Wealth - Paul Starobin, LA Times
U.S. Is Needed to Battle Terror in Afghanistan - Aimal Faizi, Al Jazeera
London Should Elect a Muslim Mayor - Jonathan Gornall, The National
West Needs to Up the Ante in Infowar - Peter Pomerantsev, Moscow Times
Russia's Army of Online 'Trolls' - Aliya Sternstein, National Journal
U.S. Presses for Solution to Syrian Civil War - Michael Crowley, Politico EU
What Was in Bin Laden's Tape Collection? - Richard Fenton-Smith, BBC
More Equivocation than Eloquence from Abe - Dennis Halpin, Weekly Std

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