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Friday, October 31
Why Is Tunisia Succeeding, and not Egypt? - Fareed Zakaria, WaPo
Taxation Needs to Go Global - Wolfgang Schauble, Project Syndicate
Leaving Lebanon, Land of Dashed Hopes - Michael Karam, The Spectator
A Move to Defuse Japan-China Tensions - M. Sorenson, Global Risk Insights
The Germany Europe Needs - Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe
Did Russia Just Rehearse a Europe Nuke Strike? - Dave Majumdar, DB
French Wines Under the Crush of Climate Change - U. Fichtner, Spiegel
Jerusalem Is on the Brink of an Intifada - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Apple CEO's Coming Out Sparks Chinese Debate - B. Allen-Ebrahimian, FP
It's Now or Never for Change in Mexico - Francisco Goldman, New Yorker
Thailand's Economy Needs a Strategy - Pavida Pananond, Bangkok Post
Finding a Vaccine Against Oppression - A. Soufan & M. Daniels, The Hill
Ten Years on, Van Gogh's Murder Haunts Holland - Rachel Donadio, NYT
The Rise of Cambodian Civil Society - Phoak Kung, The Diplomat
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Thursday, October 30
Obama Has No Foreign Policy - Paul Ryan, National Interest
The End of the Middle East? - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
The World Needs a True Counterweight to U.S. - S. Milne, The Guardian
Whose Side Is Turkey On? - Patrick Cockburn, London Review of Books
Russia's Horrible Historians - Simon Shuster, Time
Tunisia's Carthaginian Summer - Austin Bay, Creators Syndicate
Berlin's Comfort Food Makes a Comeback - C. Nauhaus & M. Elfering, Ozy
Embryonic Democracy in Northern Syria - K. Zurutuza, Inter Press Service
Vietnam Looks to India for Military Modernization - S. Haidar, The Hindu
The French Far Right's War on Kebabs - Abigail Tracy, Vocativ
NATO's Land-Sea Disconnect - Ian Ralby, War on the Rocks
Saudis' Quest for Hollywood Movies - Rym Ghazal, The National
Jokowi Can Do What Obama Didn't - David Pilling, Financial Times
Egypt Levels Homes for Buffer Zone - Kareem Fahim & Merna Thomas, NYT
China Seeks a Space Program to Propel Prestige - Dean Cheng, CPI
Wednesday, October 29
Netanyahu and Obama in Open Conflict - David Horovitz, Times of Israel
Turkey's Contempt for NATO Principles - Seth Cropsey, RealClearWorld
Washington's Wishful Thinking in the Middle East - David Ignatius, WaPo
U.S. Presidents Caught in History's Sweep - George Friedman, Stratfor
Unstoppable ISIS Has Been Stopped - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Baltic States Study how to Beat Russian Tanks - Robert Beckhusen, WIB
China Tightens the Screws on Taipei - J. Michael Cole, The Diplomat
Vietnam and ISIS - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Russia, China Cooperate on Cyber Security - Chernenko et al, Worldcrunch
The Pope Who Isn't a Creationist - Barbie Latza Nadeau, Daily Beast
Tunisia, the Model Middle East State - Mustafa Akyol, Hurriyet Daily News
Cyber Security Can Boost India-U.S. Ties - Lisa Curtis, RealClearWorld
The Case for Covert Action Against IS - Andre Le Gallo, Jerusalem Post
Stop the Spin: Afghanistan War Was Tragic - Kate Hudson, Independent
Calming Catalonia's Secessionist Fever - Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg
Has North Korea Quarantined Itself? - Hamish Macdonald, NK News
Tuesday, October 28
U.S., Japan Missing a Chance to Counter China - P. Leaf, RealClearWorld
Meddling with Europe's Blood-Soaked Borders - G. Rachman, Guardian
Where Americans Turned the Tides of War - R. Rubin, New York Times
Hope for Hong Kong - Chris Patten, Project Syndicate
Putin Gambles that the U.S. Can Be Fenced In - Nikolas Gvosdev, TNI
Rethinking Taiwan's Submarine Dreams - Evan Braden Montgomery, RCD
Remembering Mao, the Great Manipulator - Robert Wargas, PJ Media
The Rout of Ukraine's pro-Russia Parties - Simon Shuster, Time
Erasing Indonesia's Linguistic Heritage - Setiono Sugiharto, Jakarta Post
Terms of Reconstruction Make a Prison of Gaza - J. Cook, The National
Thankfully, Iran Talks Seem Stalled - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post
Israel's Soldier Suicides - Creede Newton, Daily Beast
Hitting Iran's Centrifuge Sweet Spot - Ariane Tabatabai, BAS
China's Plan to Protect Whistleblowers - BBC
UKIP Weakens EU's Emissions Ambitions - Nick Cunningham, Oil Price
Ebola: A Product of the Global Economy - Henrietta Moore, The Guardian
Monday, October 27
Kiev Is Now Pointed Directly West - Matt Schiavenza, Atlantic Monthly
Tunisia Boldly Embraces Democracy - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
Election Shows Deep Splits in Brazil - Economist
The Appeal of a Caliphate - Edward Stourton, BBC
UKIP Torches Real Britishness - Will Hutton, The Guardian
Ukraine's Parliament Will Resist Putin - Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes
A Tale of Two Vietnamese Cities - Elisabeth Rosen, The Diplomat
What Kobani Means, and What It Doesn't - Mark Thompson, Time
What to Expect Now from Brazil - Kevin Lees, Suffragio
Russia Needs Time to Change - Pyotr Romanov, Moscow Times
This German Village Scrapped Russian Gas for Manure - AFP
Treason Charges for IS Acolytes Could Backfire - C. Randall, The National
There Should Be a U.S. Base in Kurdistan - J. Foreman, Weekly Standard
The Arab World Needs Israel's Help - Jake Wallis Simons, Jerusalem Post
U.S., Britain Abandon a Taliban Stronghold - Colum Lynch, FP
Sunday, October 26
Keep Calm and Carry On, Canada - Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy
China's Rise May not Be so Peaceful - John Mearsheimer, National Interest
Brazilian Left Will Remain Powerful After Vote - Daniel Lemaitre, GRI
Many Ukrainian Soldiers Can't Vote - Oksana Grytsenko, Kyiv Post
Cutting off ISIS Funding Isn't Easy - Charles Lister, Brookings
Will North Korea Ever Use Nukes? - Rob York, NK News
Tunisia's Ruling Party Steps Away from Salafists - Jahd Kalil, Al-Monitor
Poking Fun at UKIP on Twitter - Lizzie Dearden, The Independent
Israel's Poor Policy Invites Another Intifada - Hussein Ibish, The National
The Eco Train to Middle East Peace - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
China and Luxembourg's Trip to the Moon - Matthew Francis, Daily Beast
The Last Days of Uruguay's Rebel Presidency - BBC
Repairing South Korea's Tarnished Image - Luke Stanhope, The Diplomat
New Rules for China's War on Terror - Kendrick Kuo, East Asia Forum
Saturday, October 25
A Look at the Finances of ISIS - Russell Berman, The Atlantic
The 5 Biggest Disasters in American Military History - Robert Farley, NI
Change Unlikely in Canada After Attack - Rex Brynen, Al Jazeera
Libya Following in Iraq and Syria's Footsteps - Noman Benotman, Telegraph
ISIS and al-Qaeda Need Lone Wolves in the West - Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast
Protesters Learning Lesson of China's Power - Kelly McParland, National Post
Germany Losing Steam - Knaup and Reiermann, Der Spiegel
Canada Must Resist the Urge to Overreact - Benjamin Perrin, Globe and Mail
Russia's Vested Interests in Supporting Assad - Josh Cohen, Moscow Times
North Korea's Charm Offensive - Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy
The Next Few Days Will Determine Europe's Future - Anatole Kaletsky, Reuters
Winning Kobane, Losing Syria - Michael Weiss, NOW
China Adds Nuke Capability to Sub Fleet - Jeremy Page, Wall Street Journal
Friday, October 24
A Manifesto for Conservative Realism - Rand Paul, National Interest
Wake Up, Europe, There Is a War Afoot - George Soros, NY Review of Books
Fear and Loathing in Kiev - Lucian Kim, Slate
Vigilantes Search for Missing Students in Mexico - J.A. Hootsen, Vocativ
Iran's Evil Imprisonment of My Colleague - T. Hartsfield, RealClearScience
The Allure of Radical Islam in Canada - David Frum, The Atlantic
Dear Ottawa, from London - H.A. Hellyer, Globe and Mail
Democrats and Plutocrats, from D.C. to Hong Kong - Paul Krugman, NYT
The West Needs to Help Tackle Ebola - M. Goerg, German Marshall Fund
Mubarak Nostalgia Supplants the Arab Spring - Eric Trager, New Republic
Russian Leaders Pipe Down as Economy Falters - Rob Garver, Fiscal Times
Will Brazil Move Back into the U.S. Fold? - O. Guardiola-Rivera, Guardian
China Launches Its World Bank Alternative - Reuters
Canada's Spies May Get New Powers - Harris & Standish, Foreign Policy
An Israeli Book to Break Barriers - Yuval Avivi, Al-Monitor
Thursday, October 23
How Big Is Canada's Terror Network? - Mak, Lake & Siegel, Daily Beast
China's Wealth Flees Abroad - Wang Yong, Worldcrunch
Italy Is in Terminal Decline - Nicholas Farrell, Spectator
My Childhood Friend, the ISIS Jihadist - Jakob Sheikh, Mashable
Democracy Is the Product of a Long Struggle - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
How Russia and China Will Fracture - Walter Clemens, The Diplomat
Lacking a Plan, Abbas Opts for Confrontation - Laub & Daraghmeh, AP
Syria's Opposition Reaches a New Low - Hassan Hassan, The National
India: Illusory Rise of a Democratic Power - R. Menon, National Interest
Why Would a Russian Sub Lurk off Sweden? - D. Steed, The Conversation
It's up to Cuba to Make Concessions - Jaime Suchlicki, Miami Herald
Jerusalem Rail: Once a Symbol, Now a Target - Sheera Frenkel, BuzzFeed
Ukrainian Voters Can Change Europe's Fate - Carl Bildt, Project Syndicate
Terrorists Stand no Chance in Canada - Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail
Ukraine and Russia's Natural Gas Scramble - Nick Cunningham, Oil Price
The Middle East's Loss of Sovereignty - Juan Cole, Informed Comment
Israel Is Under Attack Again - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post
Wednesday, October 22
The Military Decline of ISIS - Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast
The Similarities Between Germany and China - George Friedman, Stratfor
To Save Israel, Let the Right Run It Aground - C. Landsmann, Haaretz
China Hacks Away at U.S. Military Superiority - Eaglen & Morrison, RCD
Central Europe at a Crossroads - Antonia Colibasanu, RealClearWorld
13 Years of Costly Foreign Follies - Robert Merry, National Interest
Putin and the Pope - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
What if Suicide Bombers Brought Ebola Abroad? - Marc Thiessen, WaPo
4 Reasons Europe's Foreign Policy Still Sleeps - Jan Techau, Carnegie
Congress Can Stop Iran Appeasement - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
China Arms Its Police - Economist
Who Can Lead Britain on the Path out of Europe? - M. Fabricant, Guardian
100 Days of al-Sisi: Where Egypt Stands - Katulis, Awad & Lang, CAP
Afghanistan: Anatomy of a Failed Policy - Edward Girardet, Cairo Review
Tuesday, October 21
Doubling Down on Obama's Syria Disaster - M. Weiss & F. Itani, Politico
The EU's Arrogant Misunderstanding of UK - Philip Johnston, Telegraph
China and America: Competing Exceptionalism - Roger Cohen, NYT
Russia's Messianic Oligarch - Joshua Keating, Slate
Do ISIS Fighters Value the Caliphate? - Tiersky & Chioke, Huffington Post
Cameron Sends Wrong Signals to EU - Keith Taylor, New Statesman
Why Syria's Moderate Opposition Is Useless - David Kenner, Foreign Policy
Latin America's Left Leads on Ebola - Jim Wyss, Miami Herald
It's Hard to Say Libya Is Better Without Gadhafi - Adam Taylor, WaPo
China's Communists Once Championed Democracy - Frank Ching, SCMP
Al Qaeda Targets World Oil Supply - Sarah Kaufman, Vocativ
5 Challenges for Indonesia's New Leader - Hannah Beech, Time
Analyzing Ukraine's Election - Andrew Wilson, ECFR
Remembering British War Brides - Duncan Barrett, Los Angeles Times
Real Reform for Brazil's Economy - Camila Villard Duran, Project Syndicate

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