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Thursday, August 28
U.S. Should Bomb ISIS ... and Assad - Michael Weiss, NOW Lebanon
Can Germany Save Ukraine? - Dmitri Trenin, The National Interest
Terrorism as Theater - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
Obama's Hazy Sense of History - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Putin's Cherished Deniability Is Shattered - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
Hollande Stands His Ground on Austerity - Konrad Yakabuski, Globe & Mail
Take Hamas' Guns -- Then We'll Talk - Avigdor Liberman, Foreign Policy
New Strain of Antisemitism Is on the Rise - Ephraim Mirvis, The Telegraph
Beijing's Booming Population Risks Instability - Clint Richards, Diplomat
Why Canada Cares More About the War of 1812 - Ishaan Tharoor, WaPo
The Genocide That Wasn't - Stephanie Giry, New York Review of Books
2014 Should Be a Foreign Policy Election - Marc Ambinder, The Week
No, 2014 Shouldn't Be a Foreign Policy Election - Dan Larison, AmCon Mag
Scotland the Brave - Sara Lodge, The Weekly Standard
Why Rob Ford Will Win Again in Toronto - Dan Rath, Toronto Star
Wednesday, August 27
The Making of a Mideast Disaster - Roger Cohen, New York Times
Endgame for Putin in Ukraine? - Robert Skidelsky, Project Syndicate
Putin's Gone Too Far to Back Down Now - Charles Crawford, Daily Telegraph
What ISIS Learned from the U.S. About War - Brian Castner, Wash Post
Attacking Islamic State IS Attacking Assad - Hussein Ibish, NOW Lebanon
Netanyahu Saw His Chance to Retreat and Took It - Barak Ravid, Haaretz
Unsatisfactory Ceasefire Won't Doom Bibi - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
How Not to End a Plague - Clair MacDougall, Foreign Policy
France & Friends Letting Germany Conquer Europe - Milton Ezrati, TNI
Italy & Japan: Troubled Twins of Globalization - Joji Sakurai, Yale Global
James Foley's Truth - George Packer, The New Yorker
Divided Scotland Confronts Independence Vote - C. Scheuermann, Spiegel
Can Korea Tax Itself to Prosperity? - William Pesek, Bloomberg View
Behind Stephen Harper's Beef with Sociology - Jakeet Singh, Toronto Star
The Sad, Dark End of the British Empire - Richard Halloran, Politico Mag
Tuesday, August 26
A Belated Day of Reckoning for France - Jonathan Fenby, Financial Times
The Grotesque Alliance Carving Up Syria - David Blair, Daily Telegraph
How the U.S., Its Allies & Its Enemies All Made ISIS - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
U.S. and Iran Hit ISIS, Ignore Each Other - Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
The Islamic State's Home-Field Advantage - Aaron David Miller, FP
The Overstretched West - Joschka Fischer, Project Syndicate
Putin Is Key to Avoiding a New Cold War - David Owen, The Guardian
Iraq and Syria Follow Lebanon's Precedent - George Friedman, Stratfor
Why al-Qaeda Released a U.S. Hostage - Thomas Joscelyn, Weekly Standard
Gaza's Rubble Bucket Challenge - Miriam Berger, BuzzFeed
Smuggled Bushmeat: Ebola's Back Door to U.S.? - Flynn & Scutti, Newsweek
Treating Africa Like a Diseased, Dirty Place - Seay & Dionne, Wash Post
Tough Times for Quebec's Mobsters - Jonathan Kay, National Post
Why Ireland Has an Abortion Ban - Fintan O'Toole, Irish Times
Choking the Oceans with Plastic - Charles J. Moore, New York Times
Monday, August 25
Club Med for Terrorists - Ron Prosor, New York Times
James Foley & the End of the Powell Doctrine - Andrew Peek, Fiscal Times
Don't Ransom Journalists - Thomas Ricks, Politico Magazine
Events Stoke Debate over Obama's Worldview - Zachary Goldfarb, WaPo
Keeping China Honest in Hong Kong - Adam Minter, Bloomberg View
Pakistan, Obsessed over India, Risks Anarchy - Husain Haqqani, Yale
Will Italy Wreak Economic Havoc on Europe? - Milton Ezrati, Nat'l Interest
Why Canadian Voters Like Justin Trudeau - Heather Mallick, Toronto Star
Netanyahu May Be Misreading Obama - Leon Hadar, i24 News
Is AIPAC Losing Influence? - Connie Bruck, The New Yorker
How Obama Caused the Gaza War - Ira Straus, National Review
Welcome to the Billion-Man Slum - Joel Kotkin, The Daily Beast
Quebeckers Have No Interest in Absolutists - K. Yakabuski, Globe & Mail
Why Big Whisky Is Worried in Scotland - Benedyk & Kirka, Associated Press
Iran Looks East, China Pivots West - Dickey & Ighani, The Diplomat
Friday, August 22
Stopping the Worst People on Earth - Charles Krauthammer, Wash Post
Don't BS the American People About ISIS - Brian Fishman, War on the Rocks
Obama v. ISIS: This Time It's Personal - Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
Were the Russians Right About Syria? - Mary Dejevsky, The Guardian
Israel's Failed Assassination Strategy - Rami Khouri, Bloomberg View
Should Israel, U.S. Rethink Iron Dome's Usefulness? - Benny Morris, LAT
Like ISIS & al-Qaeda, Hamas Is Fair Game - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Stop 'Managing' Mideast Crisis and End It - Gershom Gorenberg, Prospect
The Re-Baathification of Iraq - Shane Harris, Foreign Policy
When Sanctions Lead to War - Paul Saunders, New York Times
Italy's Downward Spiral - Hans-Werner Sinn, Project Syndicate
How the Vatican Can Help Save El Salvador - Tim Padgett, WLRN
Beware of the MEK - Ariane Tabatabai, The National Interest
How WWII Could Have Ended - Gregory Clark, Japan Times
Scotland's Public Spending Future - Bill Jamieson, The Scotsman
Thursday, August 21
ISIS Will Soon Be at Our Front Door - James Bloodworth, The Independent
The Hard Hand of the Middle East - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
Obama, Be Honest About U.S. Role in Iraq - Robin Wright, LA Times
Would U.S. Money Have Saved James Foley? - James Traub, Foreign Policy
When the Sword Is Mightier than the Pen - Colin Freeman, Daily Telegraph
Putin's Public Opinion Problem - Thomas Sherlock, The National Interest
Make Russia an Offer on Ukraine It Can't Refuse - Oliker & Crane, GPS
Return Palestinian Authority to Gaza - Berger & Hadley, Washington Post
Why Jews Are Worried - Deborah Lipstadt, New York Times
Qatar's Hand Seen in Collapse of Gaza Talks - Adam Schreck, AP
Anti-Arab Hate Grows in Israel - Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star
Fixing Europe's Orban Problem - Benner & Reinicke, Project Syndicate
Europe's Ebola-Fueled Racism - Barbie Latza Nadeau, The Daily Beast
Can China Save Africa's Elephants? - Adam Minter, Bloomberg View
African Politics Exacerbate Continent's Struggles - M. Adam, Ottawa Cit.
Wednesday, August 20
Will James Foley's Murder Wake Up the West? - Shashank Joshi, Telegraph
James Foley & the End of Journalism in Syria - Uri Friedman, The Atlantic
A Turning Point Against the Islamic State? - Hussein Ibish, NOW Lebanon
Questions from the Syria Blame Game - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
The Middle East Cold War and U.S. - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
Is Barack Obama a Coldhearted Realist? - Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy
Russia Is Trapped in 1991 - Georgy Bovt, Moscow Times
Hurt Putin, Hurt Yourself? - Vauhini Vara, The New Yorker
English to Scots: Vote 'Yes' & It's Over Between Us - Alex Massie, Spectator
Canada's North Pole Claims Are a Distraction - Michael Byers, Globe & Mail
Edinburgh: A Sad Symbol of Anti-Israeli Intolerance - Tom Gallagher, TAI
Why a China-South Korea Alliance Won't Happen - Jin Kai, The Diplomat
Want to Fix Border Crises? Empower Women - Marisol Ruiz, Yale Global
Divided Moldova Stuck Between East and West - Mirel Bran, Le Monde
The High Cost of Cheap Meat - Chemnitz & Sharma, Project Syndicate
Tuesday, August 19
Ambivalence About America - Roger Cohen, New York Times
Why America Is A Lousy Puppeteer - David Schmitz, Politico Magazine
How Germany Spies on Its Friends - Der Spiegel
Europe's Malaise: The New Normal? - George Friedman, Stratfor
Is ISIS Really a Threat to the United States? - Peter Bergen, CNN
Repeating the Mistakes of Rwanda in Iraq - Romeo Dallaire, Wash Post
Britain's Multicultural Foreign Policy - Mary Dejevsky, The Guardian
Latin America Can Help Save the Yazidis - Carlos Montaner, Miami Herald
Canada to the Rescue! - Diane Francis, The American Interest
India Isn't 'Open for Business' Yet - William Pesek, Bloomberg View
How Many Tons of Cement to Rebuild Gaza? - David Kenner, Foreign Policy
Stop Giving Money to UNRWA - Joffe & Romirowsky, The New Republic
Iran's Persecution of Baha'i Goes Beyond the Grave - S. Eskandarian, NP
What if Ferguson Happened in Another Country? - Max Fisher, Vox
Ferguson Is Not Iraq - Charles C.W. Cooke, National Review
Monday, August 18
The Common Enemy in Iraq - George Packer, The New Yorker
Return of the Global War on Terror - Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
Taiwan's Identity Crisis - Jonathan Sullivan, National Interest
Israeli Propaganda Starts to Wear Thin - Rami Khouri, The Daily Star
France Returns to Work, Reluctantly - Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, Telegraph
Slavery's Modern Face in the Middle East - Robert Fulford, National Post
Boko Haram's Child Beggar Army - Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times
Eurasia's Reagan Revolutions - Pankaj Mishra, Bloomberg View
Are Dollar's Global Currency Days Numbered? - Santiago Villa, Espectador
Cameron Must Get over Syria and Act on Iraq - Chris Huhne, The Guardian
Why Britain Created Mideast Monarchies - James Dawson, New Republic
Six Big Lessons from the Ebola Outbreak - Alex Berezow, RealClearScience
India's Youthful Modernity Only Skin Deep - Amrit Dhillon, Globe and Mail
A Second Mexican Revolution? - Starr & Camunez, Foreign Affairs
Losing Facebook Friends over Gaza - Karen Lehrman Bloch, Tablet

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