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Thursday, September 3
This Crisis Could Spell Doom for the EU - Bill Jamieson, The Scotsman
Is China the New Saudi BFF? - Fahad Nazer, National Interest
Iran Caught Gloating - Amir Abbas Fakhravar & G. William Heiser, RCWorld
Can the EU Rescue Its Integrity? - Peter Sutherland, Financial Times
Have Russian Boots Hit Syrian Ground? - Michael Weiss, Daily Beast
Putin Doubles Down in Syria - Elliott Abrams, Council on Foreign Relations
China Throws Money at a Flailing Venezuela - Economist
The Iran Deal: Answering the Wrong Challenge - C.A. Montaner, RCWorld
Myths of Sovereignty and British Isolation - Barry Stocker, Notes on Liberty
Europe Needs a U.S.-Style Green Card - Jan Semmelrogen, Conversation
A Guide to Corbyn's Tory-Dominated Britain - James Forsyth, Spectator
The Search for Peace After Abbas - Gershon Baskin, Jerusalem Post
The Emirati Envoy Who Took Over DC - R Grim & A Shahid Ahmed, HuffPo
The Hardest Places to Visit in the World - Albert Podell, The Atlantic
What Happens After Abbas Is Gone? - Adnan Abu Amer, Al-Monitor
Wednesday, September 2
Russia, the Real Arctic Threat - John McCain, Wall Street Journal
Russia and the US Are the Keys to Peace in Asia - P. Zwack, Moscow Times
Pondering Hitler's Legacy - George Friedman, Stratfor
Ukrainians Are Building Better Drones - Samuel Bendett, RealClearWorld
Germany's Strain, Europe's Gain? - Jessica Bither & Astrid Ziebarth, GMF
Iran Couldn't Hope for a Better White House Ally - N. Beck, Commentator
A Truman Doctrine for Iran - Nicholas Burns, New York Times
It's a Bad Deal, Just Walk Away. Reagan Did - Thom Tillis, National Review
Iran's Nukes? US, Russia Have 15,000 Bombs - Alice Slater, The Nation
A German Call to Save the 8-Hour Workday - A. Hageluken, Worldcrunch
A Turning Point as Guatemala Votes - Kevin Lees, Suffragio
Europe Should Let the Refugees in, Let Them Work - Economist
Palmyra and Refugees Call for UK Military Response - Coughlin, T'graph
The Martyr of Palmyra - Pierre Leriche, The Conversation
The Morning I Found a Refugee in My Basement - Bernie Duffy, Guardian
Tuesday, September 1
Marco Rubio's Little-Noticed China Speech - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Which Germany Will Prevail Under Strain of Refugees? - Der Spiegel
Vice Staff in Turkey Charged as ISIL Members - Umut Uras, Al Jazeera
Turkey's Kurdish Guerrillas Ready for War - Aliza Marcus, Foreign Policy
Waiting for Russian Collapse Is Bad Ukraine Policy - Nikolas Gvosdev, NI
The Radical Menace to Ukraine - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Will Russia Block Facebook? - Nikolai Epple, Moscow Times
China Manipulated Stocks Because of a Parade - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
Did This Man Cause the China Stock Crash? - Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat
China Blames New Bogeyman Each Time - Catherine Rampell, WaPo
Iran Deal Is a Win-Win - Madeleine Albright, CNN
Gordon Brown: English Nationalism Jeopardises UK - Macnab, Scotsman
Greek Election May Reopen Can of Worms - Hugo Dixon, Reuters
Xi Jinping's JFK Moment - Oh Young-jin, Korea Times
The Hip Dullness of Canada's Politics - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
Monday, August 31
Why Middle East Conflicts Will Escalate - Stratfor
Congress Fight on Iran Deal Is All But Over - Lake & Rogin, Bloom. View
Iran and the Case for Realism - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Turkey Is Not the Right Ally Against ISIS - Brad Stapleton, National Interest
The Western Balkans' Long March to Europe - Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
Corbyn Can Renew the Center-Left - David Edgar, Guardian
EU Leaders Wake Up to the Migrant Crisis - Steven Erlanger, NY Times
A Wall Along the Tunisia-Libya Border - Frederic Bobin, Worldcrunch
The Chinese Communist Party: A Primer - Beina Xu & Eleanor Albert, CFR
Istanbul's Big Dig - Elif Batuman, New Yorker
Defining the Democratic Coup - Clayton Thyne, World Politics Review
Israel-Palestine: What Would The Donald Do? - A.D. Miller, Foreign Policy
China Does Not Contribute to Global Growth - Derek Scissors, AEI
From Burkina Faso to the Ring - Pearl Gabel, Narratively
Russian Military Drills at Europe's Doorstep - Catherine Putz, Diplomat
Sunday, August 30
The U.S. Still Runs the World - Simon Johnson, Project Syndicate
For China, a Plunge and a Reckoning - Orville Schell, Wall Street Journal
What's Missing in the China Story? - Elizabeth Economy, The Diplomat
Republicans' Misguided China-Bashing - Paula Dwyer, Bloomberg View
Will Western Armies Return to Iraq? - Simon Heffer, The Spectator
ISIS an Evil We Have Not Yet Begun to Comprehend - Robert Fulford, NP
Jeremy Corbyn's Politics Are Fantasy - Tony Blair, The Guardian
How Restraint Leads to War - Henry Nau, Commentary Magazine
What's Going on in Northern Ireland? - Ciara Dunne, New Statesman
Refugee Death Scenes Are West's Moral Failure - B. Middleton, Al Arabiya
Oleg Sentsov and the Kremlin's Thin Skin - Masha Gessen, NY Times
South America's Perfect Economic Storm - A. Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
Turkey Must Account for Shift on the PKK - Pinar Tremblay, Al-Monitor
The Pope and the Planet - Bill McKibben, New York Review of Books
Why the World's Forests Are Growing Back - Doug Saunders, Globe & Mail
Saturday, August 29
Restoring American Exceptionalism - Dick Cheney & Liz Cheney, WSJ
Bush Gave Iraq the Surge, Obama Gives Iran the Deal - J. Jeffrey, WaPo
Middle Eastern Zen - Roger Cohen, New York Times
10 Questions on Iran Deal for Obama - Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic
Don't Write Off the Appeal of Corbyn's Ideas - Charles Moore, Telegraph
The End of the Bicycling Nordic Politician - David Mac Dougall, Politico EU
How to Make the Iran Deal Better - Robert Einhorn, National Interest
Which Flag Would Palestinians Fly? - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Venezuela Prints Heaps of Money - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View
Europe Won't Bow to an Anti-Iran Congress - Ellie Geranmayeh, BAS
Canada's Foggy War on ISIS - Adnan Khan, Maclean's
Exploring the Transatlantic Rift - Xenia Wickett, Chatham House
The Drought You've Heard Nothing About - Charlotte Alfred, Huff Post
Friday, August 28
When ISIS Rapists Win - David Brooks, New York Times
6 Years of Putin Running Circles Around Obama - C. Krauthammer, WaPo
The Autumn of Europe's Discontent - Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe
How My Presidency Would Deal With China - Marco Rubio, WSJ
The Remarkable Success of Baathist Logic - Paul Berman, Tablet Magazine
How Chavez Rubbished Venezuela's Riches - Justin Fox, Bloomberg View
Is China the New Spanish Empire? - Jacob Soll, Politico EU
The Paris That France Doesn't Want You to See - G. Packer, New Yorker
An Impending Shiite Leadership Crisis in Iraq - M. Ali Shabani, Al-Monitor
Europe Must Lighten Greece's Load - Christian Odendahl, CER
Will Turkey Join the Nuclear Club? - Aaron Stein, The American Interest
China Is Pivotal and Dangerously Clueless - Paola Subacchi, Foreign Policy
Russia's Lonely Arctic Arms Race - Pavel Baev, Brookings
A New Generation of Kashmiri Rebels Takes Up Arms - F. Shah, Diplomat
Japan Prepares for a Yakuza War - Jake Adelstein, Daily Beast
Thursday, August 27
How Obama Fails the Middle East - Aaron David Miller, RealClearWorld
A Small Measure of Justice for Nemtsov - Vladimir Kara-Murza, WaPo
Merkel's Migrant Problem - Janosch Delcker, Politico EU
China Has Protected Investors Too Long - Whitelaw & Carpenter, FP
Iran Deal Leaves U.S. Business on Sidelines - Christopher R. Wall, USAT
Military Told Obama What He Wanted to Hear - Tobin, Commentary
Leaders Sign Deal to End South Sudan's Civil War - Kevin Sieff, WaPo
Film School Students Take on Indian Politicians - Shashank Bengali, LAT
Will China's Economic Collapse Save South China Sea? - Pei, Nat Interest
There Are Reasons for Hope in Middle East - Gordon & Barkey, Reuters
Can Developing World Fund Its Own Development? - Mail & Guardian
Erdogan's War Backfires - Kadri Gursel, Al-Monitor
No Magnanimity, No Unification - Spencer H. Kim, Korea Times
Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Plots Presidential Bid - Philip Sherwell, Telegraph
Sri Lanka: A Lesson for U.S. Strategy - Kadira Pethiyagoda, The Diplomat
Wednesday, August 26
Israel: The Case Against Attacking Iran - George Friedman, Stratfor
Iran Can Stop Sanctions From Snapping Back - H. Fradkin & L. Libby, WS
There Are Still Many Avenues to Sanction Iran - Patrick Clawson, TWI
What a Rock Band Learned in North Korea - Kory Grow, Rolling Stone
China Expands Its South Sea Foothold - Erickson & Bond, National Interest
Will Russia Be Hamas' Bridge to the World? - A. Abu Amer, Al-Monitor
How the AP Goofed the Iran Inspections Story - C. Rofer, War on the Rocks
Military Spending: The Secret Weapon of Canada's Left - L. Martin, G&M
The Labour Party Sees Red - Economist
Sounding False Alarms on China - Nicholas Lardy, New York Times
Russia Won't Suffer a Soviet Fate - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
A Confident India Shifts Its Stance Toward Pakistan - H. Pant, Diplomat
Being Right About Iraq Is Killing the Left - Sarah Ditum, New Statesman
Scenes From War-Torn Aleppo - Marwan Hisham, Vanity Fair
The Scariest Thing About 'Black Monday' - Dan Drezner, Washington Post
Tuesday, August 25
The Vienna Deal Sets up a Choice of Bad and Worse - John R. Bolton, NRO
What Would Britain's Quota of Migrants Be? - Philip Johnston, Telegraph
Europe Always Waits Until It's Too Late - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
Trump's Wall Could Have Deadly Consequences - Clare Foran, Nat Journal
Will the U.S. Get Tough on China? - Bonnie Glaser, Lowy Interpreter
Ghost Towns Point to China's Waning Fortunes - Simon Denyer, WaPo
China's Internal Migrant Timebomb - Damien Ma, Foreign Affairs
Bolivia's Hollow Victory in the War on Drugs - Mac Margolis, Bloomberg
Surviving Life as a Sex Slave of Islamic State - Lara Whyte, New Statesman
The Iran Deal: Science and Politics - Ernest Moniz & John Mecklin, BAS
What's Scarier Than a Strong China? A Weak China. - Keating, Slate
China's Fever, Everyone's Disease - Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
Pakistan's Growing Gender Gap - Rukhsasa Shah, Dawn
Walker Calls on Obama to Cancel Chinese State Visit - Williams, The Hill
VIDEO: China's Economic Readjustment - Council on Foreign Relations
Monday, August 24
Want to Bomb Iran? Support the Deal - Michael Crowley, Politico
The Iran Deal Creates an Uncertain Future - D. Sanger & M. Gordon, NYT
Is a Slow Putsch Against Putin Underway? - Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes
Can Canada and Britain Fix Their Upper Chambers? - Matt Ford, Atlantic
No Reason for Panic on China - Jeff Spross, The Week
China Is Its Own Worst Nightmare - Kerry Brown, The Diplomat
Hamas Caught Between Tehran and Riyadh - Ali Hashem, Al-Monitor
Islam and Slavery - Economist
Tsipras Rolls the Dice - Felicity Capon, Newsweek
Another Toxic Turn in Brazil's Scandal - Mac Margolis, Bloomberg View
Greet the World's Next Financial Crisis - H. Timmons & J. Horwitz, Quartz
A China Dreaming of Democracy - Carl Gershman, World Affairs Journal
Realism Is an Attitude, Not a Doctrine - Richard Betts, National Interest
The Tories Must Demand the Truth About the EU - S. Heffer, Telegraph
The Emerging Global Currency Crisis - Nick Cunningham, Oil Price
ICYMI: China's Crisis, the Price of Change - Rodger Baker, Stratfor

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