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Sunday, December 21
The Superpower that Lost Its Punch - Benny Avni, New York Post
What Will Israel Become? - Roger Cohen, New York Times
Paris Loses Its Architectural Vision - Richard Williams, Foreign Policy
Obama Misses the Point of Isolating Cuba - Lee Smith, Weekly Standard
On Tipping in Cuba - Chris Turner, The Walrus
Beware Chinese Hegemony - Rebecca Liao, The National Interest
Embrace China's New Silk Road Initiative - Naser al-Tamimi, Al-Arabiya
5 U.S. Industries Set to Win Big in Cuba - Micheline Maynard, Forbes
The Man Who Ruined Russia's Economy - Ben Judah, BBC
Defying Terror and the Pakistani State - Sonya Rehman, The Diplomat
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Saturday, December 20
Pakistan Retaliates Against the Taliban - Omar Waraich, Independent
ISIS Moves Into Afghanistan as the US Moves Out - Daily Beast
Russian Billionaires Beholden to Putin - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Recapturing Russian Imperial Glory in the Arctic - Luke Coffey, Al Jazeera
Did Venezuelan Oil Affect Cuba's US Move? - Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
You Can't Trust Oil - Kelly McParland, National Post
Will Political Change Come from Cheap Oil? - Jeffrey Simpson, Globe & Mail
Saudis Crashing Oil Markets to Undermine Iran - Andrew Scott Cooper, FP
We're Losing the Cyber War - Fraser Nelson, The Telegraph
Dropping 'The Interview' Emboldens Terrorists - Fareed Zakaria, WaPo
Beware of Chinese Hegemony - Rebecca Liao, National Interest
Tony Abbott and Australian Leaders Grow Up - Peter Hartcher, SMH
Friday, December 19
A Watershed Moment for the U.S. and Cuba - W. Mead, American Interest
A Portentous Russian Centennial Looms - Samuel Bendett, RealClearWorld
The Progress Cuba Has Made - Pierre Atlas, Indianapolis Star
Go West, Young Han - Pepe Escobar, TomDispatch
Remembering the Siege: Roses of Sarajevo - P. Korchnak, Compass Cultura
What About the Embargo "Hasn't Worked?" - Andrew McCarthy, PJ Media
Turkey Falls under a Fever of Despotism - Sinem Adar, Al Jazeera
Palestinians Roll the U.N. Dice - Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy
With a Sense of Dread, Lithuania Joins the Euro - M. Gilbert, Bloomberg
China Scours the Globe for Farmland - Loro Horta, Yale Global
Loutish Tourists Harm China's Soft Power - Jin Kai, The Diplomat
Lebanon Reaches out to Its Diaspora - Jean Aziz, Al-Monitor
Surprise! UKIP Was Right - Nigel Farage, Independent
Arabic, a Language of Poetry and Science - The National
Thursday, December 18
Three Decades of Stupid Foreign Policy Just Ended - J. Fallows, Atlantic
The Virtue of Amoral Foreign Policy - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
U.S. Foreign Policy Collapses - Elliott Abrams, Weekly Standard
China Is all Talk on Innovation - Li Wenbo, Economic Observer
A Victory for Oppression - Marco Rubio, Wall Street Journal
Christians Vanish from the Middle East - C. Sahner, Project Syndicate
'Blame America First' Crowd Gets a Win in Cuba - Elliott Abrams, NRO
London's Incompetence Is Crushing the Union - S. Jenkins, The Guardian
The Reality about Chinese Emissions - Derek Scissors, AEI
Obama's Cuban Gift to Marco Rubio - E. Lake & J. Rogin, Bloomberg View
France Obsesses Over an Existential Decline - E. Zerofsky, New Yorker
On Cuba, History Has Passed on by the GOP - Carol Giacomo, New York Times
Obama's Vague Cuba Project - Charles Lane, Washington Post
What Drove Cuba to Make a Deal? - Joshua Keating, Slate
Can U.S.-Cuba Thaw Help End War in Colombia? - Richard McColl, DB
Wednesday, December 17
Russia Seen from Within - George Friedman, Stratfor
French Republicanism on the Wane - Robert Zaretsky, RealClearWorld
The Pakistani Taliban's War on Children - Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post
Russia May Host Kim Jong Un in May - Leo Byrne, NK News
Nary a pro-Russian Left in East Ukraine - Joel Weickgenant, RCW
Don't Underestimate Putin Now - Joshua Keating, Slate
The UN Wants to Turn Back the Clock to pre-1948 - Anne Bayefsky, JPost
Curing the Side Effects of Globalization - Max Tholl, The European
Mediterranean Gas Is not the Answer for Europe - Michael Leigh, GMF
2014: A Year in North Korea Security - Francisco Galamas, The Diplomat
Russian Shopkeepers Abandon the Ruble - Sarah Kaufman, Vocativ
Pakistan Reinstates Death Penalty for Terror - Al-Arabiya
Why Did Militants Murder Dozens of Children? - Amanda Taub, Vox
Asia Needs to Prepare for a China Crash - William Pesek, Bloomberg View
Tuesday, December 16
How Much Oil Can the U.S. Export? - Ed Morse, Foreign Policy
Russia's Baltic Games - J. Gotkowska, European Council on Foreign Relations
Italy's Coming Year of Reckoning - Scott MacDonald, National Interest
The Abolition of Nuclear Abolition - James Carroll, TomDispatch
Israel Needs Unity, not Crass Opportunism - Isi Leibler, Israel Hayom
Iranian Markets Are Rattled - Al-Monitor
Russian Pilots Suffer Top Gun Syndrome - Marc Champion, Bloomberg
Europe, the CIA, and Torture - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
South Sudan Needs Brave Leadership - John Kerry & Susan Rice, WaPo
Israeli Elections and American Discomfort - Jonathan Cook, The National
Focus the Debate on How to Beat ISIS - Marco Rubio, Miami Herald
Here's How the US Can Counter OPEC's Price War - C. Faulkner, LA Times
Where Sweden Goes, Europe Follows - Dominic Green, Weekly Standard
Palestinians Are Through Waiting - Farah Stockman, Boston Globe
Illustrating the Great Ruble Meltdown - Matthew Yglesias, Vox
Russia, Ukraine, and the Battle for the German Soul - P. Gregory, Forbes
Monday, December 15
Sit Back and Watch the Putin Regime Rot - P.J. O'Rourke, World Affairs
5 People Escape Sydney Hostage Crisis - Kristen Gelineau, Associated Press
Torturing Muslims Is not 'Awesome' - Dexter Thomas, Al Jazeera
Brussels Is the Poster Child for Inequality - Bleri Lleshi, EU Observer
Egypt's Secular Authorities Round Up Gays - Bel Trew, Foreign Policy
What Israel's Energy Boom Cannot Do - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Abe's Real Goal: Ramp Up the Military - Satoshi Kamata, Asahi Shimbun
The Battle for Sri Lanka's Future - Sudha Ramachandran, The Diplomat
Sydney Siege Could Last Days - The Australian
The Fight for a Global Financial Transaction Tax - Kavaljit Singh, EAF
Analyzing Germany's Right Wing - Ben Knight, Deutsche Welle
America, the Land of Paranoia and Fear - Tony Karon, The National
New Scottish Labour Leader Channels Blair - G. Eaton, New Statesman
Japan's Premier Gets Another Shot - Volker Stanzel, ECFR
Sunday, December 14
Waking Italy from Its Economic Slumber - Roger Cohen, New York Times
Greece Struggles to Modernize - Tony Barber, Financial Times
Remembering Stalinist Terrors in Moscow - Masha Lipman, New Yorker
Can Venezuela Stay Afloat? - Carl Meacham, CSIS
China to Stop Harvesting Organs from Death Row - Zhang Jin, Caixin
A Tortured, One-Sided Report - S. Hayes & T. Joscelyn, Weekly Standard
Remembering the Plea of a Chinese Dissident - Thor Halvorssen, Atlantic
It's China's Turn to Come Clean on Torture - Gary Sands, FP Blogs Network
King Dollar Conquers the World - Lawrence Kudlow, New York Sun
The Writer Who Wrought Gothic Fiction - Peter Ray Allison, BBC
Saturday, December 13
Optimism in Ukraine After Latest Truce - Nick Shchetko, WSJ
Russia Looks to the East - Elena Holodny, Business Insider
What Taiwan Can Learn from Hong Kong - The Diplomat
Did Beijing Win in Hong Kong? - Carrie Gracie, BBC
Japan's Nasty Nazi-ish Elections - Jake Adelstein, Daily Beast
Will the US Stick with Syrian Rebels? - Josh Rogin, Bloomberg View
We Can't Use the 9/11 AUMF in Perpetuity - Joshua Keating, Slate
Iran Must Weather the Oil Price Drop - Amir Handjani, National Interest
Can Herzog and Livni Topple Netanyahu? - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
A History of Hidden Deaths in Mexico - Joshua Partlow, Washington Post
Venezuela's President Might Not Survive Oil Price Drop - Juan Nagel, FP
What's Next for the International Criminal Court? - Erna Paris
Friday, December 12
A Travesty of a Report - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
The Fatal Optimism of Russia's Central Bank - L. Bershidsky, Bloomberg
Putin Erases the Tatar Claim to History - Samuel Bendett, RealClearWorld
There Is no Quick Fix for Cyprus - Yusuf Kanli, Hurriyet Daily News
CIA Won't Rule Out Torture Techniques - Hudson & Ratnam, Foreign Policy
One Man's Mission Impossible: Reforming France - J.A. Heyer, Spiegel
The CIA Is a Product of the Age of Fear - Alan Philps, The National
Appeasing Russia Is not the Way to Peace - Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes
A Solution for Britain and the EU - Centre for Policy Studies
Salmond's Threat to English Democracy - V. Cooper, The Commentator
Russia Looks to Past Glories for Answers - Gleb Kuznetsov, Moscow Times
The 5 Strangest Places in the UK - Sam Jordison, The Guardian
Bush Had to Know About the CIA's Methods - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Greece Heads for Another Crisis - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Thursday, December 11
Time to End the EU-NATO Standoff - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
Castlereagh: A Geopolitical Hero - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
Russia Has no Oligarchs - Masha Gessen, New York Times
Obama's Palestinian Delusions - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post
Europe's New Age of Artistic Censorship - Tiffany Jenkins, New Republic
Palestinian Death Is Another Nail in the Coffin of Peace - C. Newton, DB
ISIS Wants $1 Million for James Foley's Body - Michael Hechtman, NY Post
Greenpeace Allegedly Defiles a UNESCO Site - Matt McGrath, BBC
Lebanon's Political Soothsayer Sees no Syria Solution - Ali Hashem, A-M
How Far Did Juncker Go to Court Amazon? - Bowers & Watt, The Guardian
Did Beijing Win in Hong Kong? - Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, Foreign Policy
Clearly, America Is not Exceptional - Rashmee Roshan Lall, The National
Israel Is Still doing America's Dirty Work - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Drubbing Taiwan's Powerhouse Party - Bao-chiun Jing, The Diplomat
Europe's False Aim at U.S. Tech Companies - Mandel & Marshall, The Hill

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