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Tuesday, August 4
The West's Failure of Imagination - Christopher Walker, Wall Street Journal
Could the States Thwart Obama's Deal With Iran? - Thomas Lindsay, RCW
Why the US Will Squander a Big Chance with Iran - Stephen Walt, FP
The Government the Eurozone Deserves - Y. Papantoniou, Project Syndicate
European Federalism Is a Stubborn Idea - John Thornhill, Financial Times
Islamic State to Its Kurds: Get Out or Die - Economist
Israel Is in Shock - Ben Caspit, Al-Monitor
Catalan Independence? Dream On - Casqueiro & Servulo Gonzalez, El Pais
The Non-Nuclear Problems the Iran Deal Creates - James Cook, TNI
What if the U.S. Never Stormed Iraq in 1991? - Faisal Al Yafai, The National
It's Silly Season in Fortress Britain - Mary Ann Sieghart, Politico EU
Stealing Away Turkey's Democracy - Marc Champion, Bloomberg View
Charting the Middle Ground in Hong Kong Politics - Alan Wong, NYT
Selling off Syria's History - Mike Giglio & Munzer al-Awad, BuzzFeed
Could a Leftward Leap Split British Labour? - S. Bush, New Statesman
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Monday, August 3
The Iran Deal Sets a Dangerous Precedent - John Bolton, New York Times
Televising the Revolution - Deane & Cunningham, RCW
Europe's Streets Aren't Paved in Gold - May & Cazeneuve, Telegraph
Desert Storm, the Last Classical War - Richard Haass, Wall Street Journal
Asia's New Geopolitics: Balancing China - Harsh Pant, The Diplomat
Keep Australia's Proud Flag the Same - A. Pidgeon, Sydney Morning Herald
Stilted Ukraine Should Heed Poland's Example - Olena Gordiienko, Kyiv Post
Obama's 21st Century Cultural Imperialism - J.H. Westen, RCWorld
Canada's Election Is All About One Man - Rex Murphy, National Post
Leaked Report: China Building New Aircraft Carrier - Zachary Keck, TNI
Calais Gives UK's EU 'Outs' a Dream Showreel - M. D'Ancona, Guardian
The Path to Victory in Canada's Long Election - John Geddes, Maclean's
How the West Is Losing Ukraine - Gustav Gressel, ECFR
A Big Chill in Poland-Germany Relations - Michal Szuldrzynski, Politico EU
Is There Anything Secular About Modi's India? - S. Seervai, Daily Beast
Sunday, August 2
Europe's 5 Deadliest Weapons of War - Evan Gottesman, National Interest
Will French Jews Say Au Revoir? - Marie Brenner, Vanity Fair
Russians Are Less Religious Now Than in 1990 - Economist
Bibi, We Have a Problem - Matan Rudner, Times of Israel
What Keeps Israel from a Real Alliance with Arab World - Ibish, National
One Congressman's Iran - Roger Cohen, New York Times
The IMF Wises Up on Greece - Mohamed El-Erian, Bloomberg View
Israel Ignores a Propaganda War Against It - Manfred Gerstenfeld, J-Post
Israel Wrecked My Home and Wants My Land - Nureddin Amro, WaPo
New Taliban #2: A Mix of Guevara and Tony Soprano - Yochi Dreazen, FP
Saturday, August 1
Iran Deal: Why the Details Matter None - Peter Van Buren, TomDispatch
The Best Non-Proliferation Deal Ever Carried Out? - Gavin et al, MIT
What Is Obama Hiding About Iran and Al Qaeda? - Hayes & Kristol, WS
Why There Is Feces in Your Cilantro - Timothy McGrath, Global Post
Turkey Goes to War - David Kenner, Foreign Policy
12 Things Obama's Africa Trip Taught Us - David Smith, The Guardian
Why Congress Dems Should Vote Down Iran Deal - R. Goldstein, The Hill
France Thinks a Better Iran Deal Is Still Possible - Josh Rogin, Bloom View
China's Empty Economic 'Growth' - Mark DeWeaver, Wall Street Journal
We Care More About a Lion Than About Desperate Souls - F. Ryan, NS
How a Chinese Billionaire Built Her Fortune - David Barboza, NY Times
Zero Tolerance for Jewish and Arab Terror - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Friday, July 31
China's Naked Emperors - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Saving Syria's Christians - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Turkey's Wishes Could Undermine IS Fight - N. Quilliam, Chatham House
The Global Nuclear Threat Is Worse than Ever - N. Guibert, Worldcrunch
The U.S. Is Creating Cannon Fodder in Syria - M. Weiss & N. Yousseff, DB
U.S.-Egypt Dialogue: Drifting Along the Nile - Amy Hawthorne, CFR
Dear Barack: Leave Britain Alone! - Andrew Roberts, Politico EU
In Ethiopia, Obama Panders to Dictators - Ellen Bork, World Affairs Journal
Who's Nexit? 5 EuroStates in Trouble - Daniel Altman, Foreign Policy
The One-Eyed Talib Who Was King - Economist
Obama, You Are no Reagan - W. Bruce Weinrod, Washington Times
How to Turn Israel Into the Next Greece - Nehemia Shtrasler, Haaretz
Turkey's Reasons for Joining the Fight on ISIS - Kemal Kirisci, Brookings
Europe's Other Crackdown on Democracy - Rachel Denber, Slate
Can Germany Handle 400,000 Refugees? - Der Spiegel
10 Drowned Towns You Can Visit - Bess Lovejoy, Mental Floss
VIDEO: 1,000 Rockers in Italy Play Together for Foo Fighters - YouTube
Thursday, July 30
Will Saudi Patronage Save Hamas? - Shlomi Eldar, Al-Monitor
Where do EU-Tehran Relations Go Now? - Mose Apelblat, Jerusalem Post
How Tsipras Made Himself Indispensable - Fabio Rafael Fiallo, RCWorld
How Will Europe Handle Germany's Rise? - Andy Langenkamp, RCWorld
The Ballad of Mullah Omar - Jon Lee Anderson, New Yorker
A Leaderless Taliban Is a Boon for ISIS - Lake & Rogin, Bloomberg View
Europe's Left: Wake Up and Shape the Future - J. Lloyd, Financial Times
Letting China's Bubble Burst - Michael Spence, Project Syndicate
What's Eating Turkey? - Burak Kadercan, War on the Rocks
Iran Deal Naysayers Are Just Plain Wrong - Nicholas Kristof, NY Times
The Growing Paranoia of Russian Society - Andrei Malgin, Moscow Times
Japan Is Making a Play for Central Asia - Samuel Ramani, The Diplomat
Knowing Little History, Obama Makes Bad History - George Will, WaPo
Palmyra's Ruins Inspired the Architecture of Power - Jane O'Brien, BBC
Destroying a Lion Society in Zimbabwe - Michael Daly, Daily Beast
Wednesday, July 29
For the Mideast, It's Still 1979 - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Quantum Geopolitics - Reva Bhalla, Stratfor
Are Russia and US Negotiating Ukraine Endgame? - B. Whitmore, Atlantic
Obama's Equilibrium Fantasy - Tony Badran, NOW Lebanon
Israel Could Lose U.S. Democrats for a Generation - James Traub, FP
China's Economy Will Be Fine - Milton Ezrati, National Interest
Pollard Deserves no Special Treatment - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View
The Punishment Exceeded Pollard's Crime - Seth Lipsky, Haaretz
What Exactly Is Germany Doing? - Ulrich Speck, EU Observer
A Tectonic Shift in British Politics - Robert Winnett, Telegraph
Amid Tensions, Erdogan Visits China - Altay Atli, Asia Times
Home in Champagne Country - Juliette Lyons, Compass Cultura
Remarks to the African Union - Barack Obama
What Stalin Built - Sheila Fitzpatrick, London Review of Books
Gazprom Puts the Squeeze on Turkmenistan - Martin Vladimirov, Oil Price
Tuesday, July 28
The Middle East Recalibrates - Stratfor
Will Turkey Drag U.S. Into a Quagmire? - Steven Cook, CFR
Britain's Peninsular Psychology - Economist
The Russia-EU Energy Security Trap - Stratos Pourzitakis, Carnegie Europe
The Middle East Shakeout Hits Turkey - Robert Olson, Today's Zaman
British Labour: A Party, or a Mere Coalition? - Dan Falvey, New Statesman
The Case for Releasing Pollard - Ben Caspit, Al-Monitor
Tikrit, Abandoned by ISIS, Lies in Ruins - Helene Sallon, Worldcrunch
Why Obama Pushed for Gay Rights in Kenya - Matt Schiavenza, Atlantic
How the Eurozone Survived the Greek Debt Crisis - Euractiv
How Saddam Planted the ISIS Seed - Faisal Al Yafai, The National
China Has a Fit Over Obama's Africa Trip - B. Allen-Ebrahimian, FP
Russia's Army Sabotages Putin - Alexander Golts, Moscow Times
Russia Celebrates the Gulag - Mikhail Danilovich & Robert Coalson, RFERL
Harming British Diplomacy - Neil Quilliam, Daily Express
Turkey Is in Uncharted Waters - Behlul Ozkan, Al Jazeera
30 Years Later, Photos from Stricken Chernobyl - Telegraph
Monday, July 27
Are We on the Threshold of a Federal Europe? - M. Del Santo, Interpreter
Europe's Denial About War with Russia - Andrew Michta, Politico EU
America's Marxist Allies Against ISIS - Matt Bradley & Joe Parkinson, WSJ
Middle East in Conflict: Empires Strike Back - Dov Zakheim, Hurriyet
Italy's Olive Tree Tragedy - Pierre de Gasquet, Worldcrunch
The Iran Deal Is Bad Political Math - S Mubashir Noor, Daily Times
Turkey Drawn into a Vortex of Violence - Mahmut Bozarslan, Al-Monitor
There Are No Rules in the Eurozone - Wolfgang Munchau, Financial Times
Make Voting Compulsory to Change Ireland - Mary Minihan, Irish Times
Turkey Is at War Again with the Kurds - Economist
Escaping the Greek Debt Trap - Eichengreen, Allen & Evans, Bloomberg View
Indonesia Has Drifted Under Jokowi - Gary Kleiman, Asia Times
Republicans Seem to Just Want War - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Will the GOP Fall for the Iran Trap? - Robert Merry, National Interest
The Iran Deal's Impact on North Korea - Tong Kim, Korea Times
Sunday, July 26
Iran Can Buy a Lot of Terror with $100 Billion - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
New Generation of Iranians Dares to Dream Big - David Blair, Telegraph
Post Deal, Can Rouhani Deliver on Reforms? - Alireza Nader, Al-Monitor
War Isn't Inevitable if Congress Rejects the Iran Deal - Aaron Miller, WSJ
Greece, the Sacrificial Lamb - Joseph Stiglitz, New York Times
Turkey's Double Trouble: ISIS and the PKK - Brooklyn Middleton, Arabiya
All Roads Lead to Syria - Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
War Between Russia's Rival Security Agencies - Josh Yaffa, New Yorker
Putin Is Down with Polygamy - Julia Ioffe, Foreign Policy
How Russia Tries to Intimidate Japan - Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat
The Second Fall of Rome - Barbie Latza Nadeau, The Daily Beast
Is Trump America's Hugo Chavez? - Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
Saturday, July 25
The Horrifying, Baffling Mystery of ISIS - Anon, New York Review of Books
The Elegance and Flaws of China's Grand Strategy - Leon Whyte, Diplomat
Secret Iran Side Deals Worry Congress - E Lake & J Rogin, Bloomberg View
Why My Own Father Would Have Let ISIS Kill Me - BBC
Have Canada-U.S. Relations Hit a Low Point? - Kergin et al, Globe and Mail
What the Greek and Iran Deals Are Not - D. Moisi, Project Syndicate
From a Muslim Woman to David Cameron - Siema Iqbal, The Guardian
Helping Russia's Silenced - Anne Applebaum, Washington Post
Flames of Hate Haunt Germany - Der Spiegel
We Need to Rethink Global Diplomacy - Fyodor Lukyanov, Moscow Times
Algeria's Invisible Arab - Roger Cohen, New York Times
Can Arabic Lit Ever Be Understood in English? - M. Lynx Qualey, National

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