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Friday, May 22
Will Palmyra Be the Turning Point in Syria? - Champion, Bloomberg View
U.S.-China: Make Room, Make Way, or Make Hay? - E.C. Economy, CFR
Europe's 'Plan' Lies Dead in the Water - Kaj Leers, RealClearWorld
Will the Venezuelan State Fail? - Carl Meacham, CSIS
ISIS Aims for Abu Ghraib - Birgit Svensson, Die Welt
Gay Vote Shows a Stunning Shift in Irish Attitudes - D. Dalby, NY Times
How Indonesia Could Help Solve Yemen - Rakhmat & Askar, The Diplomat
Let's Not Hyperventilate Over Palmyra - Juan Cole, Informed Comment
Before We Dive Back into Middle Eastern Wars... - P. Buchanan, Am. Cons
China Could Change the World Economy Forever - Robert Berke, Oil Price
Cameron's Referendum Quandary - Roland Flamini, World Affairs Journal
Stirring Painful Memories of the Iraq-Iran War - Arash Karami, Monitor
America's Frenemy, and Other Parties to Iran Talks - A. Tabatabai, BAS
Ireland Today Votes on Gay Marriage - S Collins, Irish Times
Can China Take a Joke? - Christopher Beam, New York Times Magazine
U.S. Military Against ISIS? It Won't Be Quick and Easy - B. Fishman, CNN
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Thursday, May 21
The Art of Avoiding War - Robert D. Kaplan, The Atlantic
Haunting Memories on the Roads of Central Europe - M. Stevenson, RCW
Stop ISIS from Becoming a State - Ronald Tiersky, RealClearWorld
ISIS Now Controls Half of Syria - Kareem Shaheen, Guardian
Russia Strikes Back at Europe's Energy Games - Kristine Berzina, GMF
Is Russia Enabling the North Korean Regime? - L.T. Wood, Wash Times
Osama's Letter to the American People - David Francis, Foreign Policy
America's China Consensus Implodes - Robert Manning, National Interest
Will Israel Take Obama's Bribe? - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Europe Stays the Course in the East - Carl Bildt, Project Syndicate
Obama Turns the Middle East into the Wild West - Naomi Friedman, The Hill
Germany's Struggle for the Souls of Young Muslims - O. Gezer, Spiegel
The Wrong Man to Lead Britain's Out Campaign - S. Wheeler, Spectator
China Learns to Love the Bomb - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View
Indonesia Sinks a Chinese Fishing Vessel - P. Parameswaran, The Diplomat
Wednesday, May 20
Assessing the New World Disorder - George Friedman, Stratfor
Iraq Is Not Iran, and This Is Not 2003 - Bobby Jindal, National Review
A US of Europe? Don't Laugh It Off - Miguel Otero-Iglesias, Politico EU
Don't Let US Election Be a UK Sequel - J. Huntsman & J. Lieberman, RCW
Other People's Armies and How Obama Uses Them - David Rothkopf, FP
Europe Remains Far From Recovery - David McHugh, Associated Press
2 Events Showcase Obama's Failed Strategy - W.R. Mead, Am. Interest
The Economics of Terrorist Bounties - Kathy Gilsinan, The Atlantic
Ramadi Shows U.S. Officials Live in a Dream World - Jamie Dettmer, DB
Change Sweeps the Prairies of Canada's Cowboy State - R. Cobb, NYT
Is Macedonia the Next Ukraine? - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Will China Buy the Ships France Built for Russia? - A. Panda, Diplomat
The Ivory Coast's Pearl-Topped Giant Basilica - Monica Mark, Guardian
Indonesia's Hopeful Economic Moment - Day & Damuri, East Asia Forum
Are Investors Tiring of India's 'Reagan?' - Seema Mody, CNBC
Tuesday, May 19
A Symbolic Rout in Ramadi - Dexter Filkins, New Yorker
My Son Died for Ramadi. Now ISIS Has It - Michael Daly, Daily Beast
Building a Child Army in South Sudan - Nick Turse, TomDispatch
Can Putin Rebrand Russia? - Richard Gowan, World Politics Review
Scraps for the British Losers - Economist
Will Egypt Actually Kill Its Deposed Pres? - Joshua Keating, Slate
The GOP Could End Up Like Ed Miliband - Jim Messina, Politico
Bridging Burundi's Dangerous Divisions - Mashuli & Carson, NY Times
Kerry Helped Free U.S. 'Spies' in Ukraine - Rogin & Lake, Bloomberg View
Israel's Turn to Come to Washington - Tamara Coffman Wittes, Brookings
Demonizing Iran Changes Nothing - Robert Olson, Today's Zaman
Tensions Are Simmering in Turkey - Murat Yetkin, Hurriyet Daily News
The Dicey Future of Syria's Exiled Government - Laura Secorun Palet, Ozy
India, China, and a Tibet Caught in the Middle - Ellen Bork, WA Journal
Russians Know the Truth About Putin, and Love It - J. Schuster, Die Welt
Monday, May 18
The Day ISIS Took a Major Provincial Capital - Economist
The Ghosts of Iraq Future - Edward Luce, Financial Times
Will Jabhat al-Nusra Eclipse IS in Syria? - C. Solomon, Global Risk Insights
North Korea Raises the Nuclear Stakes - James Dwyer, The Conversation
ISIS Takes Ramadi, Kills Hundreds - Salaheddin & Sami, Associated Press
The Dawn of the Un-American Century - Benny Avni, New York Post
Greece Tries to Resist a Euro Referendum - M. El-Erian, Bloomberg View
Distorting the Pope's Words on Abbas and Israel - Gross, Weekly Standard
France Plays the Hero Role Against Russia - J. Gelernter, National Review
Contemplating 'Ancient Indian Aviation Tech' - S. Deb, New Republic
Asian Companies Snap Up Italian Assets - A. Goldstein, East Asia Forum
Africa's First Narcostate, Illustrated - BBC
Let Illegal Immigrants Join the U.S. Military - Ben Domenech, Federalist
Colonialists Reap Bitter Fruit - Ebrahim Harvey, Business Day
Washington Flirts With Disaster in East Asia - Ted Galen Carpenter, TNI
Europe Could Turn Greece into Detroit - Anatole Kaletsky, Project Syndicate
Sunday, May 17
20 Feet from War with Russia - Ahmed Rashid, New York Review of Books
U.S. Forces Carried Out a Big Raid in Syria - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Why Venezuelans Are Fleeing in Droves - Karla Zabludovsky, BuzzFeed
5 Battles that Changed the Middle East - A. Pillalamarri, National Interest
Brexit Is Dead; Thank Cameron - Will Hutton, Guardian
Did the Syria Raid Accomplish Its Goal? - Joshua Keating, Slate
Is the U.S. About to Get More Involved in Syria? - Lynch & Naylor, FP
Muslim Cartoonists Take on ISIS - Christiane Gruber, Newsweek
Saturday, May 16
Putin Tries to Freeze-Frame Ukraine - L Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Marco Rubio's Tyrant Trap - Kevin Sullivan, The Week
Egypt's Morsi Sentenced to Death - Associated Press
Israel's Own, Unapologetic 'Michelle Bachmann' - Jodi Rudoren, NY Times
Good Deeds Don't Win Israel Any Friends - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
The Americans Who Would Set West Papua Free - Alexander Zaitchik, FP
Conservatives Face the Iraq Question - Andrew McCarthy, National Review
Jeb Bush Gave the Right Answer the First Time - Joseph Wilson, TPM
Cuba's 12 Most Absurd Prohibitions - Yusnaby Perez, Daily Beast
Putin Wants U.S. to Arm Ukraine - L. Todd Wood, Washington Times
Ending the Islamic State's Siren Song - J. Choksy, e-International Relations
Sarkozy Is Back, and He Wants to Be France's Pres - JA Heyer, Der Spiegel
Friday, May 15
Has Turkey's President Gone Mad? - Thomas Seibert, Daily Beast
The Cluelessness of the Iran Surrender Caucus - J. Greenberg, Jer. Post
A Military Without Limits - William Astore, TomDispatch
Asia's Giants Strive for Closer Ties - Rowan Callick, The Australian
Will Australia Hold an Election This Year? - M. Grattan, The Conversation
The Last Seven Jews in Egypt - Mina Thabet, Mada Masr
Why Should the U.S. Suck Up to Saudi Arabia? - A. Bacevich, LA Times
This Angry Arab Moment - Roger Cohen, New York Times
China Acknowledges an Industrial Woe - Adam Minter, Bloomberg View
A Border Town Built for Chinese Vice - Brendon Hong, Narratively
A Neverending Crisis Hits Russia - Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes
Politics in North Korea: Purge or Perjury - Economist
Turkey's Electoral Graveyard - Sibel Hurtas, Al Monitor
A Tale of Two British Exceptionalisms - Andrew Glencross, FPRI
No Future for the China-Russia Alliance - James Holmes, RealClearDefense
Could South Korea's 'Scotland' Force a Change? - S. Denney, The Diplomat
Thursday, May 14
For Putin's Friends, Anything. For All Others, the Law - K. Dawisha, WAJ
Yes, Congress Has a Role in Foreign Affairs - Kevin Kosar, RealClearWorld
Springtime for Dictators - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
A 10-Step Guide to Taking Over a Small Country - Sean McFate, WOTR
Was Killing bin Laden a War Crime? - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View
Kurdistan Emerges, Kurdish Tradition Fades - Kate Eshelby, Spectator
Jeb Bush's Iraq Quagmire - Paul Waldman, Washington Post
Did Putin and Kerry Really Have Anything to Discuss? - J. Keating, Slate
This Is a Big Trade Deal, so Get It Right - Richard Katz, Foreign Affairs
UK Moves Toward the End Game on Europe - Erlanger & Castle, NY Times
Paranoia, Gore, and Brutal North Korean Executions - Elias Groll, FP
Nigeria's South African Mercenaries - John Campbell, CFR
Poland's Election: The Pollsters Lose Again - Economist
Extremists Target Tunisia's Islamic Mystics - Celine Lussato, L'Obs
Chechnya's Leader, the Aspiring Polygamist - Georgy Bovt, Moscow Times
The Prince's Letters to the British Government - Guardian
Jeb Should Have Clearer Words About Iraq - David Frum, Politico
Russia's Depraved State Darwinism - Ulrich Speck, Berlin Policy Journal
Wednesday, May 13
World War II and the Origins of American Unease - G. Friedman, Stratfor
The U.S. Senate's Populist Moment - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Are North Korean Subs a Nuclear Worry? - B. Thomas-Noone, Interpreter
The U.S. Economy May Be Leaving China in the Dust - D. Scissors, RCW
ICYMI: Burundi's Backward Step - Charlotte Florance, RealClearWorld
Murder, Sharia, and Hope in Afghanistan - Ann Jones, TomDispatch
Commie or Not, Castro Lives Like a King - William O'Connor, Daily Beast
My Ukraine - Chrystia Freeland, Brookings
How China Creates Young Criminals - Zhang Ming, Caixin
Criminalizing Malaysia's Opposition - Nurul Izzah Anwar, New York Times
Russia and China Are Weak in Similar Ways - Richard Weitz, WPR
US Should Push for Freedom in China - Blumenthal & Inboden, W Standard
We Don't Know How to Stop Radicalization - Marie Barse, ScienceNordic
Eastern Europe's Auto Powerhouse - Nathan Siegel, Ozy
Britain Is in Crisis - Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal
It's a Conspiracy! Ganging Up on Seymour Hersh - G. Grandin, The Nation
Rubio Always Was Wacky on Foreign Policy - D. Larison, Am. Conservative
Europe's NFL Fans Weigh in on Deflategate - David Francis, Foreign Policy
Tuesday, May 12
The Afghans Fighting Assad's War - Christopher Reuter, Der Spiegel
There's Something Strange in the Eurohood - Andy Langenkamp, RCWorld
ISIS Threatens a Water War - Walaa Hussein, Al Monitor
Europe Needs Its Own NSA - Kaj Leers, RealClearWorld
Dictatorship and the Nature of the Vatican - Carlos Alberto Montaner, RCW
What if Apple Bailed Out Greece? - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
The Pointless Politics of Nostalgia - Ana Palacio, Project Syndicate
Truth and Fiction in Russia's Remembrance - Alex Golts, Moscow Times
India Shows How to Keep ISIS Out - Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald
Israel Should Come Clean About Chemical Arms - Tal Niv, Haaretz
What Caused Capitalism? - Jeremy Adelman, Foreign Affairs
Hersh's Strange Alternative History on bin Laden - Bobby Ghosh, Quartz
The Saudis Cut Adrift from Washington - Peter Baker & Michael Shear, NYT
Hezbollah and Iran Manufacture Victory in Syria - Hanin Ghaddar, NOW
The U.S. Must Reach Out to China - David Adelman, Wall Street Journal

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