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Friday, January 30
In U.S.-India Ties, a Steady Strategic Win - F. Zakaria, WaPo
A Plan for Central America - Joe Biden, New York Times
The West Should Help Putin Lose Face - Paul Goble, The Interpreter
America's Anti-Israel President - Peter Wehner, Commentary
A Clear Threat of Grexit - Economist
Europe's Wake-Up Call - Philip Stephens, Financial Times
How Netanyahu and Obama Fell Out - Michael Crowley, Politico
Russia Will Survive the Economic Downturn - James Beadle, Moscow Times
Europe Needs More than QE - Martin Feldstein, Project Syndicate
The State of the U.S. Pivot to Asia - Curtis Chin, JoongAng Daily
Australia's Politics of Permanent Opposition - Waleed Aly, SMH
Explaining the Global Surplus of Men - David Bauer, Quartz
Greece Has Decided It's Had Enough - Brian Fallow, New Zealand Herald
The Perils of a Weak Euro - Spiegel
Thursday, January 29
Europe Sits on the Verge of Regime Collapse - John Feffer, TomDispatch
Does Putin Have a Friend in Tsipras? - Kaj Leers, RealClearWorld
U.S.-India Relations Reach a Wow Moment - Amitabh Mattoo, The Hindu
Vladimir Putin, President of Ukraine? - Greg Austin, The Diplomat
World to Obama: Are You Listening? - J. DeMint & J.J. Carafano, RCWorld
A New Level of Refugee Suffering - Angelina Jolie, New York Times
Time to Take the Fight to the Islamists - Jack David, RealClearWorld
How Assad Frittered Away Syria's Sovereignty - Michael Young, The National
More on Hafez and Bashar Assad
Iraq's Yazidis Ask Israel for Help - Jacky Hugi, Al-Monitor
Saudi Arabia's Wahhabi Folly - Jamsheed & Carol Choksy, WPR
Kazakhstan's Nuclear Legacy and Future - B. Jardine, FP Blogs Network
Netanyahu, the Churchill of Our Time - Steve Forbes, Forbes
Swaziland's Playboy King - Laura Secorun Palet, Ozy
Much Ado About no Headscarves - Ben Kamisar, The Hill
Big Bad Bibi Comes to DC - Roger Simon, PJ Media
Wednesday, January 28
3 Scenarios for Greece and Europe - Edward Harrison, Foreign Policy
The Revenge of Geopolitics - Swati Arun, The Diplomat
Give the Balance of Power a Chance, America - Paul Pillar, TNI
The New Drivers of Europe's Geopolitics - George Friedman, Stratfor
Trade Goes on as Usual in the S. China Sea - N. Jenny, Global Risk Insights
Auschwitz, 70 Years Later - Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian
Europe Can and Will Cave to Greece - Clive Crook, Bloomberg View
Greece Set to Collide with Europe - Yannis Palaiologos, Wall Street Journal
UK Inquiry Paints Putin as a Common Criminal - Nico Hines, Daily Beast
Netanyahu's Catastrophic Lack of Judgment - Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic
Cry for Argentina - Clifford May, Washington Times
Netanyahu's Real Audience Is in Jerusalem - Kevin Lees, Suffragio
Putin's Long Bet on European Weakness - W.R. Mead, American Interest
Russian Pipelines Are Chinese Lifelines - Igor Alexeev, Oil Price
Obama Cozies Up to the Saudis - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Tuesday, January 27
Save the New Ukraine - Bernard Henri-Levy & George Soros, New York Times
Obama Turns a Page in a Book of Fairy Tales - W. Kristol, Weekly Standard
Now Is a Great Time to Go to Europe - Alex Berezow, RealClearWorld
Putin Wants to Push His Luck in Ukraine - N. Gvosdev, National Interest
Why Tsipras Could Be the Right Choice - Silke Mulherr, Die Welt
The Far Right Wins Over France's Gays - Rachel Halliburton, Spectator
China's Period of Strategic Opportunity Ends - K. Brown, The Diplomat
China's Reform Efforts Stumble - Keyu Jin, Project Syndicate
Yemen Falls Apart, Lebanon-Style - Faisal Al Yafai, The National
How to Fight Anti-Semitism in Europe - Arsen Ostrovsky, Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu's Treacherous Rhetoric - Sefi Rachlevsky, Haaretz
South Africa's Age of Reconciliation Fades - V. Pillay, Mail & Guardian
David Cameron's Greek Irony - Anoosh Chakelian, New Statesman
Winter Arrives in Wartorn Aleppo - Edward Dark, Al-Monitor
A Record Year for Rhino Poaching in South Africa - B. Clark Howard, NG
Monday, January 26
Europe Says Goodbye to Austerity - Matt Schiavenza, Atlantic
Syriza's Promise: No More Humiliation - S. Economides, The Conversation
Islamists Cannot Be Allowed to Abuse Tolerance - H. Ergas, The Australian
The Hopes that Hinge on Tsipras - Xenia Kounalaki, The European
Italy's Separatists Spread their Wings - Tony Pierucci, IPD
The Russian Elite's Marie Antoinette Moment - Mark Adomanis, MT
Abbott Needs to Fight for Australia - Tom Switzer, Sydney Morning Herald
China's Long-Haul Indian Ocean Strategy - Kabir Taneja, The Diplomat
Thailand Is no Democracy - Saritdet Marukatat, Bangkok Post
A Polish-Russian Row over Auschwitz - Adam Easton, BBC
Where Will Abe Take Japan Now? - Peter Drysdale, East Asia Forum
As Kerry Visits, Boko Haram Kills - Siobhan O'Grady, Foreign Policy
The Re-Emergence of "Fortress Spain" - Hisham Aidi, Al Jazeera
India's Cautious Courtship of the U.S. - Hersh & Lele, The National Interest
UKIP Could Back Cameron - Euractiv
Sunday, January 25
Syriza Heading for Big Win in Greece - BBC
Why Greece's Election Matters so Much - T Papadopoulos, The Conversation
Maduro's Reign Is Doomed - Uriel Ortiz Soto, El Espectador
How Comedy Ate British Politics - Andrew Watts, The Spectator
Europe's QE May not Be Enough - Anthony Mirhaydari, The Fiscal Times
What Made Churchill the Greatest Briton - John Simpson, BBC
Europe's Chance to Live Up to Its Values - Marianna Fotaki, Informed Comment
Trade Grows Between Asia and Latin America - Ganeshan Wignaraja, EAF
Saudi Arabia, a Family Business - Justin Fox, Bloomberg View
The Man Who Could Break Europe - Barbie Latza Nadeau, Daily Beast
Russia Expands Its Periphery Treaty by Treaty - R. Standish, Foreign Policy
Saturday, January 24
How the West Can Deal with Radical Islam - Fareed Zakaria, WaPo
Iran's Growing (and Overlooked) Threat - Charles Krauthammer, NRO
Abdullah Tried to Bring Stability to the Region - Christopher Dickey, DB
Quite the Week to Become King - Joshua Keating, Slate
Abdullah Death's Effect on US-Saudi Relations - Max Boot, Commentary
US Should Address North Korea by Listening to China - Doug Bandow
Obama and Modi Can Cement a 'Useful Friendship' - Robert Hathaway
America Is Losing the Currency War - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
The Last Stand of Greece's Ruling Elite - Nathalie Savaricas, Independent
Davos: 'Russians Will Never Give Up Their Leader' - Telegraph
Putin Losing Rich Friends with Ukraine Push - Businessweek
Pegida Doesn't Represent Germany's Future - Anna Sauerbrey, NYT
Friday, January 23
White House: "Netanyahu Spat in our Faces" - Times of Israel staff
Dear President, Iran Will Only Break your Heart - Aaron David Miller, FP
Go East, Young Russian - Samuel Bendett, RealClearWorld
Assad Will Be Part of Syria's Future - Alan Philps, The National
Draghi Opens the Money Tap - Kaj Leers, RealClearWorld
Saying Farewell to a Reformist Saudi King - Shoichet & Smith-Spark, CNN
More about King Abdullah
Ignoring Iran's Evildoing - Benny Avni, New York Post
A Tipping Point in Xinjiang's Insurgency - Gabe Collins, The Diplomat
Henry VIII's ISIS-Style Enforcer - Dominic Selwood, Telegraph
Hindu Zealots Are a Threat to Modern India - R. Thakur, Japan Times
Telling the Truth About Australia - Richard Glover, Sydney Morning Herald
Seoul Begs Consumers to Spend - Kim Kwang-ki, JoongAng Daily
A Letter from a Muslim to Pegida - Rabah Kherbane, Huffington Post
Are these the Bones of Alexander the Great? - Yannis Hamilakis, LRB
How to Increase GDP by $22 Tril in Developing Lands - B Lomborg, PS
Making a World-Class City of Auckland - Len Brown, New Zealand Herald
Thursday, January 22
Pointing Iranian Missiles at Israel - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Republicans Trying to Break U.S. Foreign Policy - Max Fisher, Vox
A Global Course in Basic Economics - Fabio Rafael Fiallo, RealClearWorld
A Global Monetary Trap - David Malpass, Wall Street Journal
France Alone Leads Europe - Conrad Black, New York Sun
The Need for Transatlantic Engagement with Japan - J. Walker, GMF
Churchill, a Man for All Time - Cal Thomas, Washington Times
Russia's New Ideology: Abhorrence of the West - W Laqueur, World Affairs
5 U.S. Weapons Iran Should Fear - Zachary Keck, National Interest
An Architect of U.S. QE Says It Won't Work for ECB - S. Gandel, Fortune
The Evidence that Argentina Helped Shield Iran - Gilbert & Romero, NYT
The Dangers of Fining Sanctions Violators - Aaron Arnold, BAS
Bahrain's Uprising, 4 Years Later - Alan Taylor, Atlantic
Relabeling Europe's "No-Go" Zones - Daniel Pipes, National Review
Eurasian Union Boosts More than Just Russia - Timofei Bordachev, ECFR
A Thai Leader's Tough Luck - Lennox Samuels, Daily Beast
Wednesday, January 21
Obama's Mission Unaccomplished - Kate Brannen, Foreign Policy
The Crisis of Europe - George Friedman, Stratfor
Ukraine Must Learn to Stand on Its Own - Charap & Mylovanov, TNI
Obama Refuses to Call Islamic Terror by Its Name - T. Friedman, NYT
Exciting Times in European Banking - Martin Wolf, Financial Times
Maduro's New Economic Plan for Venezuela - Jim Wyss, Miami Herald
France to Bring Bigger Guns to Terror Fight - Corbet & Vaux-Montagny, AP
Don't Restart Religious Wars in Europe - Pankaj Mishra, Bloomberg View
Yemen, the Country where the Coup Never Ends - G. Johnsen, BuzzFeed
The Problem with Europe's View on Russia - Kadri Liik, ECFR
Will Artificial Intelligence Disrupt Geopolitics? - Adam Elkus, Slate
Assessing the Greatest Threats to Humanity - Mico Tatalovic, New Scientist
The Sad Tale of Thwarted Global Growth - John Tamny, RealClearMarkets
Xi Jinping Wants It All - John McLaughlin, Ozy
The Fallout of a Failed Intervention in Libya - Con Coughlin, Telegraph
Tuesday, January 20
Europe Needs a Merkel Plan Now - Bill Emmott, Project Syndicate
Russia Alienates Its Would-Be Friends - Yulia Zhuchkova, Moscow Times
What Is Ukraine Worth? The West Must Decide - Economist
Fear and Death for Gays Under ISIS - James Kirchick, Daily Beast
What Once Was Just Terrorism Is now War - Gideon Rachman, FT
How the Hebdo Attackers Were Made - Spiegel
How to Beat London's Sneering Intelligentsia - M. Plaut, New Statesman
How Gay Rights Were Born in Germany - Alex Ross, New Yorker
Boko Haram Is the New ISIS - Tom Rogan, National Review
The Collapse of Latin American Populism - L. Gonzales, America Economia
Reforming Australia's Economy - Saul Eslake, East Asia Forum
Fundamentalism Is Common for Europe's Muslims - Eurekalert
Nepal's India-China Dance - Manish Gyawali, The Diplomat
Why Denmark Won't Follow Swiss Example - Guan Yang, Bloomberg View
Soviet Collapse Led to Wildlife Decline - Mark Kinver, BBC

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