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Wednesday, September 17
The Implications of Scotland's Referendum - George Friedman, Stratfor
Ukraine's Lonely Existential Struggle - Judith Miller, City Journal
Obama's Reluctant Rush to War - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
The Absurd Lexicon of the Middle East Expert - Michael Weiss, NOW
U.S. Boots Are Already on the Ground Against IS - David Ignatius, WaPo
Britain's Breakup Will Spark Greater Chaos - Steve Forbes, The Telegraph
Sweden's Xenophobic Turn - Elias Groll, Foreign Policy
How the Media Shafted Scotland - George Monbiot, The Guardian
Obama and His Generals Are at Odds - Eli Lake & Josh Rogin, Daily Beast
What Canada Can Teach UK on Independence - N. Richler, New Statesman
The Economic Case Against a Scottish Yes Is too Strong - The Economist
We Are Letting Iran Off the Hook - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Tuesday, September 16
Iraq Is Becoming America's Gaza - Leon Hadar, The American Conservative
The Moral Tragedy of Scottish Independence - Emile Simpson, FP
How Not to Lead the U.S. - David Corbin & Matt Parks, The Federalist
The Guantanamo Conundrum - Alan Dershowitz, Boston Globe
For Scots, a Chance to End Artificial Alliance - Hugh Reilly, The Scotsman
U.S. Enlists Saudi King in War of Ideas - Michael Crowley, Time
A Breakup Serves Scotland's Working Class - Billy Bragg, The Guardian
The Double-Edged Sword of Islamist Militancy - S. Chubin, The Daily Star
Telling the Truth About Solzhenitsyn - Daniel Mahoney, Law & Liberty
Temper the Exuberance over Irish Economy - John O' Hagan, Irish Times
Thai Government Must Hand Down Power - A. Achakulwisut, Bangkok Post
England Needs a Stronger Voice - Philip Johnston, The Telegraph
Monday, September 15
Are We at War? - Amy Davidson, The New Yorker
Barack Obama's Failed Leadership - William Kristol, Weekly Standard
How History Turned Against Tory Scotland - Tom Devine, The Guardian
The Arab World Must Reform - Rula Jebreal, The Daily Beast
Drones Are not Enough Against IS - Boris Johnson, The Telegraph
Europe's Messy Political Divorces - Pyotr Romanov, The Moscow Times
How Sweden's Far Right Went Mainstream - Maddy Savage, The Local
China's Creeping Invasion - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
Obama Needs Consent of Congress for War - Albert R. Hunt, Bloomberg
Like It or Not, IS Is Islamic - Jerry A. Coyne, New Republic
More than Shock and Awe Needed in Iraq - T. Karon, The National
How the NSA Breached German Firms - Spiegel
Friday, September 12
America Doesn't Need Another Dumb War - Rosa Brooks, Foreign Policy
Returning IS Fighters Pose Little Threat to West - Afzal Ashraf, Al Jazeera
British Reserve Could Cost the Union - Fraser Nelson, The Telegraph
Security Challenges of Independent Scotland - Dan Mahaffee, RCW
The Long Battle Against the Islamic State - John McLaughlin, Ozy
Beware of Empowering Iran in IS Fight - David Ernst, The Federalist
IS Looks to Istanbul - Alev Scott & Alexander Christie-Miller, Newsweek
Obama, the Reluctant Leader - David Brooks, New York Times
U.S. Needs to Get the Politics Right Against IS - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Cambodia's Foreign Policy Grand Strategy - Heng Sarith, The Diplomat
Politics as Usual Is Over in Britain - John Harris, The Guardian
UK Must Deliver on Great Commission Post - Peter Wilding, Euractiv
Thursday, September 11
Obama Realizes: No Way Out of Mideast - Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic
Obama Strategy Has No Chance of Success - Kagans, Weekly Standard
The President and the 'Wimp Factor' - Micah Zenko, Foreign Policy
Obama's ISIS Strategy: What Could Go Wrong? - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Why Failure Helps - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
The Grand Strategy Obama Needs - Vali Nasr, New York Times
Tough on Isis? Iran Senses Weakness - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Obama Offers Cheney-Lite - Jacob Heilbrunn, The National Interest
We Shouldn't Be Scared of ISIS - Nick Gillespie, The Daily Beast
Three Types Who Fight for ISIS - Graeme Wood, The New Republic
4 Reasons Xi Is a Serious Reformer - Dingding Chen, The Diplomat
Britain Is the Greatest Country on Earth - Daniel Hannan, Telegraph
Wednesday, September 10
Can Obama's Foreign Policy Be Saved? - David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
The End of Obama's Half-Heartedness? - Leon Wieseltier, TNR
Obama's Military Options Against ISIS - Mark Thompson, Time
Against Terrorists, Less Is More - Joshua Rovner, The National Interest
ISIS Strategy Needs to Hit Syria - Roger Zakheim, National Review
The End of the Isolationist Moment - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Russia and the Menace of Unreality - Peter Pomerantsev, The Atlantic
Russia's Next Land Grab - Brenda Shaffer, New York Times
Estonia Might Be Next on Putin's List - Rob Garver, The Fiscal Times
Hong Kong Democrats Need New Strategy - Adam Minter, Bloomberg
Why Is China Building Islands? - Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat
Alex Salmond: The Hugo Chavez of the North - Janet Daley, Telegraph
Tuesday, September 9
Resuming the 'Long War' - Michael Gerson, Washington Post
Obama's Anti-ISIS Coalition No Sure Thing - D. Francis, Fiscal Times
The Saudis Can Crush ISIS - Nawaf Obaid & Saud al-Sarhan, NY Times
Iraq's Kurdish Firewall - Michael Totten, World Affairs
Who Will NATO Save from Putin? - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
NATO Makes America Less Secure - Doug Bandow, National Interest
Putin's Crimea Is a Big Anti-Gay Casino - Anna Nemtsova, The Daily Beast
Japan's Push for Security Council Seat - Clint Richards, The Diplomat
Beware the 'Big Man Theory' of Terrorism - Aki Peritz, TNR
Bogus Gaza Atrocity Story - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Czechs and Slovaks Were Better Together - Pavel Seifter, Guardian
The Mideast's Black ISIS Humor - Siobhan O'Grady, Foreign Policy
Monday, September 8
Ukraine's Cease-Fire, Putin's Victory - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
Russia Takes, NATO Blinks - George Will, New York Post
The Economic Risks of Scottish Independence - Paul Krugman, NYT
Don't Kill World's Greatest Political Union - Boris Johnson, Telegraph
Barack Obama, the Unrealist - Elbridge Colby, National Review
Obama's Coalition of Frenemies - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
Obama Needs a Strategy for Saving Jordan - James Jay Carafano, TNI
What Syria Fiasco Means for Iran, Gaza - Seth Mandel, Commentary
Did Israel Execute Jihadists in Gaza? - Jesse Rosenfeld, Daily Beast
Malaysia's Sedition Debate - Kirsten Han, The Diplomat
Give Gao Zhisheng His Freedom - Teng Biao, Washington Post
Back to Cold War Deterrence with Russia - Jeffrey Lewis, FP

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