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Monday, November 30
It's a Reverse 1989 Across Europe - Timothy Garton Ash, Guardian
Can Hollande Lead the Fight in Syria? - Aaron David Miller, RealClearWorld
How the U.S. Got ISIS All Wrong - Matthias Gebauer & Holger Stark, Spiegel
The Key to Kissinger's Success - Graham Allison, The Atlantic
Is Rome the Next Target for Terror? - Tim Hedges, The Commentator
Obama Can Make Use of Turkey-Russia Tensions - MK Bhadrakumar, AT
Can America Count on Europe? - James Poulos, Orange County Register
Don't Place the Climate Burden on Poorer Countries - Narendra Modi, FT
The West Bank Stands on the Brink - Economist
Paris, Syria, and Climate Change - Elizabeth Kolbert, New Yorker
They're Mutilating Girls to Keep Them Jihadists Away - Obaji Jr., DB
The British Legacy Lives on in Malta - Juliet Rix, BBC
8 Ways to Save the Planet - Christopher Flavelle, Bloomberg View
Wahhabism Is the Whole World's Problem - K. Armstrong, New Statesman
A Creeping Coup in Warsaw? - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
Sunday, November 29
Spain Yesterday, Syria Today - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Russia and the West Face a Common Enemy - Evgeny Lebedev, Telegraph
Could U.S.-Russia Tensions Go Nuclear? - Bruce Blair, Politico Magazine
China's Latest Five-Year Plan - Martin Feldstein, Project Syndicate
Corbyn Is Handing Britain to the Tories - Jon Freedland, The Guardian
For a Growing Africa, Hope Mingles with Fear - Drew Hinshaw, WSJ
Can Young Arabs Turn the Arab World Around? - Doug Saunders, G&M
Mideast Rulers Plot to Send Unwanted to Africa - Peter Salisbury, Vice
Haider al-Abadi's Failed Reforms - Kirk Sowell, Cairo Review
Canada Should Keep Out of Ecuador-Chevron Row - Conrad Black, NP
Will Canada Change Its Policy Toward Iran? - Maysam Bizær, Al-Monitor
Lessons from the Liberation of Sinjar - Denise Natali, War on the Rocks
Bad News for U.S.: Mexicans Are Heading Home - K. Ramakrishnan, LAT
Latin America Eyes U.S. Colleges - Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
What Is China's Plan for Fighting Terror? - Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat
Saturday, November 28
Memo to Putin: Syria Is Turkey's Ukraine - M. Champion, Bloomberg View
Are We Witnessing the End of Putinism? - Colbert King, Washington Post
Ukraine-Russia Coal Wars Show a Conflict Heating Up - Tucker, Pol. EU
Osborne Axes Civic Britain - Philip Stephens, Financial Times
The World Needs a Worldly U.S. President - Ronald Tiersky, RCWorld
New Life for the Special Relationship? - Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy
How China Conquered French Wine Country - Nic Cavell, New Republic
ISIS Will Welcome More Bombs on Raqqa - Jurgen Todenhofer, Guardian
Your Complete Guide to the Climate Debate - M. Ridley & B. Peiser, WSJ
Where ISIS Goes for American Recruits - Scott Johnson, Weekly Standard
Brexit Will Have Massive Impact on Ireland - Denis MacShane, Irish Times
The End of France's Fifth Republic? - Asle Toje, The American Interest
Mr. Le Pen on Terrorists: To the Guillotine! - Erin Zaleski, Daily Beast
Donald Trump, Meet a Real Syrian Refugee - N. Kristof, New York Times
The Pope's Africa Visit in Pictures - Guardian
Friday, November 27
A New Thirty Years' War - Alexander Gorlach, The European
Europe the Unready - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Memo to Putin: Syria Is Turkey's Ukraine - Marc Champion, Bloomberg
Is Turkey Part of the Problem? - Steven A. Cook, Politico Magazine
Don't Trade Away Ukraine - Ihor Kozak, National Post
The Disgraceful Debate Over Syrian Migrants - C. Krauthammer, WaPo
Anxious Asian Leaders Eye U.S. Politics - Frank Ching, Globe and Mail
15 Years of American Strategic Confusion - Robert Merry, National Interest
The New Canada Has a Chance to Lead - Laura Payton, Maclean's
Cameron's Macho Foolishness on Syria - Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
Hungary's New-Look Illiberals - Sohrab Ahmari, Wall Street Journal
Will This Conservative Rattle Iranian Politics? - Rohollah Faghihi, ALM
In Crime-Swamped Venezuela, Cops Are Targets - Jim Wyss, Miami H'ld
Black Friday Takes Over the World - Natalie Ilsley, Newsweek
Thursday, November 26
World War III - Roger Cohen, New York Times
Erdogan Gobbles up Power - Cengiz Candar, Al-Monitor
The Arab World Splinters - Lamis Andoni, Al Jazeera
Diplomatic Rush Can't Mask Lack of anti-ISIS Plan - R.R. Lall, National
How Does Myanmar Build Now? - David Hale, The Diplomat
Paris's Past Troubles Shed Light on Its Present - E. McCann, Irish Times
Argentina's Fresh Start - Andres Velasco, Project Syndicate
Dialogue With North Korea, the Latest Big Thing - G. Chang, WA Journal
The Pretend War on ISIS - Andrew Bacevich, Spectator
Will George Osborne Remake the British State? - Economist
Foreign Policy the Putin Way - Vladimir Frolov, Moscow Times
British Intel: There Is no Profile of a Terrorist - Alan Travis, Guardian
Wednesday, November 25
What to Expect After the Downing of a Russian Fighter Jet - Stratfor
We Have Forgotten Who Russia Really Is - Anne Applebaum, Commentary
Letter From Saudi Arabia - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Measuring the Many Risks Europe Faces - Andy Langenkamp, RCWorld
Will Putin Use Energy Weapon Against Turkey? - Johnson, Foreign Policy
The Sad Ballad of Cuban Emigres - Carlos Alberto Montaner, RealClearWorld
Turkey Downing a Russian Plane Won't Start WWIII - S. Joshi, Telegraph
Argentina's New President to Be No Friend of Venezuela - Margolis, BV
The Nature of Syrian Crisis May Have Changed - Murat Yetkin, Hurriyet
As Austerity Falters, Tory Milibandism Gains Ground - Rafael Behr, Guardian
Syria's Turkmen Rebels - Who Are They? - Ishaan Tharoor, Wash. Post
New Approach to Improving Asia's Labor Conditions - M. Posner, WSJ
The Russia-West Thaw Was Brief Indeed - M. Trudolyubov, Wilson Center
Abe Rival Says Japan Should Accept More Immigrants - Asahi Shimbun
Tuesday, November 24
It's Time to Act on Ukraine - R. Kaplan & E. Rosenberg, National Interest
Russia's Economic Malaise: More Than Oil - P.R. Gregory, National Review
Russia and U.S. Are they Keys to Beating ISIS - Patrick Smith, Fiscal Times
Planning for War in a Fantasy World - Fred Kaplan, Slate
The Middle East in One Bad Article - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
There Can Be no Middle Ground on ISIS - John Bew, New Statesman
We Should Pity Jeremy Corbyn - Alex Massie, Spectator
2016 Candidates Must Focus on Latin America - Martinez & Rooney, RCP
Pragmatism in Climate Policy - Oliver Geden, Project Syndicate
Why Britain's Banks Should Leave Britain - Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg View
Frames of Uncertain Journeys - Ashley Gilbertson, New York Times
GOP Pastor: Paris Victims Had It Coming - Andrew Kirell, Daily Beast
We Face a Three-Headed Monster - Niall Ferguson, Boston Globe
German Foreign Policy After Paris - Almut Moller, ECFR
Copenhagen's Bike Lane in the Sky - Feargus O'Sullivan, The Atlantic
Monday, November 23
We Will Defeat Islamist Extremism - David Cameron, Telegraph
Jihad at Europe's Heart - Economist
The West Has Won Ukraine, but It Could Backfire - A. Moravcsik, GMF
Will Europe Ditch Ukraine Again? - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
Obama to Hollande: Stay the Course Against Russia - M. Crowley, Politico
The New Great Game Between China and the U.S. - Pepe Escobar, TD
ISIS Builds a Network in Jakarta - Sidney Jones, Lowy Interpreter
Fix Schengen's Follies, or Destroy It - Wolfgang Munchau, Financial Times
If We Close Our Borders, the Terrorists Win - L. Penny, New Statesman
America's Leaders Damage Our Global Standing - E.J. Dionne, WaPo
Are We Even Willing to Defend Ourselves? - J. Robson, National Post
Is a New Day Dawning in Venezuela? - Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
Southeast Asia's Era of Uncertainty - Chau Bao Nguyen, East Asia Forum
Obama Is Right About ISIS - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
A Political Earthquake Changes Argentina - Mary Anastasia O'Grady, WSJ
What the Mali Attack Means - Joe Penney, New York Times
How China Can Prevent a Post-Antibiotic Apocalypse - Adam Minter, BV
Sunday, November 22
The Crisis of World Order - Robert Kagan, Wall Street Journal
Hollande's Post-Paris Power Grab - Elias Groll, Foreign Policy
Weary President Wages a Half-Hearted War - Charles Krauthammer, NP
How to Beat ISIS: Obama Is Partly Right - Walter Russell Mead, TAI
United With Putin Against Terror? - Nina Krushcheva, Project Syndicate
The EU Is a Gigantic Sham - Janet Daley, Daily Telegraph
Why Mali Is an Insurgent Hotspot - Tomi Oladipo, BBC News
Does ISIS Really Have Nothing to Do with Islam? - Shadi Hamid, WaPo
China's Mideast Moment? - Kevin Sullivan, RealClearWorld
Rise and Fall of Shadow Banking in China - Sara Hsu, The Diplomat
This Might Be Marine Le Pen's Moment - Jason Walsh, The Spectator
Will We Always Have Paris? - Roger Cohen, New York Times
French Gaullists & the Last War - Robert Zaretsky, American Conservative
Will Jews Return to Iraq? - Mustafa Saadoun, Al-Monitor
In Montreal, Shtick Happens - Konrad Yakabuski, Globe and Mail
Saturday, November 21
Saudi Arabia, the ISIS That Could - Kamel Daoud, New York Times
Now the War Has Come to Europe - Ulrich Speck, American Interest
Syria's Two Wars - Christopher Hill, Project Syndicate
Mind the Gap, Europe - Joel Weickgenant, RealClearWorld
Ireland's Economy Rises From the Ashes - Economist
Al-Qaeda Is Still Alive and Well - B. Roggio & T. Joscelyn, Weekly Standard
Unite to Defeat the Barbarians - Pierre Atlas, Indianapolis Star
France's Other War at Home - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal
Inside the Surreal ISIS Spin Machine - Miller & Mekhennet, Wash. Post
Combating Israel's Islamic Movement - Ilan Evyatar, Jerusalem Post
What Makes Us European? - Tim Stanley, Telegraph
The Fight Between Being and Nothingness - Crabb, Sydney Morning Herald
To Fight ISIS, Discard the Powell Doctrine - S. Metz, World Politics Review
VIDEO: What Does the Ma-Xi Meeting Mean? - The Diplomat
Friday, November 20
We Refuse to Fight to Win in Syria - Max Boot, Commentary
The Finest Hour of the French President - Ronald Tiersky, RealClearWorld
Let Dutch Voters Decide on Immigration - Geert Wilders, New York Times
Why Have We Forgotten How the West Fed Jihad? - Ben Norton, Salon
Stop Making Excuses for the Evil of Radicals - Philip Stephens, FT
Guerre et la République - Joel Weickgenant, RealClearWorld
Russia and Iran Could Form a Stable Alliance - S. Aleksashenko, Brookings
We Cannot Live With ISIS and Must Destroy Them - A. Massie, Spectator
Brexit Supporters, Unite! - Isabel Oakeshott, Conservative Home
The ISIS Effect Spreads Across the Globe - R. Kuttner, American Prospect
Jonathan Pollard: Man Without a Country? - Paul McLeary, Foreign Policy
Turkey Uses Paris to Undermine Kurds - Fehim Tastekin, Worldcrunch
China Warns Taiwan's Voters - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View
ISIS? Obama Spares His Rage for the GOP - Charles Krauthammer, WaPo
How Syria's Collapse Charges Global Politics - Frolov, Hof, et al, Guardian

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