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Sunday, April 26
America's 5 Best Wartime Presidents - Robert Merry, National Interest
The Middle East Pivots to Asia - David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
Antarctica's Ice Inferno - Stephen Pyne, Aeon Magazine
Russia Knows Obama Is All Talk - L. Todd Wood, Washington Times
The Merchants Are Killing Venice - Winston Ross, Newsweek
Is Obama Even Trying? - Rich Lowry, New York Post
Political Parties: Hated, Tribal, Absolutely Crucial - Mark Damazer, NS
After Nepal's Earthquake, Images of Devastation - Alan Taylor, Atlantic
UK 2015 Parliamentary Elections: Latest Polls | Analysis
Saturday, April 25
A Return to the Peace Party - Rep. John J. Duncan Jr., American Conservative
Rainbows, Unicorns, and a Nuclear Deal With Iran - M. Zuckerman, WSJ
UK Election: Reading Between the Polls - Joel Weickgenant, RCWorld
Baptism by Fire: Gallipoli at 100 Years - James Holmes, RealClearDefense
Hundreds Dead in Nepal Quake - G. Harris & E. Barry, New York Times
Obama Leads by Engaging - Anne-Marie Slaughter, Project Syndicate
Beirut's Little Armenia - Florence Massena, Al-Monitor
3 Myths About Iran Sanctions - Aaron Arnold, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
Challenges for America's Arctic Leadership - Robert Hammitt, Ramen IR
China Doesn't Want Chinese Cars - Bertel Schmitt, Bloomberg View
The Hangover Cure from Ancient Egypt - Lucy Vernasco, Project Syndicate
To Save the Union, Embrace Scottish Separatists - J Freedland, Guardian
Friday, April 24
Long Live Europe - Roger Cohen, New York Times
The Rise of Britain's Female Leaders - Ellie Cumbo, RealClearWorld
How the Kurds Could Shape Turkey's Future - A. Aydintasbas, TWI
U.S. Boots Hit the Ground in Lviv - Jeffrey Mankoff, CSIS
Europe's Migration Crisis - Jeanne Park, Council on Foreign Relations
Indonesia's Deft Balance of Japan and China - C. Croft-Cusworth, Lowy
Obama's Nixon Doctrine With a Persian Twist - C. Krauthammer, WaPo
Don't Let China Swallow Taiwan - J. Michael Cole, National Interest
South Africa's Poor Turn on the Downtrodden - Economist
The World Likes Obama's Foreign Policy - James Gibney, Bloomberg View
ISIS Has No Prayer of Stopping Kurdistan - Totten, World Affairs Journal
Congress Needs a Real Iran Debate - William Kristol, Weekly Standard
You Don't Need a Nuclear Arsenal to Feel Safe - E. Idrissov, The Diplomat
The Death of an American Jihadi Propagandist - Stav Ziv, Newsweek
My Cousin Who Died at Sea - Zena Agha, Bangkok Post
ISIS Suffers Major Setback in Fight for Anbar - Heather Saul, Independent
Happy Talk Won't Defeat ISIS - Max Boot, Wall Street Journal
Thursday, April 23
EU Should Be Willing to Intervene in Libya - Kaj Leers, RealClearWorld
The Yemen Trap - Fred Kaplan, Slate
When Migrants Flee "Progress" - Michelle Wrong, Foreign Policy
Obama's One-Man Tango - Carlos Alberto Montaner, RealClearWorld
For Obama, Iran Detente Always Wins - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Israel Alone - Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal
Helping Migrants Is Everyone's Duty - Matteo Renzi, New York Times
A Looming U.S.-Russia Nuclear Arms Race - Artem Kureev, Russia Direct
South Koreans Bicker Over Tanking Economy - W. Pesek, Bloomberg View
U.S.-Japan, the Unsinkable Pacific Alliance - David Pilling, Financial Times
The Renzi-Obama Connection - Riccardo Alcaro, Brookings
Taiwan Drifts Away from Beijing - Gordon Chang, World Affairs Journal
An Unlikely Winner in the Ukraine-Gazprom Row - Stakhovsky, Oil Price
The New Star of the British Political Stage - Leah McLaren, Maclean's
Turkey's Foreign Policy Wrecks Its Economy - Zulfikar Dogan, Al-Monitor
Wednesday, April 22
Deal or No Deal? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Grexit and the Problem of Free Trade - George Friedman, Stratfor
Unraveling the Putin Enigma, from the Inside - Vincent Jauvert, L'Obs
Europe's Shattered Dream of Order - Ivan Krastev, Foreign Affairs
Why Obama's Detente With Iran Will Fail - Michael Doran, Mosaic
The EU Is the Titanic, and Greece Is the Iceberg - C Crook, Bloomberg View
David Cameron Is Confused and Confusing on Europe - John Kerr, FT
Does Malaysia Have an ISIS Problem? - J. Chinyong Liow, Brookings
Lenin's Legacy Lives - Robert Person, Moscow Times
My Requiem for Armenians - Mustafa Akyol, Hurriyet Daily News
Israel Deported Them. ISIS Beheaded Them. - Creede Newton, Daily Beast
Let Them Come by Plane - Mattathias Schwartz, New Yorker
Egypt's Revolution in Reverse - David Graham, The Atlantic
Iran's Urban Future: Tehran and Beyond - M. Stevenson, New Geography
Farage: Only Take in Christian Refugees - Adam Bienkov,
Tuesday, April 21
Greece Never Belonged, so Let It Leave - Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg View
Germany's Sympathy for Russians - Markus Ziener, German Marshall Fund
A Game Changer for North Korea's Economy - S Doo, Global Risk Insights
The Balkans' Rocky Path to Democracy - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
Russian Jews Should Heed History's Lessons - Alexei Bayer, J-Post
Where ISIS Gets Its Weed - Jesse Rosenfeld, Daily Beast
A New Government for a Sputtering Finland - Peter Teffer, EU Observer
Obama's Foreign Policy Realism - Paul Pillar, National Interest
Greece's Big Nowhere - Theodore Pelagidis, Brookings
Does India Need a Communist Party? - Jawed Naqvi, Dawn
Ed Miliband Won't Be America's Poodle - Mehdi Hasan, New York Times
The Striking Salesmanship of India's Prime Minister - H Pant, Diplomat
What Would Happen if Britain Left the EU? - Alex Preston, Guardian
This Congress Is Schizophrenic on Foreign Policy - P. Smith, Fiscal Times
What the West Owes Ukraine - Anders Aslund, Project Syndicate
Israel's First Arab News Presenter Is a Survivor - E. Miller, Times of Israel
Options for Young Iraqis: Fight or Flee - Wassim Bassem, Al Monitor
Monday, April 20
A Message from Iran - Mohammad Javad Zarif, New York Times
The U.S. and Russia: Stumbling to War - Allison & Simes, National Interest
Unity Makes Russian Sanctions Sting - Douglas Hengel, GMF
Kiev Is Thriving Again - Vitaly Klitchko, Wall Street Journal
11 Acts toward a Greek Tragedy - Mohamed El-Erian, Bloomberg View
Pro-EU Coalition Loses Finnish Election - Reuters
The EU Needs Britain - Gareth Harding, EU Observer
Mediterranean Migrants Dying in Huge Numbers - S. Asokan, BuzzFeed
Iran Weaves a Middle East Nightmare - Benny Avni, New York Post
Time, Fraud and Force: The U.S.-Iran Endgame - Battat & Assa, J-Post
Time to Forge a European Defense Union - Faleg & Blockmans, Am. Interest
Understanding What America's Enemies Fear - Steven Metz, WP Review
Xi Jinping: "Long Live China-Pakistan" - Ankit Panda, The Diplomat
An Interview With Labour's Ed Miliband - T Helm & A Rawnsley, Guardian
The Kentish Seclusion of a Major German Writer - John Goudie, BBC
The New, Turbocharged Saudi Foreign Policy - Ray Takeyh, CFR
Sunday, April 19
Why We Need "Game of Thrones" - Dominique Moisi, Project Syndicate
Armenian Expectations - Meline Toumani, New York Times
Castro, the Man Who Would Save Socialism from Itself - JP Rathbone, FT
Democracy Starts With Choosing Your Enemy - L. Penny, New Statesman
Secret Files Reveal ISIS's Structure - Christopher Reuter, Der Spiegel
The Mediterranean Nightmare - Economist
The Town at the Crossroads of Syria's War - Allan Kaval, Le Monde
Our Bad Saudi Friends - Kelley Vlahos, American Conservative
Saturday, April 18
America's 5 Worst Wartime Presidents - Robert Merry, National Interest
ISIS Is no Existential Threat - Rosa Brooks, Washington Post
The Corker Iran Bill? A Constitutional Perversion - A. McCarthy, NRO
The Sensible Iran Gamble - Gershom Gorenberg, American Prospect
How Yemen Became a Stage for Proxy Battles - Michael Petrou, Maclean's
What Is the Future for Israel's Joint Arab List? - Aaed Kayal, Fikra Forum
The Balkans Continue to Dig Toward NATO - Igor Pekina, FPIF
The History and Future of Israel - Uri Dromi, Miami Herald
Does Iran Need a Syrian Exit Strategy? - Randa Slim, Foreign Policy
China Brings Muscle to Infrastructure Lending - Enda Curran, Bloomberg
Reining in Soldiers of Fortune - Sean McFate, New York Times
The Wonderfully Elusive Chinese Novel - Perry Link, NY Review of Books
Friday, April 17
That Old-Time Economics - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Whatever Happened to the Asia Pivot? - Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post
America's Failed Strategic Approach to Chaos - Anthony Cordesman, CSIS
America's China Consensus Unravels - Hugh White, Lowy Interpreter
India Seeks a Seat at the Transatlantic Table - Dhruva Jaishankar, GMF
How ISIS Plans to Destroy Israel - Bridget Johnson, PJ Media
Something New Is Happening in British Politics - J. Jones, Guardian
Life in the Land of the UK's Political Insurgents - Ferris-Rotman, Atlantic
The Legend of the World's Greatest Female Pirate - L. Secorun Palet, Ozy
Everybody Hates the Euro - Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg View
The Chinese Hack Because They Are Afraid - Enrique Oti, War on the Rocks
World War II Still Resonates in Asia - Philippe Le Corre, Brookings
Miliband Refused to Rule Out SNP Alliance - Steven Swinford, Telegraph
Exploring Britain's Coastline Gems - Patrick Barkham, Guardian
The Real Danger Is When Iran Tells the Truth - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
The Kremlin Overdoses on Aggression - Economist
Building the China-India Relationship - Peter Martin, Foreign Affairs
Thursday, April 16
German Priorities and Eurozone Myths - Wolfgang Schauble, NY Times
A Grim Nuclear Turning Point - Matthew Kroenig, Weekly Standard
Why Won't Obama Help Syria's Christians? - Hail Kouki, Daily Beast
Sudan's Pointless Election - Justin Willis, The Conversation
What the Ruble's Rebound Means - Jamila Trindle, Foreign Policy
Believe Candidates' Foreign Policy Pledges - D. Larison, Amer. Conservative
Last Chance to Reach North Korea? - Subin Kim, NK News
How Not to Counter Radicalization in the West - M. Abdul Bari, Al Jazeera
China's Maritime Modernization Revealed - Andrew Erickson, Diplomat
The SNP Has Replaced the Church of Scotland - Alex Massie, Spectator
Here's How Messed up the UK Electoral System Is - P. Toynbee, Guardian
The Triumph of Britain's Social Engineers - Allister Heath, Telegraph
Russia's Most Daring Theater Company - Lucy Ash, BBC
Understanding Draghi - Mohamed El-Erian, Bloomberg View
The U.S. and Vietnam: From Menace to Mates - Hung Nguyen, EAF
U.S. Must Assert Itself in the Arctic - V. Lopez-Ibor Mayor, New Atlanticist

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