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Wednesday, May 4
Why We Need a Foreign Policy Elite - Evan Thomas, New York Times
Considering a Hawkish President Clinton - Aaron David Miller, WS Journal
The New Face of India Is the Anti-Gandhi - Siddhartha Deb, New Republic
Mexico, on the Edge of Now - Reva Goujon, Stratfor
Beijing's Terror Conundrum - Praveen Swami, Indian Express
What to Make of China-Pakistan Axis - Anja Manuel, Reuters
Why Do Germans Lack a Sense of Humor? - Andreas Kluth, 1843 Magazine
Don't Want Migrants? Pay for Them Instead - Florian Eder, Politico EU
Muqtada al-Sadr Is Back - Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic
Can Iran Trust Russia? - Akbar Ganji, National Interest
The Wall Street Defense Is Back in Vogue - Sam Jefferies, RealClearWorld
Epic PLA Battles of History - Ben Lowsen, The Diplomat
Muslim London Mayor Would Vanquish Terror - Alibhai-Brown, Guardian
Radical Islam in Special Relationship - L. Todd Wood, Wash. Times
When Taxi Drivers Smuggle Nuclear Material - Anna Nemtsova, DB
Tuesday, May 3
The U.S. May Have Quietly Deterred China - Z. Cooper & J. Douglas, WOTR
Germany Starts to Doubt Its Israeli Friend - Neukirch & Schult, Der Spiegel
In Aleppo Battle, a Reprieve for ISIS? - Fabrice Balanche, Wash. Institute
7 Big Bad Brexit Blunders - Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, CER
To Compete, Americans Must Up Their Game - Peter Morici, Boston Herald
Central Asian Stability Is Eroding - Lili Bayer, Geopolitical Futures
The Siren Song of a Filipino Strongman - Economist
The Anti-Semitic Meltdown of Britain's Left - Benny Avni, New York Post
The Worst for Labour Is Yet to Come - Janan Ganesh, Financial Times
The End of Meaning - Jamie Reed, Progress
Britain Has No Place in the EU Superstate - Nigel Lawson, Telegraph
The Spain Orwell Never Saw - Patrick Iber, New Republic
China's Political Culture Stifles Its Economy - Burgman & Friedle, TNI
Paris Steps Up Its Anti-Car Drive - David Chazan, BBC
Bleaching Ukraine's Blood-Stained History - Josh Cohen, Foreign Policy
The Feelings Behind Brexit Won't Disappear - Clive Crook, Bloomberg View
Monday, May 2
The New Fascism - Rowan Williams, New Statesman
How the Green Zone Helped Destroy Iraq - Emma Sky, Politico
'The Idea of Arab Nationalism Is Dead' - Economist
China Admits Its Statistics Are Wrong - Jacob Shapiro, Geopolitical Futures
If Trump Is Elected, Lure U.S. Companies to Australia - S. Mayne, Crikey
The Magic Number for Scottish Independence - Maria Savel, WP Review
Scottish Referendum Part 2? Call Sturgeon's Bluff - B. Monteith, Scotsman
Don't Ignore Venezuela's Imminent Implosion - Jackson Diehl, Wash. Post
London Is Calling for Its First Muslim Mayor - Ian Dunt, Foreign Policy
Keep Ken's Chaos Out of London - Boris Johnson, Telegraph
Spain's PM Keeps Calm and Does Nothing - Ignacio Sotelo, El Pais
What If the EU's Future Lay With India? - T. Varma & A. Vasselier, ECFR
Why Do We Follow This Debunked Theory Into War? - Max Fisher, Vox
I Was the Voice-Over for Bin Laden - Nihar Patel, New York Times
Partition for Iraq? Not Necessarily a Panacea - Alex Fukui, Ramen IR
Oman and Iran: Friends With Many Benefits - Giorgio Cafiero, Al-Monitor
Sunday, May 1
Does Erdogan Want His Own Islamic State? - Mustafa Akyol, Al-Monitor
A Slow and Shaky Start to Mosul Offensive - David Ignatius, Wash Post
On the Run in Burundi - James Verini, The New Yorker
Is This Maduro's Final Year in Office in Venezuela? - Jim Wyss, Miami Hd
Europe's Reformist Revival - Dalibor Rohac, Politico EU
Why Russians Are Losing Freedom to Go Abroad - Tatia Lemondzhava, FP
Trudeau Stalling for Time on Pipelines - Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail
The Case for Burning Ivory - Chris Alden & Ross Harvey, Project Syndicate
Partition Not the Inevitable Solution in Syria - Omar Al Muqdad, National
Jobs Help Sink Japan's Sub Bid - Ramesh Thakur, Japan Times
Iran's Start-Up Spring - Vivienne Walt, Fortune
Why Israel Stepped into the Azeri-Armenian Fight - Armin Rosen, Tablet
Extraordinary Lives of Istanbul's Street Cats - Jennifer Hattam, CityLab
Saturday, April 30
China's Incredibly Dangerous Land Claim: Okinawa - Michael Peck, TNI
Fear This Man - David Kushner, Foreign Policy
The Battle Over U.S. Military History - Paul Huard, War Is Boring
Set Aside Root Causes and Destroy the ISIS State - James Jeffrey, Atlantic
Germany's Angry 8 - Janosch Delcker, Politico EU
Why Austria's Far Right Is Back on Top - World Politics Review
Austerity's Victims May Decide Britain's Fate - J. Murray, Bloomberg View
Trump Talks Some Foreign Policy Sense - Tim Stanley, Telegraph
The Geopolitical Necessity of Trade - Max Boot, Commentary
Manufacturing China's Future - Qi Zhao & Hao Zhou, New York Times
Livingstone Takes UK Politics to New Lows - Rex Murphy, National Post
In China, Defending Grandma From State Goons - Tao Shun, Worldcrunch
The Race to Stop a Nazi Atomic Bomb - Neal Bascomb, Daily Beast
The Hungarian Despair of Magda Szabo - Cynthia Zarin, New Yorker
Friday, April 29
Russia's Hollow Men - Andrew Wood, The American Interest
Putin Dials Up Another Reform Plan He'll Ignore - Kirill Rogov, M. Times
Venezuela in the Depths of Political Crisis - A. Fedirka, Geopolitical Futures
How America Enables Allies' Bad Behavior - J. Shapiro & R. Sokolsky, Vox
The Collapse of the Old Oil Order - Michael Klare, TomDispatch
The Labour Party's Self-Multilation Is Stunning - Economist
Mad Love, Amnesia, Fear? How Erdogan Does It - Sukru Kucuksahin, AlM
Is Xi Heading Off a Crisis, or Creating One? - Andrew Nathan, NY Review
In the Wake of China's Mega Water Transfer - Lovell et al., China File
Trump Makes These 5 Good FP Points - Liz Peek, Fiscal Times
Britain Still Pines for Empire - Pankaj Mishra, Bloomberg View
The Battle for Palmyra: Surveying the Cost - Tom Westcott, Carnegie
Bibi-Obama Rift Stalls Record US-Israel Deal - Julie Hirschfeld Davis, NYT
Pro-Nazi Nostalgia Flourishes in Croatia - Euractiv
(Ab)normal Nuclear Pakistan - Sobia Paracha, The Diplomat
To Understand the Middle East, Widen the Lens - HA Hellyer, National
For UK and EU, Breaking Up Is Legally Hard to Do - Stephen Fidler, WSJ
Zakaria: Donald Trump's 'Incoherent' Speech - CNN
Donald Trump's Foreign Policy Isn't Fantasy - The Atlantic
Thursday, April 28
On Foreign Policy: America First - Donald Trump, National Interest
Hey, Donald, That's a Neat WWII-Era Slogan - Eli Lake, Bloomberg View
Suffering Through a Sober Assessment of Trump - Daniel Drezner, WaPo
Back to the Isolationist 30s With The Donald - Tim Montgomerie, CapX
Trump Opposed Iraq. Hillary Voted for War. - Patrick Smith, Salon
The Election About Foreign Policy Fundamentals - T. Wright, Brookings
The Taliban Have Thrived Since Their Leader Died - Catherine Hirst, Lowy
These Are the Guardians of Iran's Revolution - Emad Kiyaei, Cipher Brief
Foreign Policy Fantasism - Paul Waldman, The Week
A Post-Oil Saudi Arabia? - Economist
Kashmiris Are Picking Up Their Guns Again - Haris Zargar, The Diplomat
Here's Who's Really in Charge in Brussels - Ryan Heath, Politico EU
Obama's Last Chance to End the Forever War - Jennifer Daskal, NY Times
The Legacy of England's Great Soccer Tragedy - Ruth Margalit, New Yorker
Time for a British Declaration of Independence - M. Ellery, Commentator
U.S. Counter-Terror Strategy Is MIA - Judith Miller, City Journal
The Chinese Tusk Wars - Alastair Leithead, BBC
Toil, Peril, and a Ticket to Europe - Walter Mayr, Der Spiegel
Wednesday, April 27
In Iraq, the Real Fight for Control Begins After ISIS Is Gone - Stratfor
Russia's Military Modernization: Where Next? - Samuel Bendett, RCWorld
Moving Towards a Roman Europe - Anatole Kaletsky, Project Syndicate
Is Milan the Real Capital of Italy? - Beppe Severgnini, New York Times
Evo Morales Turns It Up as Other Leftists Fade - D. Arbilla, Worldcrunch
The International Effort to Contain Chernobyl - Marina Koren, Atlantic
The UN's New Syria Consensus: Israel Must Pay - Benny Avni, NY Post
Show Iran a Little Disrespect - Eli Lake, Bloomberg View
The EU Grasps at Serbian Straws - Srdjan Cvijic, EU Observer
The Extraordinary Hillsborough Verdict in UK - James Lawton, Guardian
I'm no Obama Fan, But on Brexit He's Right - Applebaum, Spectator
In Bangladesh, Serial Killing in God's Name - Maajid Nawaz, Daily Beast
Sanders Missed a Big Chance on Foreign Policy - Molly O'Toole, For. Policy
What Cyberwar Against ISIS Should Look Like - Fred Kaplan, Slate
The Far Right Rises in Austria - Wall Street Journal
Tuesday, April 26
How to Get Tough With China - Grant Newsham & Kerry Gershaneck, TNI
The Fight China Will Take to the Brink of War - Peter Hartcher, SMH
North Korea, Nukes, and Sanity - George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures
Iran's Foreign Minister: 'Old Habits Die Hard' - Robin Wright, New Yorker
Military Sacrifice: The Culture of too Few - Andrew Bacevich, Boston Globe
Eastern Europe's Politics, Presented By Trump - Anne Applebaum, WaPo
Russia Needs to Hear NATO Roar - Witold Waszczykowski, Foreign Policy
Nepal, 1 Year After the Earth Shook - Alan Taylor, The Atlantic
Climbers Are Back to Business on Everest - Svati Narula, Quartz
Mexico's Self-Image Problem - Ginger Thompson, New York Times
Another Euro Crisis Dawns? - Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg View
Sleepwalking Back to Assad's Syria - Faisal Al Yafai, The National
El Salvador's Market Economy Under Siege - Mary Anastasia O'Grady, WSJ
After Chernobyl, Why Does Kyiv Love Nuclear? - D. Christensen, Nation
The Gilded Opulence of Wartime Washington - Kelley Vlahos, Amer. Cons.
Canada's Dorian Gray-Style Government - Andrew Coyne, National Post
U.S. Quietly Sinks Deeper Into Syria - Nancy Youssef, Daily Beast
Monday, April 25
Russia's Economy Needs a Spark, Or Else... - Sam Bendett, RealClearWorld
We're Not Cowed By the Likes of Obama - Boris Johnson, Telegraph
The View From Georgia: Waiting for Europe - Judy Dempsey, Car. Europe
Politico Pierces the Brussels Bubble, US-Style - Nicola Clark, NY Times
Obama Shrugs at Saudi Snubs - Anthony Bubalo, Lowy Interpreter
Austria Returns to Shock Politics - Karnitschnig & Chadwick, Politico EU
China Has Nuclear Power Plans for Its Fake Islands - Keith Johnson, FP
Xi Is Cannibalizing Chinese Authoritarianism - Carl Minzner, EA Forum
Obama Pivoted Right Past Asia - Kevin Williamson, National Review
Who Is Gen. Mattis, and Who Wants to Elect Him? - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Europe and Russia's Dangerous Failure to Talk - Economist
Brexit and British National Security - Nick Fishwick, The Cipher Brief
Poland: One of World's Best Places to Be Jewish - M. Tyrmand, Breitbart
The EU Would Be Fine Without Britain - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Rise and Deadly Fall of an ISIS Oil Tycoon - B. Faucon & M. Coker, WSJ
The U.S. Can't Afford to Cast Aside Global Role - Daalder & Kagan, WaPo
$15 Would Be World's Highest Minimum Wage - Kristiana Mork, TNI
Sunday, April 24
Obama Is Driving British Conservatives Crazy - Alex Massie, The Spectator
What Good Is the Queen Against Vladimir Putin? - David Blair, Telegraph
The Price Britain Would Pay for Divorcing Europe - Clive Crook, BV
A Brexit Lesson from Rising Asia - Andrew Rawnsley, The Guardian
Can U.S., Iran Maintain Ties After Obama? - Laura Rozen, Al-Monitor
Everyone Hates the UN (Until They Need It) - Suzanne Nossel, Foreign Pol.
Brazil's Giant Problem - John Lyons & David Luhnow, Wall Street Journal
The Jewish Story Is Under Assault - Yossi Klein Halevi, Los Angeles Times
Where ISIS Came From (and Where It's Going Next) - Robert Fulford, NP
Frozen Life in Wartime Syria - Janine di Giovanni, New York Times
Can the Colombian Peace Deal Hold? - Crandall & Rhodes, American Int.
Japan's Dementia Time Bomb - Sentaku Magazine
The Real Reason Trump Dislikes Mexico - Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Hld
Is This Isle the Key to Restoring Haitian Tourism? - Clerici & Wall, Slate
The New Moscow: Vibrant, Noisy, Booming - Neef & Schepp, Spiegel

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