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Tuesday, October 13
A Road to Damascus, via Moscow - Gordon Adams & Stephen Walt, NYT
Obama's Grand Bargain With Iran Is a Non-Starter - J.A. Gay, Nat. Int.
The Struggle for Iran's Soul - Foreign Policy
Why Pakistan Stays Stuck - Shahid Kardar, Dawn
China Wants to Reboot Six-Party Talks - Angela Stanzel, Al Jazeera
Obama Burns the Putin Fan Club - Max Fisher, Vox
Germany's Identity Crisis - Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico EU
The Obama Doctrine: Mimic China - Hussain Abdul-Hussain, NOW Lebanon
Obama's Doctrine of Restraint - Roger Cohen, New York Times
U.S., Spain to Seal Deal Over Nuclear Accident - Faus & Gonzalez, El Pais
The Psychology of Nuclear Restraint - Jacques Hymans, BAS
Russia's European Game in Syria - Bernard-Henri Levy, Project Syndicate
Blood Flows in El Salvador - Economist
Syria's Rebels Plan to Suicide-Bomb Russians - Bodetti & Axe, Daily Beast
Putin Has Crippled Russian Producers - Mark Whitehouse, Bloomberg View
Jeremy Corbyn and the Media - Paul Myerscough, London Review of Books
VIDEO: Locked Up and Forgotten in India - Vice
Monday, October 12
Russia Had Better Have a Syria Exit Strategy - M. Barabanov, TNI
Refugees Split Germany's Conservatives - Der Spiegel
Who Wields Power in This New World? - David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
Leaving the EU Would Be Leap Into the Known - Charles Moore, Telegraph
Scotland's Nationalists Are Failing Scotland's Poor - F. Nelson, Spectator
What Will Define the Next Intifada - Joseph Dana, The National
Putin's 'Holy War' Enrages Syrians - Omar Abdallah, Worldcrunch
Sorting Out the Long War in Syria - Anthony Cordesman, CSIS
The Stephen Harper Fear Index - Scott Feschuk, Maclean's
Don't Let Putin off the Hook - A. Karatnycky & A. Motyl, Politico EU
Europhiles, Answer These Questions, Please - J. Redwood, Commentator
Wrapping the EU in the Union Jack - Andrew Rawnsley, Guardian
Turkey Sees ISIS in Ankara Bombing - Thomas Seibert, Daily Beast
Putin's Syria Gambit Is a Tactical Gamble - L. Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
A Writer at the Crossroads of the Russian World - G. Bovt, Moscow Times
Sunday, October 11
America's Do-Nothing Policy in the Mideast - Shadi Hamid, The Atlantic
How Putin Outwitted the West - Owen Matthews, The Spectator
Who Is a Better Strategist: Obama or Putin? - Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy
Confused About Russia in Syria? Putin Wants You to Be - Ben Judah, HP
Syria's Increasingly Congested Skies - Metin Gurcan, Al-Monitor
By Evening, a Hospital. By Morning, a War Zone - Craig et al., Wash Post
NATO Is Making Things Worse - George Monbiot, The Guardian
Poland Rising? - Joel Weickgenant, RealClearWorld
The Terrible Flight from the Killing - Hugh Eakin, NY Review of Books
Sweden's Liberal Paradise Hides an Ugly Truth - Olivia Goldhill, Quartz
Turkey's Increasingly Thin Skin - Robert Fulford, National Post
Inside the World of Gulf State Slavery - A. Nomani & H. Arafa, Daily Beast
Why Ambitious Kazakhstan Is Building Pyramids - Jonathan Fryer, BBC
What Kissinger Really Thought About Vietnam - Niall Ferguson, Politico
Saturday, October 10
America's Fading Footprint in the Middle East - Yaroslav Trofimov, WSJ
Will Putin Overstep in Syria? - Alan Philps, The National
Stop Playing Iran and Russia's Game in Syria - Dennis Ross, Wash Post
What if Saudi Arabia Collapses? - John Hannah, Foreign Policy
Volkswagengate: A Litmus Test for Europe - Kaj Leers, RealClearWorld
North Korea Keeps the Leninist Model Alive - Andrei Lankov, NK News
A Wave That Could Sweep Britain Out of Europe - J. Freedland, Guardian
Jeremy Corbyn's Praetorian Guard - Dan Hodges, Daily Telegraph
Bad Chemistry: ISIS and Mustard Agents - Gabrielle Tarini, The Bulletin
The Lone Wolf Intifada - Daniel Gordis, Bloomberg View
Trash and Trust in the Middle East - Kevin B. Sullivan, RealClearWorld
Unlocking the History of Iraq's Jews - Shlomi Eldar, Al-Monitor
Saving an Ancient Language in Taiwan - Rosalie Chan, Narratively
Canada's History of Violence - Pascual Restrepo, New York Times
Friday, October 9
White House Is Weighing a Syria Retreat - J. Rogin & E. Lake, Bloom. View
Asia Pivots to Washington - Philip Stephens, Financial Times
TPP Is Not a China Containment Strategy - A. Connelly, Lowy Interpreter
China Makes Its Move - Noah Rothman, Commentary
Alexievich Is Essential for Western Readers - Alex Shephard, New Republic
Say It Again: The EU Will Survive - Ron Tiersky, RealClearWorld
Varoufakis: EU Can No Longer Be Politics-Free Zone - Spiegel
Italy's PM: Europe's Last Blairite - Joji Sakurai, New Statesman
The Middle East in 2015: A Lot Like Europe in 1914 - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Officials: Iran Deal May Violate Federal Law - James Rosen, Fox News
Did Russia Torpedo Its Partnership With Turkey? - Keith Johnson, FP
Putin Measures a New World Order - Michael Petrou, Maclean's
Shows of Strength From Trump and Putin - Peggy Noonan, WSJ
How to Counter Putin in Syria - Condoleeza Rice & Robert Gates, Wash. Post
Putin's Boldness, Syria's Misery - Jeremy Shapiro, New York Times
VIDEO: What Now for U.S.-China Relations? - The Diplomat
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Thursday, October 8
Has Merkel's Power Peaked? - A. Moller, Euro. Council on Foreign Relations
Why Unrest in Moldova Is Different This Time - Stratfor
Europe Needs a Few Good Leaders - Andy Langenkamp, RealClearWorld
Fault Lines Grow Between Turkey and Russia - N. Ezrow, The Conversation
Independence for Catalonia Is Unlikely - Maria Savel, World Politics Review
Obama Just Doesn't Understand the Castros - C.A. Montaner, RCWorld
You Can't Make China Poorer to Make America Richer - C. Kenny, Vox
Can the EU Do Business With Erdogan? - J. Dempsey et al, Carnegie Europe
A Risky Bet on Iran's Reformers - A.D. Miller & J. Brodsky, Foreign Policy
Canada's High-Prarie Carnival Election - Terry Glavin, National Post
In South Asia, a War of All Against All - Pankaj Mishra, Bloomberg View
America's Gun Madness, Seen From France - Mira Kamdar, NY Times
U.S. Should Re-Engage Europe - Joachim Gauck, Washington Post
Belgrade: History in Search of a Present - Roth & Dudas, Places Journal
Syria's Hope May Be as Dim as Bosnia's Once Was - M. O'Hanlon, Reuters
Wednesday, October 7
Russia Ramps Up WWIII Talking Points - Anna Nemstova, The Daily Beast
Nuclear Smugglers Sought Extremist Buyers - D. Butler & V. Ghirda, AP
TPP vs. RCEP: U.S. & China Battle for Pacific Trade - Chang, Natl. Interest
IMF Downgrades Global Economic Outlook Again - Ian Talley, WSJ
It's Not a New Cold War, It's Worse - Noah Rothman, Commentary
The French Exception? - Kenneth Rogoff, Project Syndicate
Israel's Vanishing Red Lines in Syria - Amos Harel, Foreign Policy
Iran's Javad Zarif on Russia and Peace in Syria - R. Wright, New Yorker
Turkey Can't 'Endure' Russian Violation of Airspace - Shaheen, Guardian
Putin Outs the NGOs - Sarah E. Mendelson, Foreign Affairs
The Case for Euro-Optimism - Ulrich Speck, New York Times
The Labour Party Must Keep Britain in Europe - Mary Riddell, Telegraph
How China is Changing the UN - Janka Oertel, The Diplomat
Tunisia Looks to Welcome Refugees, Migrants - C. Petré, Al-Monitor
Reshuffle Brings Abe's Foes into Cabinet - Reiji Yoshida, Japan Times
Tuesday, October 6
Putin's Symphony Is Meant for European Ears - A. Michta, Amer. Interest
Greeks Lose Their Illusions - Yanis Varoufakis, Project Syndicate
A Big Pacific Deal - Economist
Euroskepticism Grows at Europe's Heart - Douglas Murray, Spectator
The Putin Doctrine Arrives in Syria - Faisal Al Yafai, The National
Syria's Kurds Welcome Russian Intervention - Haid Haid, NOW Lebanon
The TPP Is a Great Deal for Canada - Trevor Tombe, Maclean's
The Perils of America's Afghanistan Strategy - B. Hopkins, Boston Globe
Are ISIS Terrorists Sneaking Into the West? - Ari Harow, LA Times
Turkey Threatens to Shoot Down Russian Planes - T. Seibert, Daily Beast
Europe to Ukraine: You'll Have to Live With Putin - Leonid Bershidsky, BV
A Legal Milestone as Former Chad Dictator on Trial - B. Grill, Spiegel
Obama Strikes the Right Approach in Syria - E. Robinson, Washington Post
The Fight Over Iranian Identity Escalates - Kim Ghattas, Foreign Policy
The Trouble of Proxy Forces - Max Boot, Commentary
Monday, October 5
Russia, US Must Cooperate at This Dangerous Moment - Z. Brzezinski, FT
Serving Up a Buffet for Russian Tyrants - Tammy Bruce, Washington Times
The Tragic Death of Japan's Pacifist Brand - Nancy Snow, FPIF
The Trouble With Japan's Defense Exports - Mina Pollmann, The Diplomat
The Inevitable Erosion of Japan's Pacifist Era - M. Matsumura, RCWorld
Europe Is Powerless in the Middle East - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
Henry of Arabia - Greg Grandin, TomDispatch
Russia Can't Turn the Tide in Syria - A. Roth & T. Gibbons-Neff, WaPo
Jokowi's Rocky First Year in Indonesia - A. Thornley, World Politics Review
Israel, the Jews and Europe's Refugee Crisis - M. Gerstenfeld, J-Post
U.S.-Iraqi Relations Need a Reset - Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Al-Monitor
Dramatic Silences Won't Stem Terror Tide in Israel - Yossi Verter, Haaretz
Turkey's Stakes Heating Up in Syria Cold War - Joseph Dana, The National
A Return to Northern Ireland's Troubles - Eamonn McCann, NY Times
Is Putin Plotting to Bring Down OPEC? - Dalan McEndree, Oil Price
Sunday, October 4
Is Putin Winning? - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Putin's Economic Might Is Withering Away - E. Pismennaya, Bloomberg
Did Russia Learn Nothing from Afghanistan? - Petr Kozlov, The Guardian
The Coming Defeat of NATO - Matthew Continetti, National Review
Let's Welcome Russia's Entry into Syria - Patrick Cockburn, Independent
Why Serbia Is a Country to Watch - Joel Weickgenant, RealClearWorld
How to Defeat Religious Violence - Jonathan Sacks, Wall Street Journal
Why Foreign Troops Can't Fight America's Fights - Phillip Carter, WaPo
Don't Underestimate the Free Syrian Army - Asaad Hanna, Al-Monitor
The World Has Improved Since 2000 - but How? - Doug Saunders, G&M
At the U.N., a Bluff and a Stare - Kevin Sullivan, RealClearWorld
Saudi Arabia's Yemen Gambit - Neil Partrick, Carnegie Endowment
The Joyful, Illiterate Kindergartners of Finland - Tim Walker, Atlantic
Ted Kennedy's Quiet Role in Irish Peace - Trina Vargo, Irish Times
Saturday, October 3
Putin Takes Aim at Europe - B. Haddad & H. Thoburn, Foreign Policy
Putin 'Blindsided' Obama With His Stupidity - Amanda Taub, Vox
Abbas's Bombshell Fizzles - Dennis Ross, New York Times
America, the Sticky Superpower - Economist
Stephen Harper Seems to Be Winning - Paul Wells, Maclean's
Syria's Homeric Struggle - Tod Lindberg, RealClearWorld
Is China About to Transform Its Military? - John Costello, The Diplomat
America and Russia: Showdown or Opportunity? - Michael O'Hanlon, TNI
More Deafening Silence on Terror - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
A Once-Unthinkable Alliance With Russia, Iran - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Putin Has His Own No-Fly Zone in Syria - Josh Rogin, Bloomberg View
What Europe Can Do About Refugee Crisis - Weymouth & Mogherini, WaPo
How They Failed to Block the Iran Deal - E. Drew, NY Review of Books

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