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Thursday, October 23
How Big Is Canada's Terror Network? - Mak, Lake & Siegel, Daily Beast
China's Wealth Flees Abroad - Wang Yong, Worldcrunch
Italy Is in Terminal Decline - Nicholas Farrell, Spectator
Lacking a Plan, Abbas Opts for Confrontation - Laub & Daraghmeh, AP
Democracy Is the Product of a Long Struggle - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
Syria's Opposition Reaches a New Low - Hassan Hassan, The National
India: Illusory Rise of a Democratic Power - R. Menon, National Interest
It's up to Cuba to Make Concessions - Jaime Suchlicki, Miami Herald
How Russia and China Will Fracture - Walter Clemens, The Diplomat
Jerusalem Rail: Once a Symbol, Now a Target - Sheera Frenkel, BuzzFeed
Ukrainian Voters Can Change Europe's Fate - Carl Bildt, Project Syndicate
Terrorists Stand no Chance in Canada - Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail
Ukraine and Russia's Natural Gas Scramble - Nick Cunningham, Oil Price
Why Would a Russian Sub Lurk off Sweden? - D. Steed, The Conversation
The Middle East's Loss of Sovereignty - Juan Cole, Informed Comment
Israel Is Under Attack Again - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post
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Wednesday, October 22
The Military Decline of ISIS - Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast
The Similarities Between Germany and China - George Friedman, Stratfor
To Save Israel, Let the Right Run It Aground - C. Landsmann, Haaretz
China Hacks Away at U.S. Military Superiority - Eaglen & Morrison, RCD
Central Europe at a Crossroads - Antonia Colibasanu, RealClearWorld
13 Years of Costly Foreign Follies - Robert Merry, National Interest
Putin and the Pope - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
What if Suicide Bombers Brought Ebola Abroad? - Marc Thiessen, WaPo
4 Reasons Europe's Foreign Policy Still Sleeps - Jan Techau, Carnegie
Congress Can Stop Iran Appeasement - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
China Arms Its Police - Economist
Who Can Lead Britain on the Path out of Europe? - M. Fabricant, Guardian
100 Days of al-Sisi: Where Egypt Stands - Katulis, Awad & Lang, CAP
Afghanistan: Anatomy of a Failed Policy - Edward Girardet, Cairo Review
Tuesday, October 21
Doubling Down on Obama's Syria Disaster - M. Weiss & F. Itani, Politico
The EU's Arrogant Misunderstanding of UK - Philip Johnston, Telegraph
China and America: Competing Exceptionalism - Roger Cohen, NYT
Russia's Messianic Oligarch - Joshua Keating, Slate
Do ISIS Fighters Value the Caliphate? - Tiersky & Chioke, Huffington Post
Cameron Sends Wrong Signals to EU - Keith Taylor, New Statesman
Why Syria's Moderate Opposition Is Useless - David Kenner, Foreign Policy
Latin America's Left Leads on Ebola - Jim Wyss, Miami Herald
It's Hard to Say Libya Is Better Without Gadhafi - Adam Taylor, WaPo
China's Communists Once Championed Democracy - Frank Ching, SCMP
Al Qaeda Targets World Oil Supply - Sarah Kaufman, Vocativ
5 Challenges for Indonesia's New Leader - Hannah Beech, Time
Analyzing Ukraine's Election - Andrew Wilson, ECFR
Remembering British War Brides - Duncan Barrett, Los Angeles Times
Real Reform for Brazil's Economy - Camila Villard Duran, Project Syndicate
Monday, October 20
The West's Big Talk Won't Help Ukraine - Mark Adomanis, Moscow Times
The Myth of Russian Humiliation - Anne Applebaum, Washington Post
NATO Moves to Define Cyber War - Robert Morgus, RealClearWorld
Churchill Would Beam at This Trade Deal - Boris Johnson, Telegraph
America's Stale View of the Muslim World - James Zogby, The National
U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS? - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
China's European Year - Wang Yiwei, China Daily
U.S. Congress Should Step Aside on Iran - Navid Hassibi, National Interest
An Indonesian President to Break the Mold - Tom Clarke, The Australian
Canada's Pension Disaster - Steven Malanga, City Journal
Libya: The War Nobody Can Win - Jason Pack & Rhiannon Smith, Al Jazeera
Iran's Urgent Negotiations Strategy - Suzanne Maloney, Brookings
U.S. Dropping Supplies Into Kobani - Kate Brannen, Foreign Policy
The Eurozone's Problem Is the World's Problem - Larry Elliott, Guardian
Malaysia's Monarchs Turn Down Free Speech - Julia Zappei, AFP
Sunday, October 19
Arming Rebels Works - Christopher Dickey, Daily Beast
There Is Strength in European Unity - Jose Manuel Barroso, PS
Cheaper Oil: A Boon or a Bane? - Economist
Obama Must Recalibrate Syria Strategy - Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post
We Need to Recognize Palestinian Statehood - M. Barghouthi, The Nation
Bush Partially Vindicated on WMD - Abe Greenwald, Commentary
The Flashpoint in the South China Sea - Dan Drollette Jr, BAS
Obama's Do-Nothing Global Leadership - Michael Curtis, The Commentator
The Rebirth of Tijuana - Sam Quinones, New York Times
ISIS Is on the Path to Defeat - Hussein Ibish, The National
When the Bell Tolls for the Petrostate - Daniel Altman, Foreign Policy
Charging Terrorists with Treason Won't Work - S. Merritt, The Guardian
Saturday, October 18
Islam's Clash with Islam - Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail
Fewer in HK and Taiwan Identifying as Chinese - Michael Mazza, American
With Friends Like Turkey, Who Needs Enemies? - Con Coughlin, Telegraph
Stateless Nations Causing a Destabilized World - Mary Dejevsky, Independent
ISIS and Ebola Both Trading in Fear - Jonathan Freedland, Guardian
Australia PM's Strong First Year on the World Stage - Michael Fullilove, SMH
Iran Sending Mixed Messages on Nuclear Talks - J. Matthew McInnis, AEIdeas
Oil Price Drop Threatens Venezuela Default - Brianna Lee, IB Times
Life as an ISIS Captive - Ralph Hoppe, Der Spiegel
5 Places Where WW3 Could Break Out - James Hardy, National Interest
America-Loving Kosovo Struggling with Extremists - Valerie Hopkins, FP
Breakdown of the Newest Security Council Members - John Metzler, China Post
Does the US Care About the Security Council? - Joshua Keating, Slate
Friday, October 17
A Note from the Desk of Xi Jinping - Joseph Bosco, RealClearWorld
Bloated States Are Choking Europe - Daniel Mitchell, The Commentator
Thank the Saudis for $3 Gas - Steven Butler & Tracy Moran, Ozy
7 Bad Endings to the New Middle East War - Peter Van Buren, TomDispatch
Is Asia in for Another Wild Ride? - William Pesek, Bloomberg
Whitewashing Islamism - Andrew McCarthy, PJ Media
Rumblings of Kurdish Wars - Louis Imbert, Worldcrunch
Just Build a State Then, Palestinians - Benny Avni, New York Post
Palestinian Statehood Is a Hoax - Martin Sherman, Jerusalem Post
The Global Panic Pandemic - Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
Could China's Nuclear Strategy Evolve? - Nicolas Giacometti, The Diplomat
Russian-Style Business Is Now the Norm - Fyodor Lukyanov, Moscow Times
Leviathan's Revenge: Failure of Privatization - O. Jones, New Statesman
The Argentines Who Speak Welsh - E Wyn James, BBC
U.S. Should Increase Pacific Military Capabilities - J. Randy Forbes, TNI
Thursday, October 16
China's Choice - Wong Chin-Huat, Project Syndicate
Turkey's Buffer Zone Blackmail - Kate Brannen, Foreign Policy
Russia's Soft Power in Europe's Periphery - Kevin Lees, Suffragio
Training Foreign Armies Is a Misuse of Funds - A. Nekrassov, Al Jazeera
The U.S. Can Teach Britain on Federalism - Bruce Katz, Brookings
China's Navy Is Already Challenging U.S. - James Holmes, The Diplomat
Good Prospects for Saudi-Iranian Relations - Ali Mamouri, Al-Monitor
The Global Community Stops Protecting Innocents - C. May, Wash Times
Europe Needs a Daring Energy Union - Michael Grubb, Euractiv
Lebanon's Genteel Anarchy Is Resilient - Economist
Caribbean Nationals Join ISIS - Martine Powers, Miami Herald
Police Brutality Reignites Hong Kong - Ben Leung, Daily Beast
There Is no Two-State Solution - Yara Hawari, The Independent
Catalans Are Still Spanish - Antonio Munoz Molina, Financial Times
Wednesday, October 15
ISIS Oil: The Well Is Running Dry - Matthew Philips, BusinessWeek
Secret Victims of Iraq's Chemical Weapons - C.J. Chivers, New York Times
ISIS Makes Rapid Gains in Anbar - D. Gartenstein-Ross, War on the Rocks
China's Growing Urban Crisis - Joel Kotkin, New Geography
Suspected Russian Cyber Spies Targeted NATO - R. Lemos, Ars Technica
Obama Pushed to Walk the Path to Escalation - David Ignatius, WaPo
Student Protests Show Shifts in Human Geography - Sim Tack, Stratfor
Out of Desperation, IS Turns to Baghdad - Michael Knights, Politico
Why do We Spare Civilians in War? - Irene Petersen, ScienceNordic
China's Next Big Export: Deflation - William Pesek, Bloomberg
A Brief History of Biker Gangs at War - Anne Jolis, The Spectator
Here's a Map of Ebola's Likely Travels - German Lopez, Vox
Turkey, Check Your Borders - Matthias Christensen, RealClearWorld
Bolivia's Socialist Economy Is a Huge Success - E.M. O'Hagan, Guardian
Blast at Iran Complex Raises Nuclear Issues - Ariane Tabatabai, BAS
Tuesday, October 14
Hold the Abettors of Jihad Accountable - Jamsheed & Carol Choksy, RCW
How Russia and the West Began a New Conflict - Maria Lipman, ECFR
Taiwan Stiffens Its Resolve Against China - Cindy Sui, BBC
Singapore Won't Follow Hong Kong's Example - Dylan Loh Ming Hui, EAF
Trade Deals Won't Fix Austerity Mess - Robert Kuttner, American Prospect
Gaming Out Nuclear Strategy - Marianne Freiberger, Plus Magazine
Kim Jong Un Is Back, We Think - Clint Richards, The Diplomat
British Vote on Palestine Won't Change Much - Azriel Bermant, Guardian
A War of Endless Contradictions - H.D.S. Greenway, Boston Globe
Leon Panetta's Legitimate "Disloyalty" - Robert Tracinski, The Federalist
Iraq Insists Baghdad Airport Is Just Fine - Susannah George, Daily Beast
Putin's Tiger Is Lost in China - Joshua Keating, Slate
Turkey Has Been Drawn into the Conflict - Joseph Dana, The National
Islam Has Some Growing to Do - David Barzilai, Haaretz
Monday, October 13
Russia and China's anti-U.S. Axis - Daniel McGroarty, RealClearWorld
The Laptop Radicalizes, not the Mosque - Robert Fisk, The Independent
Washington Should Apologize to Kurds - Benny Avni, New York Post
Eastern Europe Is Siding with Putin - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
Turkey's New Cypriot Provocations - Michael Leigh, GMF
Vladimir's Hipsters - Alec Luhn, Foreign Policy
The Stunning Bravery of Kobani's Defenders - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
Islamic State's Deadly, Effective Tactics - John McLaughlin, Ozy
China's Desirable Economic Slowdown - Kenneth Rogoff, Project Syndicate
Kurds See ISIS as a Turkish Subcontractor - Cengiz Candar, Al Monitor
Could Northern Syria Replicate Northern Cyprus? - A. Unver, Al Jazeera
The U.S. Needs to Respond to IS's Success, Now - John Nagl, Politico
This Is a Big Week for Iran - Tony Karon, The National
The Ominous Realities of North Korean Succession - Scott Snyder, TNI
Learning from Japan's Reformed Economy - Adam Posen, East Asia Forum

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