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Friday, February 12
Israel's Unprecedented Geopolitical Strength - Paul Scham, RCWorld
It's About Time We Got Tough on North Korea - Max Boot, Commentary
EU Poised to Restrict Passport-Free Travel - D. Gatopoulos & R. Casert, AP
Is Compromise Nearing in the Ukraine Conflict? - Stratfor
What Troubles Russia - Lili Bayer & Jacob Shapiro, Geopolitical Futures
How Autocrats Use Democracy's Machinery - Nelli Babayan, RCWorld
Bernie Needs to Get Real on Foreign Policy - David Ignatius, Wash. Post
Taking Down the 3 Queens of Sicily's Mafia - B. Latza Nadeau, Daily Beast
Iran's Weak Grip Over Iraqi Militias - Ranj Alaaldin, Foreign Affairs
The Diverse, Squabbling World of La Resistance - R. Paxton, NY Books
ISIS Can Survive the American Military - Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy
Poland's Right Lurches Left on Health Care - Jo Harper, Politico EU
Spain's Center-Left: Act Two of a Greek Tragedy? - Pavlos Tsimas, Huff Po
Sell Peace to End Colombia's War - Mac Margolis, Bloomberg View
Darfur Is Still Burning - Eric Reeves, New York Times
Will NATO Reignite the Cold War? - PBS Newshour
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Thursday, February 11
The Iran Deal Might Have Unshackled Proliferation - Soo Kim, RCWorld
Putin Wants to See Europe Die - George Soros, Project Syndicate
3 Ways to Stop Revisionist Russia - Carl Bildt, Politico EU
There Are Simply Too Many Nukes - A. Robock & O.B. Toon, NYT
Europe's Turkish Buffer Can't Hold - Laura Pitel, Spectator
Is This France Anymore? - James Blitz, Financial Times
Sweden Kills Itself With Kindness - James Traub, Foreign Policy
England's Cornwall: Poorer Than Lithuania - Tim Wigmore, New States.
What About British Expats? - Alex Taylor, Telegraph
Northern Europeans Clueless on Anti-Semitism - Bergman, Israel Hayom
Israel's Corruption Problem Is Getting Worse - Doreen Peskin, Al-Monitor
America's New Vietnam - Ira Chernus, TomDispatch
The Ethics of Advising Donald Trump - Dan Drezner, Washington Post
Indonesia: The Reluctant Giant - Vikram Nehru, National Interest
Thailand's Military Junta Is Here to Stay - Shawn Crispin, The Diplomat
The US, UK, and Japan Must Join Their Forces - Michael Auslin, Forbes
Wednesday, February 10
The Many Middle East Solutions - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Desperation Time for John Kerry in Syria - D. Ignatius, Washington Post
Did Bashar Assad Win New Hampshire? - Juan Cole, Informed Comment
North Korea's Latest Launch: Who's MAD Now? - D. McGroarty, RCWorld
Bangladesh Will Defeat Extremism - Sajeeb Wazed, RealClearWorld
US Intel Chief: Dhaka Targeting Wrong Groups in Bangladesh - AP
I Kind of Hate the EU, but I'll Vote to Stay - George Monbiot, Guardian
What Is a Conservative to Think About the EU? - William Hague, Telegraph
Why Is Canada Leaving the Fight on ISIS? - David Bercuson, Globe and Mail
What Happens Once the Balkans Are Closed? - Der Spiegel
France on a Footing for Permanent War - Leela Jacinto, Foreign Policy
Madagascar's Brutal Sapphire Rush - Sebastien Hervieu, Worldcrunch
The Gateway Missile - Nolan Fahrenkopf, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
Who Should Fear a Falling Yuan? - Christopher Balding, Bloomberg View
The Yuan Isn't About to Topple the Dollar - Milton Ezrati, National Interest
Tuesday, February 9
China Needs a Lesson From Richard Nixon - Sebastian Mallaby, Atlantic
China's Great Stall? - Martin Wolf, The American Interest
The Crisis of Polling - George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures
Saudi Arabia Is Humiliating Iran - Mudar Zahran, Jerusalem Post
Israel's Evolving Arab Alliance - Bennett Seftel, The Cipher Brief
The Rise of the Orbans in Europe - M. Bewarder & B. Kalnoky, Worldcrunch
If German Hearts Harden Toward Central Europe - Ivan Krastev, NYT
Japan Chooses the Wrong Way Out - Adair Turner, Project Syndicate
Peace in Colombia? Don't Blow It - Virginia Bouvier, Daily Beast
Rift Grows Between Israel's Government and Military - J. Cook, National
Nigeria Is Unraveling - Max Siollun, Foreign Policy
The Gulf's New, Risky Social Contract - Sultan Al Qassemi, ME Institute
The Institutional Breakdown of a Mexican State - J Bustamante, Ramen IR
We Need a Plan for Life After ISIS - Robert Fisk, Independent
China Courts the Caucasus - Emil Sanamyan, The Diplomat
A Rising Storm of Ethnic Fear in the West - Richard Cohen, Wash. Post
Monday, February 8
North Korea Has Gone Too Far - Peter Hartcher, SMH
North Korea's Nuke-Capable Missile Could Hit US - G. Chang, Daily Beast
Stop Ignoring North Korea - Doug Bandow, Japan Times
Will Turkey, Russia Fan Flames Into an Inferno? - Metin Gurcan, ALM
Obama's Syrian Shame - Roger Cohen, New York Times
Does Obama Not See the Tides of War Swell? - J. Diehl, Washington Post
Europe's Bankers Move Through the Past, Darkly - W. Munchau, F. Times
Trudeau, You Must Choose: Paris or Calgary? - Rex Murphy, National Post
Despite TPP, Vietnamese Communist Hardliners Rise - S. Strangio, WPR
In Poland, the Ashes of Smolensk Smolder Yet - A. Duval Smith, Guardian
The Kremlin Creates a New Legion of Useful Idiots - Lucian Kim, Reuters
The Balts Should Learn From Tiny Israel - M. Champion, Bloomberg View
Why Would Putin Ever Attack the Baltics? - D. Bandow, National Interest
One of Europe's Last Communist Bastions Holds Out - Paul Ames, Pol. EU
How Israel Silenced Its Own Trump - Liel Leibovitz, Tablet Magazine
The Great Populists - Jacek Rostowski, Project Syndicate
Sunday, February 7
The Germans Who Would Accommodate Russia - Economist
Is Assad at Long Last Winning? - Hassan Hassan, The National
If Rebels Lose Aleppo, It's Game Over - Nancy Youssef, Daily Beast
Obama Is Letting Adversaries Win Syria - E. Hokayem, FP
The Global Economy's New Abnormal - Nouriel Roubini, Project Syndicate
Donald Trump, the European Candidate - Kaj Leers, RealClearWorld
Eastern Ukraine: A Theme-Park Ode to Soviet Glory - Daniel Metcalfe, NS
How Iraq Looting Unearthed Treasures of Gilgamesh - A. George, Aeon
The Pollsters Will Be Wrong About the EU Vote, Too - Janet Daley, Telegraph
Strengthening Canada's Military: A Huge Opportunity - Conrad Black, NP
Why Does the UN Protect Julian Assange? - N. Feldman, Bloomberg View
Who Are the True Heirs of Zionism? - Steven Erlanger, New York Times
Meeting an ISIS Fighter - Sebastian Meyer, Washington Post
How Not to Help the Iranian People - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Democrats Can't Overlook Foreign Policy - Wall Street Journal
Saturday, February 6
Is America Great? - Edward Alden & Rebecca Strauss, Foreign Affairs
Will the West Choose to Lead on Trade? - Xenia Wickett, RealClearWorld
A Power Caught Between Allies and Adversaries - A.D. Miller, RCWorld
Toward a U.S.-Russia Equilibrium - Henry Kissinger, National Interest
Why Russian-Turkish Hostility Makes Sense - George Friedman, GF
Busting the Mythology of Calabria's Mafia - Anna Sergi, The Conversation
Russia's Chechnya Strategy Blasts Aleppo - Natalie Nougayrede, Guardian
The Long Road to Mosul - Denise Natali, War on the Rocks
Only These Iranian Companies Win From Sanctions Lift - Erdbrink, NYT
Hitler's Romanian Ally - Robert Kaplan, Foreign Policy
Why Europe Can't Create Leaders - Joel Weickgenant, RealClearWorld
The US and Colombia Will Lead the Americas On - Marco Rubio, Nat. Rev.
A Return to Violence in Southern Philippines? - Mong Palatino, Diplomat
5 Old British Ads Better Than Anything in Super Bowl - M. Duffy, Digiday
Max Boot: Syria Policy a Stain on Obama's Presidency - WS Journal
ICYMI: There Is no Plan B for Europe - Kaj Leers, RealClearWorld
Friday, February 5
The Islamic State Is Still Rising - David Ignatius, Washington Post
The Defeat of Democracy at the EU Level - Yanis Varoufakis, Guardian
Eisenhower's Middle East Is No More - Kevin Sullivan, RealClearWorld
The Sudden Ruin of Turkish Ambition - Henri Barkey, Foreign Policy
Erdogan's New Sultanate - Economist
Admit It Already: Europe Needs Britain - Philip Stephens, Financial Times
Why the UN Chief Is Picking on Israel Now - Benny Avni, New York Post
France's Search for Influence Lost - Nicholas Vinocur, Politico EU
Sanders Rides the Wave of Global Populism - John Cassidy, New Yorker
An Independent Scotland Would Already Be a Mess - F. Nelson, Telegraph
Obama Breaks the Chessboard - Rosanna Ryan, ABC Australia
Russian Banks, Lies, and an Emoji Shrug - Masha Gessen, New York Times
Changes in French Spelling Cause Uproar - BBC
Europe's Development Bank Is Now a Crisis Agency - Marc Champion, BV
The Rise of the Rest Has Stalled - Sami Karam, New Geography
Thursday, February 4
U.S. Interests Vulnerable to Russia - Max Boot, Commentary
A New Deal for Europe - Thomas Piketty, New York Review of Books
Russia's Laughable Hope: Privatization - Mark Adomanis, Moscow Times
Panic, Kremlin-Style - William Pomeranz, Reuters
A New Revolution in the Halls of Kyiv? - L. Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Backlash Grows to Schengen Backlash - Janosch Delcker, Politico EU
A New Dawn in My Country, Colombia - Juan Manuel Santos, Miami Herald
Fix Colombia's Flawed Deal With FARC - Ana Quintana, National Interest
Zika May Change Latin America's View on Abortion - Zoe Schlanger, NW
Why Bernie Sidesteps Foreign Policy - Max Fisher, Vox
How Politics Poisoned Islam - Mustafa Akyol, New York Times
Russia's Theater of Tyranny - Erin Mundahl, Weekly Standard
David Cameron's EU-miliation - Nico Hines, Daily Beast
The Right-Wing Press Tries to Bully the EU Away - P. Toynbee, Guardian
Is Trump Pulling a Farage? - Rupert Myers, Telegraph
Wednesday, February 3
The Deplorable State of 2016 Foreign Policy - Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy
Britain and Brussels Spar for Sovereignty - George Friedman, Geo. Futures
How Britain's Prime Minister Learned EU Diplomacy - R. Behr, Guardian
Now, Can Cameron Keep Britain In? - Stephen Bush, New Statesman
How Russia Uses Refugees Against Europe - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Eur.
Cameron Just Raised the Stakes for Euroskeptics - Dan Hodges, Telegraph
The War in Ukraine Is Back - Pierre Vaux, Daily Beast
Southern Africa Sits Between Drought and Famine - Robert Rotberg, G&M
Watch Out for Russia's Massive Military Overhaul - Steven Pifer, TNI
How Australia Gave Up Its Guns - Richard Fidler, ABC Australia
Why Do Neocons Hate Trump? - Leon Hadar, American Conservative
Trump's Pivot From Asia - Ankit Panda, The Diplomat
How the Danish Do Prison Right - Reiter, Sexton & Sumner, Washington Post
My Secret Egyptian Policeman - Mona Eltahawy, New York Times
Europe's Leaky New Shield Against U.S. Snooping - Noah Feldman, BV
Tuesday, February 2
An Italian-Iranian Hall of Mirrors - Roger Cohen, New York Times
How Utterly Pointless Is the Brexit Debate? - Gideon Rachman, Fin. Times
Would Anyone Like to Save Europe From Itself? - Richard Gowan, WPR
Updating the Delicate Balance of Terror - A Mount, Bulletin of At. Scientists
How ISIS Is Changing the State Department - John Hudson, Foreign Policy
After Obama, Reviving American Power - Kim Holmes, National Interest
Realists Have Their Candidate, and His Name Is Donald - D. Drezner, WP
Could Portugal Help Europe's Warring Left? - Peter Wise, New Statesman
No One Has Time for Venezuela Anymore - Mac Margolis, Bloomberg View
Iowa's Foreign Policy Choices - Juan Cole, Informed Comment
How to Stop Asia's Military Buildup - James Stavridis, Nikkei Asian Review
It's Time for Kyiv to Own Its Corruption - Yulia Andrusiv, Chatham House
Europe: Stop Blaming Greece Already - Joshua Keating, Slate
Fighting for an Open Israel - Carlo Strenger, Haaretz
VIDEO: Night Wolves, Putin's Motorbiking Militia - Guardian

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