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Wednesday, April 23
There's No Choice: Putin Must Lose - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Why Is Germany Treating Putin as the Victim? - James Kirchick, Tablet
Why the West No Longer Exists - John Hulsman, City AM
Africa's Real War on Women - Clifford May, Washington Times
Death and Anger on Everest - Jon Krakauer, New Yorker
Why Putin Loves World War II - Tikhon Dzyadko, The New Republic
Reclaiming Spain's Jews - Gwynne Dyer, Winnipeg Free Press
Hezbollah's Unsuccessful Revenge - Ronen Bergman, Ynet News
Only France and Germany Can Save EU Now - Errera & Ischinger, Guardian
How America's Rich Are Different - Paul Waldman, American Prospect
Actually, We Can Put a Price on Peace - Talia Hagerty, Pacific Standard
The Palestinians Need to Shake Things Up - Salman Masalha, Haaretz
Why Palestinians Love St. George - Yolande Knell, BBC Magazine
North Korea's Game of Thrones - Dennis Halpin, The National Interest
Iran Sanctions Have Backfired on America - Seyed Marandi, Al Jazeera
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Tuesday, April 22
Putin's Empire of the Mind - Mark Galeotti & Andrew Bowen, Foreign Policy
Russia Displays New Military Prowess in Ukraine - Michael Gordon, NYT
3 Ways Ukraine Affects the Asia Pivot - Erik Brattberg, RealClearWorld
The Sources of Egyptian Anti-Semitism - Samuel Tadros, American Interest
Chinese Spies Keep Eye on Leading Universities - John Garnaut, SM Herald
Why We Can't Predict China's Real Estate Bubble - James Griffiths, GP
Can No One in Britain Run an Election? - Benedict Brogan, Daily Telegraph
The White Tourist's Burden - Rafia Zakaria, Al Jazeera
Nationalism, Not NATO, Is Our Great Ally - Patrick Buchanan, Creators
Is India About to Elect Its Reagan? - David B. Cohen, The Hindu
India's Pro-Male Activists Are Not Happy - Rachel Levy, Vocativ
Abbas to Dismantle the PA? Not Likely - Avi Issacharoff, Times of Israel
Why Taiwan Wants Submarines - James Holmes, The Diplomat
No, the CBC's Not Cool. Nor Should It Be - Konrad Yakabuski, Globe and Mail
Canada: The Next Oil Superpower? - Robert Collier, The National Interest
Monday, April 21
Is Moldova Next on Putin's Hit List? - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg View
We Mess with Europe's Borders at Our Peril - Chris Huhne, The Guardian
What Putin Is Costing Russia - Ilan Berman, Wall Street Journal
Sweden Turns Japanese - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Can the French Left Govern? - Neil Rogachevsky, The American Interest
Obama's on the Right Track with Asia Pivot - Tom Donilon, Wash. Post
Britain's Battle of the U.S. Campaign Consultants - Alex Massie, Politico
Mystery of Ukraine's Anti-Semitic Pamphlet - Frida Ghitis, Miami Herald
Why Are Americans Obsessed with the Missing Plane? - Margie Mason, AP
Regional Security Won't Work in Afghanistan - Arwin Rahi, The Diplomat
Threat of the Trans-Pacific Partnership - Miller, DeLauro & Slaughter, LAT
Remember Bosnia? - Gordon Bardos, The National Interest
Canada Is Botching Great War Centenary - J.L. Granatstein, Globe & Mail
Jamaica Sees Green in Ganja - Amar Toor, The Verge
Now All the World Is Shakespeare's Stage - Jonathan Bate, The Telegraph
Sunday, April 20
Obama Settles on His Anti-Putin Strategy - Peter Baker, New York Times
Vladimir Putin's Totally Badass Year - David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
How America Lost Vladimir Putin - Rohde & Mohammed, The Atlantic
Global Morality: Where America Ranks - Elizabeth Brown, Reason
New World Order Looks Much Like the Old Order - Janet Daley, Telegraph
Hamas' 'Resistance' Line Finding Fewer Takers - Hussein Ibish, National
Unmasking Modern Anti-Semitism - Robert Fulford, National Post
The Genocide America Forgot - Akshaya Kumar, Al Jazeera
The Moral Case for Zionism - Lawrence Epstein, Ynet News
Time to Grab Putin By the ... Roubles - Simon Heffer, Daily Mail
Russia's Islamist Insurgency Is Still Raging - Peter Marzalik, EurasiaNet
How Russia Is Splitting the EU - John Bruton, Irish Times
Not All Ukraine Uprisings Are Equal - Zenon Evans, American Conservative
San Franciscans, Palestinians Need to Grow Up - Liel Leibovitz, Tablet
The Crazy Logistics of Leaving Afghanistan - Sarah Dougherty, Global Post
Saturday, April 19
How to Stop a Japan-China War - Joseph Nye & Kevin Rudd, Washington Post
'We Need a Dictator with a Gun and a Hoover' - James Traub, FP
Putin's Middle Eastern Harvest - Conrad Black, National Post
I Ran the Pyongyang Marathon - Will Philipps, Slate
The Myth of the Asian Math Genius - Nanqiao, Caixin
The Establishment Lets Islamists Threaten UK - Charles Moore, Telegraph
A Spanish Civil War for Ukraine? - Igor Ivanov, Moscow Times
Bizarre Sci-Fi a Window into the Kremlin? - Yuliya Komska, Pac Standard
Scotland and 21st Century Nationalism - Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
America's Last Task in Kabul - Vali Nasr, New York Times
Bavaria's 'Mein Kampf' Challenge - Timothy Ryback, The European
Putin's Not a Genius, We're Idiots - David Goldman, PJ Media
Russia Accelerates Its Asia Pivot - Zachary Keck, The Diplomat
Why the Israel-Palestine Talks Failed - Rami Khouri, The Daily Star
How the World Gets Drunk in 4 Shocking Charts - Patrick Winn, GP
Friday, April 18
Czar Vlad Is Changing the Rules of the Game - Jeff Simpson, Globe & Mail
To Save Ukraine, We Must Call Putin's Bluff - Andrew Wilson, Telegraph
Putin, Like Obama, Must Be Called Out on Spying - Ed Snowden, Guardian
A Moment of Truth for India's Women - William Pesek, Bloomberg View
How the West Lost in Afghanistan - Alan Philps, The National
The Most Interesting Man in the World - Alexa Poteet, National Interest
Are We Addicted to the Mideast Peace Process? - Aaron David Miller, FP
The Price Tag of Palestinian Violence - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Is an Asian NATO Possible? - Zachary Keck, The Diplomat
The New Old Euro Arguments - John Phelan, Wall Street Journal
Cameron's Christian Evangelism - John McTernan, The Scotsman
Major League Baseball's Next Headache: Cuba - Pete Bjarkman, Daily Beast
Africa's New Expat Hub - Laura Secorun Palet, Ozy
What Beijing Can Learn from Wal-Mart - Robert Boxwell, Reuters
Why American Foreign Aid Works - C. Griffin & P. Christy, RCW
Thursday, April 17
Putin's Plan to Repel the West - Ivan Krastev, Foreign Affairs
The Kremlin's Global Admirers - Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian
Vladimir Putin's New Kind of War - Anne Applebaum, Slate
Ukraine Crisis Leaves Germany Weaker - Ulrich Speck, Carnegie Europe
Russia Has Invaded -- Why Isn't Ukraine Shooting Back? - Julia Ioffe, TNR
Xi Dreams of Shaking Slumbering China - Jon Fenby, Financial Times
Why Obama Can't Explain His Foreign Policy - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
Averting Our Eyes from the Horrors of North Korea - Marco Rubio, NRO
Should America Be Israel's Lawyer? - John Cassidy, The New Yorker
America & Modi's India: Cold Friends - Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Indian Express
A Taliban Win in Afghanistan Is Bad for Pakistan, Too - Riaz Hassan, YG
Why U.S. Must Cut Afghanistan Loose - Brahma Chellaney, Globe & Mail
The Real Reason China Wants Aircraft Carriers - McGrath & Cropsey, RCD
A Condom Shortage Crisis in Cuba - Juan Tamayo, Miami Herald
Iceland Is Beautiful -- and So Weird - Kevin Fallon, The Daily Beast
Wednesday, April 16
Surprise Attack on Iran: Can Israel Do It? - Thomas Saether, Nat'l Interest
The Slow Death of Free Speech in the West - Mark Steyn, The Spectator
Russian Sanctions Could Blow Up in America's Face - Dan McGroarty, RCW
Foreign Policy Is No Place for 'Red Lines' - Sen. Rand Paul, Washington Post
A Different Israel Meets a Different America - Thomas Friedman, NY Times
Putin Is the Next Hitler, He Must Be Stopped - Paul Johnson, Forbes
Putin's Ukraine Plan: Chaos & More Chaos - David Marples, Moscow Times
Russia or Ukraine: Israel Struggles to Choose - David Landau, Haaretz
Iraq Is Imploding Again - Ned Parker, New York Review of Books
Why Putin's Ukraine Adventure Is Doomed - David Francis, Fiscal Times
China's Uncomfortable Ukraine Bind - Chivvis & Lin, Global Public Square
Why Losing Scotland Would Devastate Britain - Con Coughlin, Telegraph
Will Afghanistan Squander Its Successful Vote? - Zahid Hussain, Dawn
U.S. Elections Are Rigged but Canada Can Help - Andrew Prokop, Vox
Sex Workers Stoked for World Cup - Olga Khazan, The Atlantic
Tuesday, April 15
The Slow Death of the Old Global Order - Robert Merry, National Interest
What Does Vladimir Putin Want? - David Blair, Daily Telegraph
West's Good Intentions Ending Badly in Ukraine - Richard Gwyn, The Star
Is Washington Giving Putin the Green Light? - David Frum, CNN
West Can't Have It Both Ways on China - William Pesek, Bloomberg View
Iran Diplomacy Needs Teeth - Mark Dubowitz, National Post
Eight Hopeful Legacies of the Arab Spring - John Cassidy, The New Yorker
Where the Only Rule Is Terror - Michael Gerson, Washington Post
Misreading Modi - Amana Fontanella-Khan, Foreign Policy
Maduro's Failures All Too Apparent - Carlos Montaner, Miami Herald
Killing Tigers in China - Minxin Pei, Indian Express
The Two Wise Men of Tunisia's Transition - Emily Cadei, Ozy
France, Islam and the 'Spreading Hatred' - John Vinocur, Wall St. Journal
Good Irish vs. Bad Greeks? - Fintan O'Toole, Irish Times
China's Porn Crackdown Has Little to Do with Porn - Lily Kuo, Quartz
Monday, April 14
Go Ahead, Vladimir, Make My Day - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Kiev Government to Deploy Troops in Ukraine's East - Peter Leonard, AP
Waking Up to the Russian Threat - Sohrab Ahmari, Wall Street Journal
As Maduro Flails, Venezuela's Military Rises - Marcel Ventura, Daily Beast
India's Election Won't Be Decided on Old Lines - Pankaj Mishra, Bloomberg
Press Control and Propaganda in Putin's Russia - Maxine David, The Convo
The Mideast Peace Process Paradox - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
The Arabs' 1848 - Azar Gat, The National Interest
Why China Prefers Europe to the United States - Lanxin Xiang, GMF
America's Ugly Win in Afghanistan - Andrew Peek, The Fiscal Times
Waving the Flag for Britishness - Allan Massie, Daily Telegraph
Kazakhstan Fears Ukraine's Fate - Ryskeldi Satke, The Diplomat
The Slaves of Sinai - Geoffrey Clarfield, National Post
Why America Will Learn to Love Cricket - Martin Pengelly, The Guardian
How Japan Copied U.S. Culture and Improved It - T. Downey, Smithsonian
Sunday, April 13
America in Global Retreat? Nonsense - Michael Cohen, The Guardian
Putin Can Take Ukraine Without an Invasion - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
Xenophobic Chill Descends on Moscow - David Herszenhorn, New York Times
6 Russian Myths About Crimea - Michael Bohm, Moscow Times
Return of the Generals in Turkey - Marcus & Karaveli, National Interest
Venezuela's Protesters Fight the Ghost of Chavez - Rosie Gray, BuzzFeed
Democracy Catching Up to the Crooks in India - Haroon Siddiqui, The Star
Why Quebec Finally Saw the Light - Brian Wilson, The Scotsman
Congress Must Rethink Sanctions on Cuba - Reihan Salam, Reuters
The End of Lebanese Exceptionalism - Rami Khouri, The Daily Star
The 'Global' Malala Yousafzai - Rafia Zakaria, Dawn
Proof That Britain Lost to the IRA - Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail
What Germany Owes the Jews - David Horovitz, Times of Israel
Why Some See Big Potential in Tiny Farms - Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
Beirut's Most Dangerous Slum - Jeff Neumann, Vocativ

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