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Monday, February 6
Syria Is the New Geopolitical Fault Line - Randa Slim, CNN
Lies About Afghanistan - Daniel Davis, Armed Forces Journal
Israel and Iran on Eve of Destruction - Niall Ferguson, Newsweek
Russia May Get its Way on Iran, Too - Tony Karon, Time
Time for Another Marshall Plan for Europe - James Hoge, The World Today
Russia vs. the Arab Spring - Dmitri Trenin, Foreign Affairs
U.S. Comes Up Short in Afghanistan - Patrick Cockburn, The Independent
Decline of the West Can Be Stopped - Shlomo Ben-Ami, European Voice
The Lesson of the Arab Spring - Alwaleed bin Talal, Wall Street Journal
Opposition Being Silenced in Turkey - Kemal Kılıcdaroglu, Washington Post
Not Many 'Moderates' in Egypt - Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post
Should Germany Become a BRIC? - Wolfgang Munchau, Financial Times
U.S. Needs Marines in Asia - Michael Green, JoongAng Daily
Foreign Forces Must Turn the Tide in Syria - Attar & Moloney, The National
Can Canadian Brand Cope With Asia? - Khanh Vu Duc, Asia Sentinel
Tuesday, February 7
Ice Under Putin Begins to Crack - Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
The Consequences of Ousting Putin - Raymond Sontag, American Interest
Time to Make a Deal With Assad - Nicholas Noe, New York Times
U.S. Reasonableness on Iran Run Amok - Richard Cohen, Washington Post
The U.S. Cannot Defeat the Taliban - George Friedman, Stratfor
China Needs to Change Mideast Foreign Policy - James Dorsey, Bloomberg
Why Does U.S. Pay to Protect Prosperous Allies? - Christopher Preble, Cato
Euro Politicians Prolong Greek Tragedy - Dalibor Rohac, National Review
Why It Won't Be a Tragedy if Greece Defaults - Mark Sheetz, Foreign Policy
Coming Soon: Deflation and Depreciation in China - Gordon Chang, Forbes
'Quiet Diplomacy' Doesn't Work With China - J. Michael Cole, Ottawa Cit'zn
Taiwan's Imperfect Democracy - Baum & van der Wees, The Diplomat
Candidacy Tests Mexico's Culture of Machismo - Olga Rodriguez, AP
Kuwait's Troubling Elections - Hussein Ibish, NOW Lebanon
India Should Train Afghan Officers - Deepak Kapoor, Times of India
Wednesday, February 8
A Post-American World? Not Quite - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
China's Achilles' Heel: Natural Resources - Minxin Pei, The Diplomat
China's Tangled Web in Year of Dragon - Lianchao Han, RealClearWorld
Russia's Potemkin Democracy - Anne Applebaum, Washington Post
A Most Cynical Palestinian 'Union' - Amir Taheri, New York Post
Israel and Iran: Countdown to War - Benny Morris, The National Interest
How We Learned Not to Fear China's Bomb - Dan Gardner, Ottawa Citizen
To Weaken Iran, Start With Syria - Efraim Halevy, New York Times
Syria Intervention Will Escalate Killings - Seumas Milne, The Guardian
A New UN, But for Good Guys - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times
Britain Ready to Humiliate Argentina's Bully - Nile Gardiner, Telegraph
UK Must Hand the Falklands Back to Argentina - Peter Slowe,
Germany's New Role in Europe - Daniela Schwarzer, World Politics Review
Sick Man of Canada Must Take Its Medicine - Jeffrey Simpson, Globe & Mail
The Re-Branding of Haiti's 'Baby Doc' Duvalier - Susana Ferreira, Time
Thursday, February 9
Europe's German Future - Christopher Caldwell, Weekly Standard
Merkel Needs All the Help She Can Get - Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian
U.S. Well Suited for Persian Gulf Power Play - Ray Takeyh, New York Times
What's Russia Up to in Syria? - Michael Young, Daily Star
Defense Cuts Sap Obama's Asia Pivot - Michael Auslin, Wall Street Journal
India and U.S. on a Collision Course? - David Karl, The Diplomat
Overstating China's Village Protests - David Pilling, Financial Times
Israel Weighs War Against Iran and Hezbollah - Bruce Riedel, Daily Beast
U.S. Can't Force Afghan Reconciliation - Peter Tomsen, Los Angeles Times
West Turns its Back on the Free Market - Nicole Gelinas, City Journal
A Shakeup in Mexico - Shannon O'Neil, Foreign Affairs
So Much for the Shia Crescent - Hussain Abdul-Hussain, NOW Lebanon
Israel's Old Peace Is Dead - Ari Shavit, Haaretz
All Is Not Well in the Arab Spring - David Schenker, World Affairs Journal
Can Turkey Broker Peace in Syria? - Leon Hadar, The National Interest
Friday, February 10
Euro Crisis Averted? Don't Believe It - Jeremy Warner, Daily Telegraph
We're All State Capitalists Now - Niall Ferguson, Foreign Policy
China's Global Soft Power Push - Frank Ching, Yale Global
Syria Intervention Is Morally Just - and Impractical - James Traub, TNR
A Familiar Cold War in the Middle East - Patrick Seale, Gulf News
Putin Chasing Imaginary American Ghosts - Michael Bohm, Moscow Times
Egypt's Multiple Revolutions Rage On - Roger Owen, Bloomberg
How to Engage Tehran - Hossein Mousavian, Foreign Affairs
Ordinary Iranians Bear Brunt of Sanctions - Michael Theodoulou, National
Is China Ripe for a Revolution? - Stephen Platt, New York Times
North Korea's Tough Strategic Decisions - Steven Kim, East Asia Forum
Where Is Maldives Headed? - Prakash Katoch, Outlook India
West Can't Ignore Global Persecution of Christians - Conrad Black, NRO
Energy Binds China and Canada - Wenran Jiang, Financial Post
Sarkozy's Pick-n-Mix Referendums - Richard Waghorne, Daily Mail
Saturday, February 11
Let's Not Make Things Worse in Syria - Daniel Byman, Washington Post
Get Over Iraq and Intervene in Syria - Jonathan Freedland, Guardian
U.S. Can Live With an Afghan Loss - James Traub, Foreign Policy
The World Is Running Out of Workers - Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
Just Say No to an Iran Bargain - James Kirchick, Haaretz
Global Economy in a Calm Before Storm - Martin Taylor, Financial Times
America's Hypocritical UN Outrage - Rami Khouri, Daily Star
Canada Has Become Unrecognizable - George Jonas, National Post
It's Hormuz Mania - Michael Klare, Le Monde Diplomatique
Silver Lining in an Iran-Israel War - Leon Hadar, Singapore Business Times
Afghanistan: Asia's Congo - Sanjeev Miglani, Pakistan Now or Never
Al-Qaeda Grows in Sinai - Bruce Riedel, The National Interest
Resetting the U.S.-Russian Reset - Nikolas Gvosdev, World Politics Review
Inside Myanmar's Startling, Peaceful Transformation - The Economist
In Cyber Era, Militaries Scramble for New Skills - Peter Apps, Reuters
Sunday, February 12
Why the World Needs America - Robert Kagan, Wall Street Journal
Americans Expect China to Be Leading World Power - Jeffrey Jones, Gallup
Egypt's Relationship With U.S. Is Ending - Peter Goodspeed, National Post
Syrian Rebels Plot Their Next Moves - Rania Abouzeid, Time
Is Assad Preparing an Alawite Mini-State? - Michael Young, NOW Lebanon
Democracy Ending in Land Where It Began - Chris Booker, The Telegraph
Greek Default Would Bring Euro Chaos - Heather Stewart, The Observer
Moscow Cuts Off Gas While Europe Freezes - Amanda Paul, Sunday's Zaman
Afghan Risks Shift from Soldiers to Contractors - Rod Nordland, NY Times
China's Police Chief Mystery - David Cohen, The Diplomat
Pressuring Russia & China Is Key to Ousting Assad - Suzanne Nossel, TNR
Al-Qaeda's Unsurprising Merger - Thomas Joscelyn, Weekly Standard
Will Chavez's Presidential Challenger Pose Threat? - Chris Toothaker, AP
Cold War Legacy Fades in Cuba - Arthur Cyr, China Post
Stephen Harper: The Quiet Politician - David Warren, Ottawa Citizen