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Monday, February 13
Don't Rush Into Syria - Leslie Gelb, Newsweek
A Free Hand for U.S. Special Forces? - Schmitt, Mazzetti & Shanker, NYT
Why Greece and Portugal Should Go Bankrupt - Wolfgang Munchau, FT
China's Political Star Xi a Study in Contrasts - Demick & Pierson, LA Times
Obama, Speak to Iranians on the Street - Azadeh Moaveni, The Guardian
Canadians Shun a Broke Quebec - Lysiane Gagnon, Globe and Mail
Coming Mediterranean Energy War - Julia Damianova, National Interest
Why Is China Hoarding Copper? - Gordon Chang, Forbes
Arab Spring Lessons from the Maldives - Miles Kellerman, RealClearWorld
Hong Kong's Mainland Worries - Trefor Moss, The Diplomat
Learning to Live With Global Violence - Martin Eiermann, The European
Israel Saved By Her Enemies - Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post
Why Is China Getting Canada's Oil? - Rick Perry, Wall Street Journal
Vengeance Stalks Libya - Mustafa Fetouri, The National
Coping With the Tyranny of Distance - Patrick Porter, The Offshore Balancer
Tuesday, February 14
China Is No Harmless Tiger - Yu Jie, Washington Post
Washington's Free Pass for China's Rulers Must End - Scott Paul, Politico
Greece Must Leave the Euro - Jeremy Warner, Daily Telegraph
Germany Faces a Machine from Hell - Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
Americans Should Pay Attention to Europe - Bruce Stokes, Yale Global
Liberal Hawks Ready to Soar over Syria - David Rieff, Foreign Policy
The Libyan Non-Model - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Syria's Kurds Could Lose in Post-Assad Scenario - Idris Ahmedi, WPR
Jihadist Opportunities in Syria - Kamran Bokhari, Stratfor
Bin Laden Gave Up on Jihad - Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
Kabul Risks Political Meltdown - Haroun Mir, New York Times
One Year Later, Bahrain Slow to Reform - Gregg Carlstrom, Al Jazeera
Canada Sells Out to China - Andrew Cohen, Ottawa Citizen
Giving BRICS a Non-Western Vision - Samir Saran & Vivan Sharan, Hindu
The Iranian Threat to New York City - Mitchell Silber, Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, February 15
Give Diplomacy With Iran a Chance - Dennis Ross, New York Times
Iran Menace a Black-and-White Choice - Benny Morris, Los Angeles Times
U.S. Should Root for Xi to Succeed - Jeffrey Bader, Foreign Policy
Beijing's Leadership Opera - Brian Rhoads & Benjamin Kang Lim, Reuters
China's Biggest Challenge Is Itself - Jonathan Fenby, The Guardian
Old Habits Hinder U.S.-Russia Ties - Charap & Troitskiy, American Interest
Russian Arms Used to Slaughter Syrians - Sam Segev, Winnipeg Free Press
Assad Hoping for Unilateral Invasion - Salman Shaikh, The Daily Beast
Kosovo Shows How the West Can Intervene in Syria - Radwan Ziadeh, FT
Obama's Falklands Failure - Robert O'Brien, The Diplomat
Arab States More Stable Than They Appear - Ezzedine Fishere, Daily Star
Reality of Hamas-Fatah Unity - Ramzy Baroud, Gulf News
EU's Emissions Trading System Isn't Working - Alexander Jung, Spiegel
Canada Risks Being Left Empty-Handed in Asia - Jeffrey Simpson, G&M
An African Leader Whose Time Has Ended - G. Pascal Zachary, The Atlantic
Thursday, February 16
A History Lesson Could Deter Iran - Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post
A Callous EU Is Destroying Greece - Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph
Can U.S. & China Build a Stable World? - Timothy Garton Ash, Guardian
How I'll Respond to a Rising China - Mitt Romney, Wall Street Journal
Pakistan's Islamist Resurgence - Praveen Swami, The Hindu
The Far-Right Threat to German Democracy - Der Spiegel
Attack on Iran Easier Said Than Done - David Isenberg, Cato Institute
How the Iran Standoff Looks from Saudi Arabia - Mustafa Alani, Bloomberg
Rising Powers Can't Copy the West - Heather Horn, The Atlantic
Washington's War in Yemen Backfires - Jeremy Scahill, The Nation
Moving Backward in Palestine - Houriya Ahmed, NOW Lebanon
Terrorists Often Botch Bangkok Bombings - Alan Dawson, Bangkok Post
India Must Draw a Red Line With Iran - B Raman, Times of India
Obama, Take the Offensive on Cuba - Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
Tribal Bonds Give Arabs an Edge in Syria - Hassan Hassan, The National
Friday, February 17
Where China Isn't Winning - David Lundquist, The National Interest
Why Isn't the U.S. as Serious as China? - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
A Year After Uprising, Militias Hold Sway in Libya - Maggie Michael, AP
Islamist Plot Behind the Libyan Rebellion - John Rosenthal, Nat'l Review
Striking Iran's Nuke Program Out of Israel's League - Yoel Marcus, Haaretz
Are Terror Plots Just Iranian Electioneering? - Con Coughlin, Telegraph
Muslim Bros. Threaten to Review Israel Treaty - David Kirkpatrick, NYT
From Bad to Worse in Egypt - Daniel Calingaert, Wall Street Journal
How a Local Scandal Highlights the New China - Alan Philps, The National
Winners, Losers in China Party Games - Rowan Callick, The Australian
Taliban Talks: Making Peace with the Guilty - Michael Hayden, CNN
Tribalism and the Arab Spring - Ruth Sherlock, Bitter Lemons
How the West Won Canada's Battle for Workers - John Ivison, Nat'l Post
In South Sudan, Oil Shutoff Sparks National Pride - Robyn Dixon, LATimes
Anthony Shadid, 1968-2012 - Steve Coll, The New Yorker
Saturday, February 18
Why Iran Thinks It Needs the Bomb - Ray Takeyh, Washington Post
Iran's Fragile Leadership - David Frum, National Post
EU Needs More Countries Like Greece - Fabian Lindner, The Guardian
Europe's Proud Empire Enters Cul de Sac - Andrew Roberts, Financial Times
The Long March of the Muslim Brotherhood - The Economist
Don't Hype the China Threat - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
How U.S.-Iran Standoff Looks from Iran - Hossein Mousavian, Bloomberg
What's Behind a Leaky Vatican? - Stephan Faris, Time
Inside Free Syria - Jonathan Spyer, Weekly Standard
Russia's Not Completely Wrong on Syria - Edward Burke, CER
Are Egypt's Generals Losing Control of Their Officers? - Patrick Galey, FP
The GOP's Worrisome Belligerence - Ted Galen Carpenter, Cato Institute
U.S. Naive When it Comes to Iran - Michael Rubin, Fox News
How Medvedev Boosted Russia - Fyodor Lukyanov, Russia in Global Affairs
Why China Is Winning in Africa - Richard Aidoo, The Diplomat
Sunday, February 19
The End of American Intervention - James Traub, New York Times
Asia's Game of Thrones Goes DC - Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
Pakistan and Osama bin Laden - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Libya Reveals Perils of Humanitarian War - Peter Beaumont, Observer
Syria Crisis Making Odd Bedfellows for West - Peter Oborne, The Telegraph
Syria's Christians Will Suffer After Assad - David Warren, Ottawa Citizen
The West's Religion in Government Problem - Doug Saunders, Globe & Mail
Is Egypt's Government Malicious or Incompetent? - Eric Trager, TNR
Rising Democracies Take on Russia and China - Piccone & Alinikoff, TNI
Trade Is War, By Other Means - Irwin Stelzer, Weekly Standard
Afghan Women Fear Taliban Talks - Magsie Hamilton-Little, Daily Beast
Waiting for Spring in Central Asia - Scott Radnitz, Foreign Policy
Putin in the Hot Seat - Amanda Paul, Sunday's Zaman
Religion Increasing Source of Strife in Africa - Gwynne Dyer, Japan Times
China's (Probably Doomed) Hollywood Partnership - Damien Ma, Atlantic