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Ed Miliband's uncomfortable talking points video earns derision.

The uncomfortable video posted last week of UK Labor Leader Ed Miliband robotically reciting his talking points has sparked a good deal of well-earned derision in the British media. None better, I think, than this piece by Mark Steel, who wonders what happened:

The most obvious answer is that he's developed an obsessive compulsive disorder and has to say everything five times or he has a panic attack, which could cause mayhem with the BBC's party conference coverage when he has to make his speech five times until three in the morning. And as it gets worse his questions in parliament will be: "Would the prime minister agree it's a matter of the gravest concern that his cabinet is not sat in alphabetical order?" Then he'll rock backwards and forwards making groaning noises until they shuffle round, and cry that Iain Duncan Smith is D and not S and needs to get next to Clegg NOW.

And the Labour Party will insist there's no vacancy for leader and he's on course for victory.

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