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Foreign Affairs has been redesigned to feature a cover image.


The storied Foreign Affairs magazine is getting a makeover. The first issue of the new year will be the first in 90 years to have a photo gracing the cover. Magazine editor Gideon Rose previews the redesign:

There were several reasons for the makeover, among them to distinguish successive issues from one another, to work effectively across multiple digital platforms, and to attract an even larger general-interest readership. Our goal is to build on our strong success in recent years and to introduce fresh audiences to all our wonderful content, and so we spent a lot of time and effort coming up with an incremental redesign that would maximize our aesthetic appeal and accessibility while preserving our readability and gravitas.

Politico also has a nice write-up on the magazine's new look.

RCW named Foreign Affairs as one of its top five world news sites of 2012, and suffice it to say we're excited to see what the magazine has in store for 2013.

(Image credit: Foreign Affairs)

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