The 10 Worst Places in the World to Be a Journalist

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The worst places in the world to be a journalist.


Reporters Without Borders has released its annual press freedom index and some not-so-surprising names grace the "worst of the worst" column for 2013. Here's the "bottom 10" of the list, starting at the very worst:

1. Eritrea

2. North Korea

3. Turkmenistan

4. Syria

5. Somalia

6. Iran

7. China

8. Vietnam

9. Cuba

10. Sudan

Europe, particularly the Nordic countries, continued to score well with Finland, the Netherlands and Norway rounding out the top three. The U.S. placed 32nd.

The emerging powers of Brazil, Turkey, Russia, China, India and South Africa were "found wanting" and lost ground in this year's ranking. Some well-established democracies also struggled. Italy, Hungry and particularly Greece and Japan were singled out for criticism for laws that restrict journalism.

(Image: Reporters Without Borders)

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