Brazil Wants to Count Every Tree in the Amazon

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Brazil wants to count every tree in the Amazon.


Brazil is going to undertake a massive inventory of the Amazon in an effort to monitor and protect it, according to the AFP. How long does it take to count every tree in the world's largest tropical forest? Brazil estimates that it will take about four years. As Michael Coren notes, Brazil is now a conservation rock star:

Brazil, once one of the world’s largest deforesters, is now among conservation’s greatest turnaround stories. Last year, Brazil reported the lowest level of deforestation in decades: 1,797 square miles of Amazon. That’s almost 80 percent lower than in 2004, reports Mongabay.

And the government plans to go lower still. The country has publicly committed to reducing deforestation by 80 percent below 2004 levels by 2020. It’s well on its way: the environment ministry said deforestation was down 76.27 percent compared to its baseline, well ahead of schedule.

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