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Monday, April 27
The World Must Help Nepal Rebuild - The National
Idaho Lawmakers on the Global Stage - New York Times
Nepal Will Need Time to Heal - Telegraph
Take a More Balanced View on Immigration - Independent
Saturday, April 25
Regret Over a Drone's Deadly Damage - New York Times
David Cameron: A Successful Loser? - Telegraph
Britain's Choice on Immigration - Guardian
EU Finally Addresses Migrant Crisis - Los Angeles Times
Friday, April 24
U.S. Should Recognise Armenian Genocide - Boston Globe
Britain Is Moving in the Right Direction - Telegraph
A Catastrophe in Yemen - New York Times
The UK Green Party's Big Fail - Independent
Thursday, April 23
Putin Marches, Europe Sues - Wall Street Journal
China's Big Plunge in Pakistan - New York Times
The Unjust Persecution of Mohammed Morsi - Guardian
Abe Should Give an Honest Comment on WWII - Japan Times
Wednesday, April 22
Boat People, Old and New - New York Sun
The Gulf of Mexico Is Still at Risk - New York Times
Every Life Is Precious - Guardian
Taking on ISIS, With or Without Congress - Los Angeles Times
Tuesday, April 21
Europe's Deadly Immigration Policy - Bloomberg View
The Lack of Passion in British Conservatism - Telegraph
Fight for the Cause of British Union - Guardian
Reform Australia's Senate - Sydney Morning Herald
Monday, April 20
The Falklands Are British, and That's That - The Commentator
"Leadership" Doesn't Mean Giving in to China - New York Sun
Stop the Grexit Brinkmanship - Irish Times
Kiev Is Getting Worse by the Day - Kyiv Post
Saturday, April 18
Britain's Economic Choice - Guardian
Xi Jinping's Risky Bull Market - Wall Street Journal
Nicola Sturgeon Hijacks the British Election - Telegraph
Rebuilding After Ebola - Washington Post
Friday, April 17
The Birth of Britain's Calamity Coalition - Telegraph
Yemen Shouldn't Become Iraq - The National
Improving Japan-South Korea Ties - Japan Times
Cuba Off Terror List - Miami Herald

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