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Wednesday, October 22
Muslim Brotherhood Should Clean up Its Act - The National
Obama's Successful Push of Turkey - Bloomberg
The Changes the Church Needs - The Guardian
Honoring the Father of Modern Australia - Sydney Morning Herald
Tuesday, October 21
Is NATO Inevitable for Sweden? - The Guardian
Close the Torture Loophole - New York Times
The EU Won't Negotiate, so It's Time to Leave - The Commentator
Obama's Revealing Slip on Immigration - Washington Times
Monday, October 20
Welcome Back, Mr. Kim - Bloomberg
Reviving Europe's Economy - Irish Times
Cameron's EU Plans Are no Good for Scotland - The Scotsman
Trade Is the Key to Food Security - Vancouver Sun
Saturday, October 18
The Fight Against Ebola Turns Political - Denver Post
US Must Act, Not React on Ebola - Chicago Tribune
Oil Prices, Not Sanctions, Should Concern Putin - Bloomberg View
Democracy Undermined in Latin America - New York Times
Friday, October 17
Keeping Ebola at Bay - New York Times
Germany Can't Do It Alone - Bloomberg
Cut EU Immigration - Telegraph
The Hypocrisy of Israel's Asylum Policy - Haaretz
Thursday, October 16
Another Deadly Legacy in Iraq - New York Times
Hunger the Latest Effect of Assad's War - The National
The UK's Wrongheaded Palestinian Vote - Jerusalem Post
Israel Should Heed the House of Commons' Message - The Guardian
Wednesday, October 15
Ready for 10,000 Ebola Cases per Week? - Ottawa Citizen
The Toothless International Criminal Court - Boston Globe
Change Comes to the Church - Bloomberg
The English Question Has a Simple Answer - Telegraph
Tuesday, October 14
The Worsening Ebola Crisis - New York Times
Anger toward Israel Is Growing - Economist
Defeating Boko Haram - The Independent
Dealing with Ebola Is a Community Effort - South China Morning Post
Monday, October 13
The UK Voted for Terrorism - The Commentator
Cameron Is the Answer to UKIP Anger - Telegraph
The Right Wing Has Stolen Hope out of Israel - Haaretz
Beijing's Hong Kong Problem Isn't Over - The Guardian
Sunday, October 12
A Chance to End the Cuba Embargo - New York Times
The Kobani Slaughter - Jerusalem Post
India and Pakistan's Children Push for Peace - Indian Express
New Weapons to Fight Ebola - Boston Globe

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