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Thursday, July 30
Continue the Push for Afghan Peace - Bloomberg View
Remove the Cuba Embargo - Boston Globe
There Is no Easy Answer to Europe's Migrant Crisis - Independent
Bahrain's Bomb Raises Hard Questions - The National
Wednesday, July 29
Pollard and Iran - Jerusalem Post
Playing Politics With Pollard - New York Sun
Erdogan's Wars - Bloomberg View
America's Obligation to South Sudan - New York Times
Tuesday, July 28
Britain's Staggering Corruption Problem - The Commentator
Against All Odds, Assad Hangs On - The National
Lessons from Gaza - Jerusalem Post
Turkey's Shift on the Syrian War - New York Times
Monday, July 27
How Japan's Prime Minister Hurts Himself - Asahi Shimbun
Japan's Needless China Alarmism - Japan Times
Britain's Global Challenges - Telegraph
Turkey Joins the Fight - Irish Times
Sunday, July 26
How the Euro Turned into a Trap - New York Times
Turkey's Dangerous Game in Syria - The Guardian
No End in Sight to India's Parliament Logjam - Deccan Chronicle
Will Africa Punish an African Dictator? - Los Angeles Times
Saturday, July 25
A British Party, Stuck Behind the Times - The Guardian
Turkey Finally Changes Heart on ISIS - Telegraph
A West Bank Story - The National
An Iran Deal Worse than We'd Imagined - Washington Times
Friday, July 24
Will Africa Punish an African Dictator? - Los Angeles Times
Layers of Meaning in Obama's Kenya Trip - New York Times
Canada's Tories Pony Up the Cash - Ottawa Citizen
Labour Is on Its Way to Becoming the British Syriza - Evening Standard
Thursday, July 23
The Lost Muslims of Myanmar - Bloomberg View
Russia's Empty Gesture on MH17 - New York Times
When Tony Blair Is Right - Telegraph
At Least Blair Made Labour Electable - Independent
Wednesday, July 22
A Turning Point for Turkey - The National
Obama Takes His Iran Deal to the UN - Washington Times
UK's Fight Against Terror Starts at Home - Gulf News
China's Campaign Against Its Nomads - New York Times
Tuesday, July 21
Cuba: New Beginning, Old Script - Miami Herald
U.S. Should Focus on Human Rights in Cuba - Washington Post
Rising Tensions in Eastern Europe - Japan Times
The Lost Muslims of Myanmar - Bloomberg View
Monday, July 20
Iran Deal: the Morning After - New York Times
Kiev 2015, Madrid 1936 - Washington Times
How Not to Sell the Nuclear Deal - The National
Britain Should Cherish Its Royal Family - Telegraph

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