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Saturday, November 22
The British State Should Get Back in Business - Independent
Australia's Tough Immigration Policy Has Worked - The Australian
Don't Let UKIP Dictate the Debate - The Guardian
The UK Heads Toward a Hung Parliament - The Scotsman
Friday, November 21
Russia's Wikipedia 'Alternative' - Boston Globe
China's Foreign Policy Is Paying Off - South China Morning Post
GOP Flunks the NSA Test - Washington Times
UKIP Just Keeps Rolling - Economist
Thursday, November 20
Congress Should Debate Obama's New War - Los Angeles Times
The U.S. Senate's Failure on NSA - The Guardian
Ukraine's Slow Collapse - New York Times
Food Bank Britain - Independent
Wednesday, November 19
Congress Must Act on War Authority - New York Times
Japan's Recession Is Bad for Everyone - Irish Times
Japan's Warning to the World - Bloomberg View
Hold Firm on North Korea - Boston Globe
Tuesday, November 18
A United GCC Benefits Everyone - The National
A Deal With U.S. Puts India Trade on Track - The Hindu
Australia Has Done Plenty on Climate Change - The Australian
Ukraine Needs Immediate Economic Help - Economist
Monday, November 17
One More Chance to Fix the NSA - Bloomberg View
Scotland Could Force Another Referendum - Independent
The Emirates Take a Step to Tackle Terror - The National
Okinawans Deliver a Negative Verdict on U.S. Base - Japan Times
Saturday, November 15
Welcome to the Cool War - Bloomberg View
Only Accept a Good Deal With Iran - Boston Globe
Canada Can Do Better on Climate Leadership - Winnipeg Free Press
Stopping Jihadist Returnees - Telegraph
Friday, November 14
The West Has No Spine - Kyiv Post
Britain's Left Is Empty of Ideas - Telegraph
Pointing Fingers in Gaza War Failures - Haaretz
Why the U.S.-China Deal Is so Important - Los Angeles Times
Thursday, November 13
Banking Is Rotten to the Core - The Guardian
U.S. and China Just Showed How to Lead by Example - Irish Times
Can China and U.S. Follow Through on Climate Change? - FT
China's Climate Con: Another Obama Scam - Washington Times
Wednesday, November 12
A Welcome Thaw in China-Japan Ties - South China Morning Post
The Juncker Affair Exposes EU's Deep Problems - Telegraph
Negotiate With Catalonia - Bloomberg View
Too Soon for Australia to Contribute More Against IS - The Australian

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