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Tuesday, January 27
Zambia Is Worth Celebrating - Business Day
Scottish Votes on England Matter - The Scotsman
An Unforgivable Act by ISIS - Japan Times
The Greek Left's Good Idea - Bloomberg View
Monday, January 26
International Solidarity Needed Against Terror - Asahi Shimbun
The Absurd Premise of Ending Greek Humiliation - Independent
Learning from the Ebola Outbreak - The National
Unfinished Business in Scotland - Irish Times
Saturday, January 24
Playing Politics on Iran - New York Times
QE in the Eurozone: Better Late Than Never - Guardian
Yemen Exposes Obama's Crumbling 'Partners' Strategy - Washington Post
A Wake Up Call for Japan - Japan Times
Friday, January 23
Dangerous Diplomatic Brinksmanship by Congress - Bloomberg View
It's So Bad in Caracas that McDonalds Can't Serve Fries - Miami Herald
Congress Shouldn't Scuttle Iran Talks - Boston Globe
Last Gasp for the One-Size-Fits-All Currency - Telegraph
Thursday, January 22
The SNP Flexes Its Westminster Muscles - The Guardian
Obama Turns His Back on the Middle East - The National
Reasserting the Sri Lanka-India Friendship - The Hindu
Making Cuba Safe for Capitalism - Bloomberg View
Wednesday, January 21
Iran's Diabolical Global Reach - Jerusalem Post
The Swiss Aren't So Boring After All - Japan Times
Let's Cheer this Change in British Society - Independent
Europe Settles on Outright Socialism - New York Sun
Tuesday, January 20
Keep the Pressure on Russia - Guardian
British Muslims Are only Being Asked to Help - Telegraph
A Legal Victory for EU Stimulus - New York Times
No One's God Is this Cynical - Washington Times
Monday, January 19
Nigeria's Election Is Fraught with Risk - The Observer
Xi Can Make China's Food Safer - South China Morning Post
Rajapaksa Surprisingly Stands Down - Japan Times
Time for the Truth on Israel-Iran Pipeline - Haaretz
Saturday, January 17
To End an Unjust Imprisonment - New York Times
Boko Haram Is Back With a Vengeance - Chicago Tribune
Defending France and Free Speech - Bloomberg View
Japan's Fiscal Health Demands Immediate Reform - Japan Times

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