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Friday, November 27
Defeating ISIS -- Without a U.S. Invasion - Los Angeles Times
Russia, Turkey, and the Need for Unity - Daily Telegraph
Two Competing Views of Asia - Japan Times
Syria and Islamic State Are in Business - Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, November 25
One Jet Closer to Wider Confrontation - New York Times
Venezuela's Dirty Election Approaches - Washington Post
Declining Number of Foreign Students to Indian Universities - THT
Ramifications of Osaka Elections - Japan Times
Tuesday, November 24
Russian Warplane Shot Down Over Turkey - New Statesman
Reviving Argentina - Wall Street Journal
Alberta, Canada's New Carbon Leader - Globe and Mail
Will Iran Come in From the Cold? - The National
Monday, November 23
Demand a British Debate About Security - Telegraph
No Case for a Policing U-Turn in Britain - Guardian
Two Years of Failure - Kyiv Post
Terror in Mali - Bloomberg View
Saturday, November 21
Can Canada's Conservatives Handle Opposition? - Ottawa Citizen
The Mali Murders - Wall Street Journal
Brinkmanship in the South China Sea - New York Times
Defeating Terror at Every Level - The National
Friday, November 20
Europe Must Learn to Police Its Borders - Telegraph
Japan's Economy Is in Trouble Again - Japan Times
Obama Tap Dances Around Reality - Washington Times
No Complacency After Paris - The Scotsman
Thursday, November 19
Shutting Down Islamic State Inc. - Bloomberg View
Refugees Aren't the Enemy - New York Times
Terror and Climate Change: The Shape of the Future - Guardian
An Incentive for Peace in Yemen - The National
Wednesday, November 18
The Draghi Inevitability - Wall Street Journal
EU Referendum: 16 Year Olds Shouldn't Be Allowed to Vote - Telegraph
Venezuela's Threatened Elections - New York Times
Heed the Lessons of Missteps in Iraq - Miami Herald
Tuesday, November 17
Vilifying Refugees - New York Times
Abenomics Sputters in Japan - Wall Street Journal
Putin's Bad Deal for Ukraine - Bloomberg View
It's Wrong to Reject Syrian Refugees - Boston Globe

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