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Wednesday, March 4
What Egypt Needs Now - Bloomberg View
Netanyahu's Unconvincing Speech - New York Times
Obama Should Answer on Iran - Washington Post
There Is no Time for a Rift over Israel - Telegraph
Tuesday, March 3
Another Way Forward on Iran - Jerusalem Post
Put the Squeeze on ISIS' Finances - New York Times
Considering Epic Debt Relief for Ukraine - Bloomberg View
Let's Hear Netanyahu Out - Los Angeles Times
Monday, March 2
Australia Must Respect Jakarta's Sovereignty - South China Morning Post
Is Jihadi John Just Misunderstood? - Wall Street Journal
This Is Vladimir Putin's Russia - Bloomberg View
A Watershed Moment for Putin's Russia - Guardian
Saturday, February 28
The List of ISIS Victims Grows - New York Times
Another Putin Opponent Dies Violently - Washington Post
A Sad Reality: Terrorists Will Slip Through the Cracks - Independent
The Tories Deserve this Immigration "Catastrophe" - The Guardian
Friday, February 27
Libya Needs Diplomacy, Not Bombs - The Guardian
U.S. vs. Iran in Cyber Space - New York Times
The SEC Caves on China - Wall Street Journal
Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis - Washington Post
Thursday, February 26
A Deal with Iran Must not Come at Any Price - Telegraph
Could This Man Stabilize Libya? - The National
A Risky Expansion of Japanese Military Scope - Japan Times
Brutal Incompetence in Venezuela - Washington Times
Wednesday, February 25
The Farce of Houthi Rule - The National
Turning on the Water in a New Palestinian City - Jerusalem Post
A Possible Deal With Iran Emerges - New York Times
New Rules Needed for Terror Fight - Boston Globe
Tuesday, February 24
Jerusalem's Hero Mayor - Jerusalem Post
The Emirates' Defense Industry Grows - The National
Venezuela's Turmoil at a Tipping Point - Irish Times
Greece Is Playing Right on the Edge - The Guardian
Monday, February 23
It's Time for Israel and the U.S. to Mend Fences - Jerusalem Post
The Tragedy of Israel's Refugee Policy - Haaretz
Facing Up to India's Pollution Problem - New York Times
Yemen Disintegrates - Japan Times

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