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Wednesday, August 20
Time to Bomb ISIS - New York Post
Asia's Never-Ending War - Boston Globe
Ukraine's Rebels: Bloodied but Unbowed - The Economist
Thailand's Despicable Trafficking Record - Washington Post
Tuesday, August 19
Cameron's Shifting Policy on Iraq - Financial Times
Ebola: Dangers and Vaccines - Globe and Mail
Sham U.S. 'Concern' over Syria and Iraq - The Daily Star
Pope Francis Faces the Evil in Iraq - New York Daily News
Monday, August 18
Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The Next Sultan? - The Economist
White House Sending Wrong Message to Terrorists - Jerusalem Post
Europe's Recurring Malaise - New York Times
Ireland's New Abortion Law: No Choice at All - The Guardian
Sunday, August 17
Continental Drift Could Scupper Euro Recovery - Daily Telegraph
Turkey Must Turn Away from Erdogan the Autocrat - Washington Post
Saturday, August 16
Japan's Glut of Unoccupied Houses - Japan Times
Canada's Data Debacle - Ottawa Citizen
Friday, August 15
Avoiding a Drift to War in Ukraine - Irish Times
Islamic State Is Just a Symptom, Not the Cause - The National
Maliki and the Futility of Regime Change - New York Times
The Challenges Facing Abenomics - Financial Times
Thursday, August 14
How Putin Exploits Western Chaos - Chicago Tribune
The Wrath of Khan in Pakistan - The Economist
Whither UNRWA? - Jerusalem Post
Convictions, Not Justice, in Cambodia - Japan Times
Wednesday, August 13
Nouri al-Maliki's Sectarian Legacy in Iraq - The National
Scotland's Big Decision - Christian Science Monitor
Catalonia's Shame, a Stain on Spain - Financial Times
The War Within Islam and the Threat to Secular States - The Australian
Tuesday, August 12
Only Unity Can Save Iraq - The Daily Star
Putin's 'Humanitarian' Farce in Ukraine - Washington Post
Can the U.S. Get Iraq Intervention Right This Time? - The Guardian
New York Stands with Israel - New York Post
Monday, August 11
State Sovereignty, Up for Grabs - Christian Science Monitor
Controlling the Ebola Epidemic - New York Times
Needed: A Broader Vision for Gaza - Jerusalem Post
Erdogan Must Be a President for All Turks - The National

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