RealClearWorld Editorials

Monday, January 21
Angela Merkel's Nightmare - Der Spiegel
Arab World Needs Strong Commitment from Obama - Gulf News
The Syrian Refugee Crisis - New York Times
Which Way for Benjamin Netanyahu? - The Economist
Tuesday, January 22
Will West Repeat the Same Old Mistakes in North Africa? - The Guardian
Following the Elections in Israel, a Reset - Washington Post
Ireland Deserves a Bailout - Wall Street Journal
America in Retreat, or America on the Mend? - Times of India
Wednesday, January 23
The Mess in Mali - Japan Times
Britain's Drift from Europe - The Economist
Obama Cannot Hide from the World Stage - Boston Herald
Some Taliban Will Have a Role in Afghanistan's Future - The National
Thursday, January 24
At Last, Britons Get a Say on Europe - Daily Mail
Let Israel's Political Jockeying Begin - Jerusalem Post
North Korea Can't Battle the Whole World - JoongAng Daily
Israel Takes Finger Off Iran War Trigger - Christian Science Monitor
Friday, January 25
North Korea's Game of Nuclear Brinkmanship - The Guardian
North Korea Sanctions Toothless Without China Aid - Yomiuri Shimbun
Yair Lapid's Mental Block - Haaretz
Here in Canada, We Have Our Own Gun Madness - Globe and Mail
Saturday, January 26
Deja Vu on the Nile - The Daily Star
The Real Danger in Africa Terror War - The Economist
A Defiant Kim Jong-un Goes Nuclear - Japan Times
Nationalism Pushing Japan and China Toward Conflict - Washington Post
Sunday, January 27
Subverting Egypt's Revolution - The Australian
David Cameron's Gambit - Boston Herald
Mr. Cameron's European Fantasy - New York Times
U.S. Pushing Reforms at Cost of Other Countries - China Times