World Elections

The Abdication of Political Leadership

By Jacob L. Shapiro British Prime Minister Theresa May announced on Tuesday that she will call for snap general elections in the United Kingdom to be held on June 8, which will for all intents and...

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Erdogan Is Destroying Democracy From Within

In Ankara, Washington and London, politicians are attacking judges and the media and sowing division in order to win elections. Turkey's president is only the latest to do so, writes Faisal Al Yafai

Can Anyone in Europe Make the Case for the EU?

The collapse of Europe's mainstream centre-left opposition parties and the rise of populist movements on the right mean that France and Britain both appear poised to face elections in which none of...

Why Rouhani Is Winning Iran's Foreign Policy Debate

As in the 2013 presidential polls, foreign policy has increasingly become a key component of Iran's presidential elections.

The Main Policy Pledges of South Korea's New Leader

South Korean liberal human rights lawyer Moon Jae-in won the presidency in an election on Tuesday, exit polls showed, ending nine years of conservative rul

Macron and the Uprooting of France

For months the world has waited with bated breath for Emmanuel Macron to save France, Europe and democracy by succeeding in his outwardly improbable campaign to become the next French president....

European & Foreign Policy Implications of Bulgarian Vote

Borissov will probably have to make some symbolic shifts on foreign policy, but he is likely to do his best to be constructive within the EU.

Who Will Be Serbia's New President?

Eleven men are competing to become Serbia's head of state, promising higher living standards, life without fear and an end to party employment - but whether something will really change remains to be...

Europe's Populist Challenge Is Far From Over

Some argue that because Geert Wilders did not win the Dutch elections a big blow has been struck against populism. This is dangerously optimistic. Wilders was never going to take power, and the...

Canada's Trumps Try It On

If Kevin O'Leary has his way, Donald Trump won't be the only public official who won power as a businessman-turned-reality TV star.