World Elections

How Powerful Is France's President?

French presidents have more power than the leaders of most other advanced democracies, including Germany, the United Kingdom, and, arguably, the United States. They not only command the executive...

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Germany's Pro-EU Wannabe Tyrant Surges

Anti-Trumpism fuels the rise of EU autocrat Martin Schulz.

Merkel's New Competitor: Trump Is Base and Dangerous

Martin Schulz, the former president of European Parliament, is now running against Angela Merkel for the German Chancellery. SPIEGEL speaks with him about populism, the stability of democracy and...

Canada's Trumps Try It On

If Kevin O'Leary has his way, Donald Trump won't be the only public official who won power as a businessman-turned-reality TV star.

Think the U.S. Election Was Dirty? Look at France

All three front-runners in the French presidential race face accusations and scandals.

Macron the Maverick Takes On the Nationalist International

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has positioned himself against the old left and the old right, but he is neither a left- or right-wing populist, nor a traditional centrist. Kemal...

Brace Yourself, Europe: Politics Is Back

As politicians take the gloves off and citizens re-engage with parties, one casualty could be the transatlantic partnership.

Ghana's Democracy Delivered. Can Its New President?

On Jan. 7, opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo took office as the president of Ghana, a month after defeating incumbent President John Mahama in a smooth presidential election that again boosted...

Elections as a Threat to Democracy

The lives of many citizens are characterized by social detachment, economic insecurity, helplessness or, in brief, a life of quiet desperation. They are the most vulnerable to brainwashing.

Nationalism Is Rising, Not Fascism

The claims of an increase in fascism in Europe and the U.S. derive from a misunderstanding of the term.